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Buy a piece of history from the Ferrari Store

12 dicembre 2018

Richard Aucock

Buy an authentic piece of heritage in the Ferrari Store and get it delivered to your door

In 2003, the 845-horsepower 3.0-litre V10 in the Ferrari F2003 GA was unstoppable. This incredible engine could rev to 18,300rpm and powered Michael Schumacher to six race victories and the Formula One world title in one of the most competitive seasons in years. It earned the Scuderia a fifth consecutive Constructors’ title and made Michael the most successful F1 driver ever. Engine, car and driver had beaten Juan Manuel Fangio’s seemingly unbeatable record of five world titles. And now you can own this amazing engine – via the Ferrari Store.

Part of the Collectibles section in the online Ferrari shop, the mighty motor, made from 100 percent steel, comes compete with a signed certificate of authenticity. It is fixed on a beautiful plinth. The intricate mechanics are exposed so everyone can enjoy its mechanical elegance. It once produced 282 horsepower per litre. Now it could be in your living room.

If you don’t have the space, you could buy a smaller piece of race-bred memorabilia: a crankshaft from an F2001 V10 or, more compact still, one from an F2007 V8 – the year in which Kimi Raikkonen was F1 World Champion for Scuderia Ferrari. There’s a piston and conrod from an F2001, or simply a piston from an F2002. These are authentic collectibles: the pistons  show signs of usage that render each piece unique. Bodywork parts also make fine pieces of wall art.

Listed in the Store are an engine cover from an F2007, plus a rear spoiler from 2004. As with all Scuderia Ferrari original memorabilia, the certificate details the car it’s from: in this case, Rubens Barrichello’s machine. The body parts are a rare chance to buy a piece of genuine F1-grade carbon fibre artistry. Classic Ferrari enthusiasts are not left out. Currently for sale in the Ferrari Store is a 1:1 scale reproduction of a vintage Ferrari steering wheel with a mahogony rim and polished aluminium spokes.

This was as fitted to all Ferraris between 1959 and 1965, and faithfully replicates the original designed by Enrico Nardi. Another Scuderia Ferrari Store exclusive is an amazingly perfect 1:1 scale replica of the 1962 Ferrari 268 SP’s nosecone.

The Ferrari creators insist it is “scrupulously faithful to the original” and can be either wall mounted or placed on a stand. This gorgeous piece of memorabilia, as driven by racers such as Phil Hill at Targa Florio and the Rodriquez brothers at the 100 Kilometres of the Nürburgring, is an enviable way to enjoy the car that carried Ferrari’s first period V8 engine. Only the Ferrari Store has access to authentic collectibles from the Scuderia such as these. Who knows what might be added to the listings next. Few of us can own a real F1 racer – but owning a part of one, with the signed certificate of authenticity to prove it, is surely the next best thing?

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