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“Equal Salary” Certificate, award ceremony in Ferrari

Maranello 25 settembre 2020

«A first step on a long journey». During the awarding ceremony of the “Equal Salary” certificate for the equal pay of men and women, Michele Antoniazzi, Chief Human Recources Officer of Ferrari, urged the audience to focus already on the next goals.

This awarding is the result of a journey that Ferrari has embarked on 4 years ago and the first milestone of an independent process, supported by an internal audit by PwC, that has seen the involvement of the Italian headquarter for a period lasting over 8 months. In the light of that, Véronique Goy Veenhuys, founder of the non-profit organization based in Switzerland, has come to Maranello to handover in person this important certificate. The first one awarded to an Italian company and the first one in the automotive industry.

«The certification is a concrete tool to tackle the gender wage gap with an objective approach, which exceeds 20% on an average scale worldwide. But while 74% of women is aware of that, the percentage of men reaches only 34%», declared Mrs. Goy Veenhuys to the Prancing Horse Senior Management Team members and their colleagues.

The awarding ceremony was also an opportunity to discuss those topics with some of Ferrari’s employees. «The certification sees the equal pay as a first milestone, but takes also into consideration the opportunities that Ferrari gives regardless of a person’s gender, and sets itself a broader goal and in a longer-term perspective.», Mr. Antoniazzi explained.

A powerful message for the entire industry, within and outside the Italian borders. «Ferrari has been very special for us» – the founder of the Equal Salary Foundation said – «When the company has publicly announced what it had achieved, a positive impact has been unleashed which confirmed Ferrari’s ability to ‘lead by example’: since July we have received a dozen of requests from companies that would like to undertake the same journey».