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Waiting in Indianapolis

June 30, 2006 · Posted by staffFerrari
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Dear blog friends,After the last race, I went to Miami. It was lovely there, just a three hour flight from Montreal and then two hours down here to Indy. There’s a big contingent of Brazilians who race in the States who are based in Miami, but honestly I didn’t see any of them. I just relaxed at the hotel with a couple of friends and my manager, Nicolas. I was really able to unwind, which is important when you only have a few days in between two races.   As for this weekend, as usual, I’m optimistic. We have to do our best. This is a race where Ferrari has always gone well and I hope we have a really great weekend.   Actually, one day I would quite like to have a go at racing in the “real” Indy 500. It is a very important race, although I don’t think it’s always the best driver who wins because the car is more important here. But it’s still a very interesting race.   Looking at my year so far, there were two or three races that were not so good, while the others were better. I hope to make use of everything I have learnt in this first half of the season in having a much better final part of the season. This experience, combined with the fact that I drive for a top team like Ferrari should see me grow in the second half of the season.   The motivation within the team is still very high. We know this championship will be very difficult, but we are trying to get everyone pulling together as much as possible. As for the continuing talk that I have to be some sort of blocker between Michael and Fernando, it is not just me. We both need to be in front of both Renaults. But our goal this weekend is to get in front of anyone who happens to be in front.   Speaking of goals, I am still cheering Brazil’s football eleven of course and tomorrow, Saturday, they have their very important quarter final game. Very important obviously, as it will take them a step closer to retaining the World Cup trophy they won four years ago, but also because they will be playing France. So, I am not sure if it will be a good idea for me to watch the game with my manager, Nicolas Todt! It should be a good match, as you have to take into account that it actually features the last two teams to win the World Cup.   Before we came here to Indy, there were some concerns that we might get a hostile reception, because of what happened here last year. But the fans here are real racing enthusiasts and they seem ready to have a good weekend. Even on Thursday, I saw a lot of people here at the circuit. I think they are all hoping to see a great race this weekend. I am looking forward to putting on an exciting show for the people and to show them that Formula 1 is still a great sport.


Coming up to half-time

June 23, 2006 · Posted by staffFerrari
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Hi to everyone! I am in Montreal now. Yesterday there was a strange weather. When I arrived it was beautiful sunshine, but the first day of work at the track, started with rain and this is not a good place to drive in the wet, nor for the mechanics to work in the rain, as the circuit facilities are quite basic.   In the evening yesterday we had the usual meeting with the journalists, which here in Canada we do just standing in the paddock, as we have no real team or media motorhomes. As a Brazilian tifoso, of course I watched the Brasil vs Japan, great, we won!   For the moment Brazil’s football team are giving me something to be happy about. Maybe we did not start off playing very good football but I really believe in the team and reckon it will improve with every game. At the moment, Brazil are not in line to come up against Italy, so for the time being I can support both teams. But the day will come when we might come face to face.   It’s too early to talk about the final, but still I am being asked what would happen if Brazil came up against Germany, of course I am asked that because of my team-mate’s nationality! I think it would be nice to have another match like that for the final and hopefully, we would win again.   If you want to keep on the theme of football, we could say that in the Formula 1 world, we are coming up to “half-time” as after this race here in Canada, we will have completed nine out of eighteen races. I think I have shown I have the speed that I need, but it will be important to put together some good results in the final half of the season.   All the journalists are asking me what I can do to help Michael in his fight for the title.Help Michael? It’s a strange question because first of all, Michael has to help himself, because he also needs to be in front of Alonso. I’m trying to do my best to be in front of him as well. I am always trying hard to win and I will continue to do all I can to try and win. Finally I would like to thank all the blog friends that always support me, meet at the next blog!  


Overseas tranfer

June 15, 2006 · Posted by staffFerrari
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Dear Y&F friends,The simplest way to sum up our performance in the British Grand Prix is to say that we all expected to do a bit better than we did. It was not a great weekend for us, but we’re not giving up on the championship, even though Renault put on a great performance at Silverstone. The talk in the paddock after qualifying was that probably the Renaults would be stopping earlier than the Ferraris, but honestly, from all our data, we expected them to go at least as far as us in the first stint and that’s what happened. We tried to change our strategy by a lap or so to get ahead, but it was not enough. They are strong, but to be honest our tyres did not work in quite the way we had expected. But now the important thing is to look forward and that means starting with the next race in Canada.   That’s why I’m here testing in the south of France, at the Le Castellet circuit. The next two races need a different aero package – low drag - to what we have been running so far this year and we have different wings which should give us a very efficient car. We have only done the one day of testing so far, but we are quite optimistic about this configuration, because it has shown really good performance in the wind tunnel. So these next couple of days running here are to validate the changes and to get used to the effect they have on the rest of the car. I think we can be quite strong with this package. We are also working on evaluating tyres for the next two races and different braking materials, as Canada is tough on brakes although we really do not have any issues in this area.   I am testing here at Le Castellet until the end of Friday, then I’m going home to Monaco which is a very short drive away. Of course, I have been watching the World Cup, even here at the test, once our engineering debriefing was finished we watched the Germany – Poland game.  It’s true that Brazil did not play great football in our first game and it was not a brilliant match. But we won and that’s the important thing. Don’t worry, we are going to play well for the rest of the tournament. Next time they play, on Sunday, I am actually going to be at the match in the stadium in Munich and I’m really looking forward to seeing them play, before heading off for Montreal on Tuesday.


F1 and the World Cup

June 7, 2006 · Posted by staffFerrari
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Hello to every blog-friend! I had just one day of testing in Barcelona last week. It rained in the morning, which is a good thing really as it is not impossible for us to have some rain showers at Silverstone this weekend, especially as the race is a month earlier than usual. At the moment the weather in England is good, but you never know. Water is never far away in England! In the wet in Barcelona we were very quick compared to our competitors. Then, in the afternoon in the dry, we did a lot of laps and I tried tyres and some interesting things in terms of car set-up. It was a good day for us, especially as compared to the team that leads us in the championship we were always very very quick. Then, the second and third days of the session with Michael were also very positive. So I am really looking forward to Silverstone, because at the end of the day the Barcelona circuit is quite similar in terms of layout and set-up and in the type of tyres you need. We have found some interesting things for Silverstone.   We need a good result after I was unable to score points in Monaco. I am hoping to be strong in the next few races. Your demands definitely change depending on which team you are with. Already, I have more points after seven races than I have ever scored in a whole season in my past career, but as a Ferrari driver that’s really not enough. What I can do in the Ferrari is definitely much more than I could do in the past. So I want to forget Monaco and get back on the good course I was on after the Spanish Grand Prix.   After the testing I have been keeping up my training of course, but I have also been quite busy with other things. I went to Paris at the weekend for Jacques Villeneuve’s wedding, where I was invited because we used to be team-mates. It was a very enjoyable day. I was travelling a lot, as after Paris, on the Sunday I flew down to Athens for a promotion for Shell. From there I went back home to Monaco but only until Wednesday, as I fly to England to do another Shell event in Manchester before going to Silverstone. It’s a circuit I enjoy driving, because I like the track layout with its quick corners. In the past I have been competitive there so I hope this time it will be a good weekend for me.   Although Friday will be the same as ever, Saturday and Sunday means an earlier start than usual, as qualifying is 90 minutes earlier than at most races and the Grand Prix itself starts at midday instead of the usual 2 o’clock. Of course, this is to avoid clashes with the World Cup, including the first England game as they play on the day of Qualifying. I will have to wait until Tuesday to see Brazil play Croatia. I will only be watching that on TV, but I am going to Germany to be in the stadium when Brazil plays its second game against Australia. Like all Brazilians I will be looking forward to the series, because everyone in Brazil is crazy about football and they have forgotten about Formula 1 at the moment. I hope that in Silverstone I will have a good day and remind everyone at home that Formula 1 is still alive!


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