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Ferrari Owners' Club Czech Republic

Great success for the Czech Republic.


In the beginning there was a man. This man designed a car and this car went on to become a legend. You won’t find another make of car anywhere in the world with more fans. You really would be hard put to find a region in the world where people do not know the name “Ferrari”. You also won’t find any team in the history of Formula 1 to have so many world championship titles under its belt and also to have been present in every year of the championships, the beginnings of which date back to 1950.


The global phenomenon, which is Ferrari, combines characteristics such as history, speed, unique design and popularity. This is how it has earned its absolutely unique place in history. We too are becoming a country where it is not longer a rarity to catch a glimpse of a Ferrari. And their number is increasing as the years go by.


Nowadays, there are more than 300 cars of this make on our roads. It is a huge success that the Czech Republic now ranks alongside countries such as Great Britain, Italy or the United States and in October 2008 the official Ferrari Owners’ Club Czech Republic was founded. The club operates with the direct support of Scuderia Praha, the official Ferrari importer and also with the support of Ferrari S.p.A in Maranello. Welcome and discover the value hidden behind the FERRARI badge.

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