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    Portuguese Grand Prix 2020 by Giorgio Spalletta

    Maranello 21 ottobre 2020


    The otherworldly cliffs of the Algarve light up in red, silent observers to the SF1000’s passage. The Prancing Horse’s one-seater hurtles along the Atlantic coast, as much a force of nature as the ocean itself.


    Born in 1989, Giorgio Spalletta attended the International School of Comics in Rome, where he now works as a teacher. He lives In Rome and he’s one of the members of Studio Panopticon. He has worked with Bugs Comics (“Mostri, Alieni, Gangster”), Editoriale Aurea (“Border Town”), Sergio Bonelli editore (“Orfani: Sam”), and Editoriale Cosmo (“Caput Mundi” - official selection for the Micheluzzi Award in 2018 as best comic book series). He was David Messina’s art assistant on “Star Trek the Q Conflict” for IDW publishing.

    Portimão 2020 - Cover art by Giorgio Spalletta