Brno bids farewell to F1 Clienti and XX Programme

Brno 26 maggio 2021

Second and final day of private testing dedicated to the cars of F1 Clienti and XX Programme at the Automotodrom Brno in the Czech Republic. Once again, there was no lack of spectacle on track, thanks in particular to the special extreme XX Programme sports models, usable exclusively on-track and not homologated for any championship series.

F1 aerodynamics. In addition to the FXX-K Evo models, five 599XX Evo and two FXX Evo cars completed numerous laps of the track, which also hosts MotoGP races. The 599XX Evo is a highly-sophisticated 750 hp aerodynamic car that sucks air from beneath the body, creating a ground effect that glues it to the track, greatly improving performance. The F1-inspired rear wing, nicknamed "Opening gap", is part of a fully integrated control system, which is autonomously activated according to parameters generated by the car’s other controls. 

The FXX Evo, by contrast, is the successor to the car which originally set the programme in motion and is equipped with a 6262 cm³ V12 power unit capable of 860 hp.

Schedule. The Clienti of the two exclusive Ferrari programmes are set to become the protagonists of Ferrari Racing Days, from July 16-18, on the legendary Indianapolis circuit for the fourth date of the 2021 calendar.