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04 agosto 2020

Issue 47 of The Official Ferrari Magazine is an exceptional one. Exceptional because it was realised in times that were far from normal.

We could not physically travel to meet interviewees and Ferrari clients, nor stage photo shoots of the beautiful Ferrari cars. So instead we took a journey of the imagination, both in words and in illustrations, through an idyllic version of Italy, in order to best appreciate its architecture, its food, its genius.

We bring you the stories of our drivers who, although estranged from the track, tested their limits on the virtual circuits of Esport; we tell of colleagues from around the world who work at Maranello; we celebrate an unforgettable champion, the inimitable Sir Stirling Moss and we remember the special bond that the English racer shared with the Prancing Horse.

And, since this is an exceptional issue, we end it with verses written especially for us by an award-winning English poet. It amounts to a declaration of love for an extraordinary country, Italy, that never fails to stir the hearts of all who encounter her.