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02 settembre 2019

Opening its doors at the company's historic headquarters, offering exclusive visits for the whole month of its duration, Universo Ferrari (Ferrari Universe) represents the biggest gift that Ferrari could make to its clients, afficionados, and fans, being the first exhibition in Maranello dedicated to the world of the legendary brand. To make the whole event even more special, the exhibition will take place alongside the legendary Fiorano race track inside a huge structure especially set up for the event to house various features that make the House of Maranello so unique.

The starting point of the exhibition reflects the very thing from which everything else began, that is, the passion of the founder for racing. Consequently, taking centre stage in the opening exhibition hall is the SF90, the racing car currently competing in the Formula One championship for Scuderia Ferrari, the most successful F1 team in history which this year celebrates its 90th anniversary.

The next exhibition space takes us back to the very roots of the Ferrari legend, presenting the world of Ferrari Classiche, the, by now famous, workshop responsible for transforming Ferrari models into automobile icons, carrying out perfect restorations and maintenance. The star of the show here is a 250 GTO from 1962, amongst collectors being one of the most celebrated and sought after of all Ferrari models.

But owning a Ferrari goes way beyond questions of value or the beauty of the individual car. It means joining a community of passionate enthusiasts. And the next part of the exhibition divides into two in order to show the different aspects of that passion. On display is a LaFerrari Aperta from 2016, emblematic of the lifestyle of those clients who love the pleasure of undertaking unique road journeys of an exclusive nature.

The other space presents an FXX-K Evo from 2017, which represents the competitive nature of those clients who aim for maximum performance. The exhibition tells the story of the various programmes that are born out of these different dual aspects of the Ferrari clientele; from Cavalcades to GT and Corse Clienti, to the Competizioni GT. Another important world within Ferrari Universe is that of the closed-wheel championships. Thus the exhibition gives ample space to a 488 GTE, presented alongside the trophy won by Ferrari at the latest 24 Hours of Le Mans.

When they reach the end of the highly emotional route through the exhibition, the public will have the opportunity to view the entire Ferrari range, one that has never been so rich and comprehensive as it is in 2019. The latest model is the SF90 Stradale, the first series-produced hybrid supercar in the history of Ferrari.

The exhibition symbolically ends with the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 from 2018: these are the very first examples of the new 'Icona' series, limited edition models that constitute a bridge between the past and the future of the automobile brand.

These are only some examples of the thrills that await visitors that make this experience inside the House of Maranello so unique. And not only for its clients, because the Universo Ferrari exhibition will be opening its doors also to fans and afficionados on the last two weekends of September. Places are limited and it is still possible to book an exclusive visit, via the Ferrari Museum website. (