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16 November 1929: the foundation of Scuderia Ferrari

11 febbraio 2019

Enzo Ferrari, born in Modena on 18 February 1898, attended his first race with his father and brother on 6 September 1908. It was the Coppa Fiorio, near Bologna. Little Enzo, just ten years old, was fascinated by the world of motor racing and started to dream of becoming a driver. In the following years, he also developed a passion for journalism and writing.

Driving debut
After the First World War, Ferrari moved to Milan to work at CMN, a small car factory where he was also a test driver. From there it was a short step to his racing debut: his first race was the Parma-Poggio Berceto on 5 October 1919, and four years later he won the Circuito del Savio. It was there that he met the mother of First World War hero Francesco Baracca and it was she who, admiring his courage, entrusted him with the prancing horse emblem that her son carried into battle on the fuselage of his plane.

The project takes shape
On 12 October 1929 Ferrari was invited to the celebrations for the world speed record set in Cremona by Baconin Borzacchini. On that occasion, Ferrari, Alfredo Caniato and Mario Tadini laid the foundations for the Scuderia. The project took shape on 16 November in the offices of Modenese notary Alberto Della Fontana and received judicial approval on the 29th of that month. Scuderia Ferrari, founded to "buy Alfa Romeo racing cars and take part in the races on the national sports calendar and in the calendar of the 'Associazione Nazionale Automobil Clubs', was officially established. The company, under the chairmanship of Mario Tadini, also included Enzo Ferrari, Alfredo and Augusto Caniato and Ferruccio Testi as well as Alfa Romeo and Pirelli.