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    Quali recap: Charles fourth, Carlos 15°

    Jeddah 04 dicembre 2021

    Weather: night time, clear. Temperature: air 29°; track 31°

    Q1. Carlos and Charles went out on Soft tyres. The Spaniard’s first lap was a 1’29”178, while the Monegasque did a 1’29”651, before the both improved to 1’28”330 and 1’28”554 respectively. With five minutes to go, the SF21s went back on new Softs and went quicker: Carlos in 1’28”237 (P4) and Charles in 1’28”310 (P6).

    Q2. In the second phase, both drivers went out on Medium tyres. Charles did a 1’28”612, while Carlos only managed a 1’30”358 which was cancelled as he had exceeded track limits at turn 4. On his second run, Charles improved to 1’28”459 while Carlos spun off and slightly damaged his rear wing, so he was unable to set a competitive time. It means Carlos will start from 15th while Charles got through to the final part. 

    Q3. Charles went out on track with new Soft tyres and set a 1’28”481, improving on his second run to a fantastic 1’28”054, which was good enough for fourth place.