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Crowns to the British champions

Among the Ferrari Challenge’s series, it’s the UK one that has already been settled, crowning its 2022 champions.

Imola 18 ottobre 2022

Among the Ferrari Challenge’s series, it’s the UK one that has already been settled, crowning its 2022 champions. The results came in Silverstone, in the last round of the season, celebrated together with one leg of the European series. Lucky Khera (Graypaul Birmingham) and Jason Ambrose (Dick Lovett Swindon) earned the title, in the Trofeo Pirelli and Coppa Shell respectively.

Trofeo Pirelli. Khera couldn’t have wished for a better conclusion, with two wins, a perfect season in which he always dominated the standings, the only hiccup being a mischievous puncture in Donington that meant he only picked up four points. Apart from that, it was podiums all the way over the year, beginning with a pair of wins (at Oulton Park) and ending with another one-two, for a total of seven out of ten races. Contenders for the throne, which he already claimed in 2020, were two drivers who helped enliven the championship up to the very last round: Andrew Morrow (Charles Hurst), a surprising newcomer, and H. Sikkens (HR Owen London), already Trofeo Pirelli Am champion in the 2020 Ferrari Finali Mondiali. Over 2022, the two of them picked up one race each. 

Coppa Shell. It was Ambrose who brought everyone into line, despite the few kilometres covered in his motorsport career, which only began this March. The standard bearer for the Dick Lovett Swindon team astonished everyone in the first round at Oulton Park with two podiums, before he outdid himself at Snetterton and chalked up a one-two, repeated in the next round on the Donington circuit. Trying to rein him in were Paul Rogers (JCT600 Leeds), winner in the opening race and second in the final standings, and Paul Simmerson (Graypaul Birmingham), with a win and various podiums to his name. There’s something of a bitter note for Carl Cavers (Graypaul Nottingham), in his first year in the Ferrari Challenge, who having entered only in the final two events made trouble for the leader in the standings, with three wins and a second place in four races: despite the limited appearances, he ended in fourth place.

The Coppa Dealer went to Graypaul Birmingham, first with 241 points, against the 173 of HR Owen London. Dick Lovett Swindon (126) was in third.