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    Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 2020 by Patrizio Evangelisti

    Maranello 29 ottobre 2020


    The Italian Motor Valley welcomes the show of Formula 1 back to the iconic Imola circuit. 14 years after the last GP, the Scuderia Ferrarimu is once again ready to bite the Autodrome's asphalt, making the hearts of Emilia Romagna's Tifosi beat faster.


    Patrizio Evangelisti is an Italian illustrator and comic artist. Born in Viterbo (Italy) in 1969, he graduates from the Academy Of Fine Arts in Rome. He creates, along with Marco Bianchini, the character White Termite; the first three volumes are published both in Italy and France by Pavesio Editore. He works with Lo Scarabeo Publishing, illustrating two tarot decks and a board game and he collaborates with Sergio Bonelli Editore, providing the art for a short story published on Dylan Dog Color Fest #3, written by Claudio Chiaverotti. In 2019 he publishes the fourth volume dedicated to White Termite, with Delcourt.

    Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 2020 by Patrizio Evangelisti