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In the right direction

June 9, 2012 · Posted by Staff
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After two races in the Old World the Formula 1 circus crossed the Atlantic for the first race in North America: Montreal is one of the preferred destinations of F1, thanks to the very special atmosphere here at the track. For the Scuderia it’s even a little bit more special, because the track carries the name of Gilles Villeneuve.

Since the start of the season, we’ve been working hard to make up ground, updating the F2012 race after race. To Canada we came with a new configuration for the exhaust. The qualifying’s result showed that what we’re doing to improve our single-seater is paying off: third position for Fernando and sixth fastest time for Felipe. This is the best result for the team so far this year. The result is even more important considering that what you need on this track are traction and speed, which were our weak points. We’re still not exactly where we want to be, but we’re working hard as usual.

Tomorrow’s race will be uncertain, just like the first six races of this season. The weather forecast says high temperatures and sun for the 70 laps. So we’ll go for the strategy where the tyre wear is the key element for the GP. But let’s not forget that the safety car loves to come out here pretty often.

Despite the thousands of kilometres away from home, from Emilia-Romagna, and the frenetic rhythm of our work, we are still thinking of the people hit by the earthquake back in Italy. Those, who want to help the families of the victims can participate in the charity auction organised by Ferrari (, bidding for unique and exclusive items.


Exciting day in Mugello for the Community at the Challenge

June 3, 2012 · Posted by Staff
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Scarperia, 3 June 2012 – This weekend the Mugello track hosted the third round of the Ferrari Challenge Europa, where friends from the Community had been invited to join us today. With the pass they had the possibility to watch the races from the paddock and the terraces above the grandstand, to meet the staff and to have a look at the boxes, where drivers and mechanics work. A Challenge driver was available in the afternoon for a hot lap with a 458 Italia. Later on the guests from the Community watched a Challenge race from behind the scenes at the TV compound TV and met many available and nice members of the staff and the teams.

Daniele: A great day. The lap on the track and the directing were really exciting. I’m usually following the races in TV and I didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes during the live broadcasts. It was really interesting.

Marco: Everything was really nice, also the organisation. I really would have liked it if the lap had been at least half an hour longer… I would have loved to do the race!

Namal: That was a fantastic day for me: the organisation starting with the welcome at the accreditation centre. Everything was new for me, but I felt really well inside the world of Ferrari. The lap on the track was incredible, the car is incredible and Beppe showed me how a proper driver races. The live broadcast was very impressive. What seems like chaos and rush leads to a very nice result.

Marco: The lap on the track was just stunning. I really like the whole organisation. I’ve been with you before, in Fiorano and in Mugello, also with the Community. I hope to come back to the Works one day, I would love that.


Confident and determined for tomorrow’s race

May 26, 2012 · Posted by Staff
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After a good race in Barcelona we came extremely determined and aware of our potential to Monte Carlo. The two weeks, between the two races, helped to recharge our batteries and to work hard on our F2012. An intense period where we tested new updates to understand what to do to become even more competitive and to defend our position in the classification we gained with an enormous effort after a quite difficult start of the season.

This Grand Prix here in Monaco is always very special. Not just for the drivers, but for the entire team: the street circuit, the spectators, the sea and the atmosphere in Monaco are always a special frame, turning this GP into a unique event on the F1 race calendar. This is another stimulus to work even harder, to gain as many points as possible and to lift Ferrari onto the level where it belongs.

On a street circuit, where overtaking is as good as impossible the qualifying session plays a fundamental role. Today - with a fifth and a seventh place on the grid - we can’t really be satisfied, because we know how difficult the GP on this track will be. There is also some disappointment, because until Q2 the hopes were quite different. At least we’ll have a car in the third row, while this time Massa qualified in the top ten. Let’s hope that these are positive signs

Fernando as well as Felipe are extremely determined and they trust their cars. They know how to take their chances right until the chequered flag, trying to add as many points as possible.


A step forward

May 12, 2012 · Posted by Staff
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After the tests in Mugello, followed by yesterday’s test sessions here at the Catalunya circuit, the Team eagerly awaited the F2012’s updates introduced for this weekend’s race. The results were very promising. It seemed that it was less problematic to get into Q3. Today’s third position conquered by Fernando was unexpected. In the end the Spaniard will start from second position after the stewards’ decision that Lewis Hamilton will have to move to the back of the grid.

Meanwhile Felipe wasn’t lucky today. He couldn’t get beyond Q2, mainly because of the heavy traffic. On his fast lap with a new set of softs the Brazilian got stuck behind the drivers who were warming up their tyres before launching their own fast laps.

So the F2012 made a step forward in terms of performance, but we know that we still have lots of work to do to prepare a single-seater able to constantly fight for the top positions.

And again the key to this GP is the tyres: how they will be managed and how they will perform. The teams made different decisions regarding the tyres and tomorrow’s lower temperatures could make the difference on the track. After the Spanish GP’s 66 laps we’ll know who took the right decision.


The Community at the Challenge in Imola behind the scenes

April 22, 2012 · Posted by Staff
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An exciting day with unstable weather conditions in Imola for the second round in the Ferrari Challenge Europa. The three guests from the Community started the day with a visit at the paddock and the 458 Challenge at the boxes. Later on they watched the extremely exciting race from the hospitality area. At around 1pm it was time for the special surprise: a lap on the track in a 458 Italia, driven by the expert Beppe Schenetti, which delighted the lucky participants.

The guests watched a race from the TV compounds, discovering how everything works. At the end of the day we asked the participants their impressions of the event:

Lorenzo: apart from the wind everything was really nice. This should be done again. I just wanted to do one more lap to go on the main straight with top speed. The Sky TV control room and the Ferrari production were very interesting. I can’t imagine how stressful this work might be. The world of racing is wonderful and to see it from this perspective it’s even more exciting.

Thomas: the Ferrari organization was just perfect, I’m so happy that I’ve been invited to this event. I met exceptional and very professional people. The driver for the lap on the track was great. It was so exciting. I want to underline that I’ve always been a Ferrari fan, even when things didn’t go so well.

Valerio: I want to thank Ferrari for this great opportunity. The organization today was perfect. The top was the lap on the track. I think this is something you only feel once in a lifetime. Thanks so much also for the enthusiasm you showed for us and my compliments to you all. I hope that I can repeat this experience!


A risk to take

April 21, 2012 · Posted by Staff
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Five days after the Chinese Grand Prix the cars participating in the Formula 1 World Championship started their engines here at the Bahrain International Circuit. Not enough time to bring some substantial improvements with us for our F2012: traction and top speed are the things our car lacks at the moment. But they are necessary characteristics to get out on this track here in the desert.

We know about our potential. That’s why we’ve decided to have a certain approach to today’s qualifying with tomorrow’s race in mind. We tried to save as many fresh tyre-sets as possible – considering the high wear here on the long run – while trying to gain a good position on the grid.

The qualifying’s result: Fernando in ninth and Felipe in 14th position on the grid. Probably both drivers could have gained a better position for the start into the race, but we took the risk to save one set of Mediums for Alonso and one set of Softs for Massa. Let’s see what happens tomorrow and if our choice will pay off.

The tyre management will be one of the key elements in tomorrow’s race, where the heat will test drivers and material. Our goal? To come back to Maranello with both cars in the points, so we can take another step forward in terms of performance with the updates we’ve got for the Spanish GP.


Looking for points in tomorrow’s race

April 14, 2012 · Posted by Staff
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It was three weeks ago when Fernando Alonso won the race in Malaysia taking over the lead in the Driver’s Championship. An enormous satisfaction, although we might have to file it soon, because we’re aware of the enormous work waiting for us every single week to improve our F2012’s performance, which is still not where we want it to be.

We came extremely motivated to China, conscious of the difficulties of this race and the fact that the competition is fierce. We came with some new solutions for our single-seater in this GP. More will follow for the upcoming races, improving our car’s performance and the feeling for the tyres.

The weather is always extremely variable here and we managed to test in the rain and on a dry track running on all of the different compounds, while testing some new components.

We know that we still lack some pace, although the start of the Championship showed that the teams are more or less on the same level and the lap times on the sheet don’t show big gaps.

In today’s qualifying we could see a slight improvement of our Ferrari: Alonso will start from ninth position - while Massa, who unfortunately didn’t participate in Q3, with three tenths of a second behind his teammate - will start from 12th position on the grid.

Tomorrow’s goal is to gain as many points as possible, while we’re also hoping for some luck for a calm race…and it might be even rainy, because the weather forecast is still not precise. On a wet track, as we could see in Malaysia, we’d definitely have a chance to fight for a good position.


Community at the first round of Challenge Europa in Monza

April 1, 2012 · Posted by Staff
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Monza, 1 April 2012 – This weekend the Challenge Europa season and with it the events for the Community started in Monza.
The first races of the Trofeo Pirelli and Shell Cup in the first round of the Championship were held here in Northern Italy. The Community Premium Users were invited for Sunday, 1 April, the weekend’s most important day to experience the Challenge from close up with a special organisation just for them.
In the morning they visited the boxes and the teams participating in the Championship. Later on they went on a lap on board of a 458 driven by a professional driver, while in the afternoon they watched the race from the TV compound, followed by numerous meetings at the paddock. Here are the comments from the fans:

Paolo: an extremely positive experience. I didn’t expect to be here in Monza as a real protagonist. Following the competition live and from the paddock together with these cars is something completely different compared to watching it at home.
The lap on the track was the absolute highlight of the day. Everybody was so nice and available. This was something to be repeated, although it might be something that only happens once.

Samuele: this day with Ferrari was unique and unforgettable. I never thought that I’d be one of the community members to be invited to this experience! I wish that everybody who likes motorsport had such a day.
The organisation was exceptional. Compliments to the staff for their availability. Also for me the highlight was the lap on the track. I really enjoyed it. It was really interesting to follow the race at the track and see how the broadcast works.

In a couple of days the video review will be ready and we’ll see you at the next Challenge event.


Confident and concentrated for tomorrow’s race

March 24, 2012 · Posted by Staff
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A couple of days after the Australian Grand Prix, the opening race of the season, here we are back in Malaysia, ready for a new race: a long and exhausting journey for the first back-to-back races of the season.

Once again we were welcomed by the typical, not especially pleasant Malaysian climate: hot and extremely humid. This will translate into another test on a weekend with an extremely demanding task and it’s definitely not the ideal weather to carry out the exhausting work on the agenda, while we decided to try out some new solutions. The desire to restart and get our pace up to our rivals’ level is huge. This is why we worked as much as possible on our F2012.

Let’s be clear: today’s session wasn’t satisfying. For the second time we had problems to qualify for Q3. Alonso - due to a penalty for Raikkonen - will start from ninth position, while Massa gained 12th position for tomorrow’s grid. We can already see the improvements of the car and we’re working hard on the new chassis we brought to Kuala Lumpur. We’re convinced that we can have some say in tomorrow’s race, despite the unknown factor of the tyres. And then there are also the weather conditions, which are uncertain for tomorrow and it might even rain. The ingredients for an exciting race are all there also because this year the balance of power on the track is shifting and we could gain our position back.


A difficult start

March 17, 2012 · Posted by Staff
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Before the start of the GP season there has always been guessing about the strength of the different teams, while the (first) answer is always only found after the qualifying in Melbourne. The usual question is how the strength will be distributed amongst the teams on the track in a season about to start. Inside the Scuderia, after the winter test sessions with an extremely innovative single-seater like the F2012, we were aware of the fact that we’d have a start into a race to catch up. The first qualifying session here at the Albert Park circuit confirmed our theory: Fernando Alonso 12th, Felipe Massa 16th.

Q3 was at Fernando’s hand, but also a double World Champion is not infallible: when he hit the grass with the left front wheel he lost control over the car and spun into the gravel. Meanwhile Felipe had problems with the car’s set up all morning and we have to understand what exactly was the problem here.

Let’s face it, we’re not happy with this result: usually the Scuderia fights for completely different positions. We know that we have to work hard (and we can assure you that we won’t leave any stone unturned) to call up the entire potential of our F2012. That doesn’t mean that we are giving in or giving up. To our fans all over the world we want to say that their disappointment is comprehensible, but this is not the moment to make a final judgement. The season is very long and we’ve got all in place to return to the top spots.

In tomorrow’s race it will be extremely important to avoid trouble in the hot zone of the field, where our cars are. And who knows: maybe the Ferrari tradition of an excellent start will allow us to immediately gain some positions on the first metres of the race. Let’s not delude ourselves: at this moment our goal is to drive into the points.


Last exciting day for the winners of the Community contest

March 1, 2012 · Posted by Staff
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Barcelona, 1 March 2012 – Second day at Montmelò near Barcelona for the winners of the "Vinci Barcellona con la Scuderia Ferrari" Contest with the participants at the track for the conclusive tests of the season. Felipe Massa drove the F2012 on a sunny day and the four lucky winners from Italy, Russia and the USA followed his moves from the paddock terrace and inside the Ferrari structure at the test site.

In the late morning they met Marc Gené, who explained the box and showed them how the behind-the-scenes of the Ferrari Formula 1 department works.

These are the enthusiastic impressions from today:

Maxim: "Another fantastic day for me. I’m so happy to be able to be here at the box during the test sessions with the possibility to see the behind-the-scenes of Ferrari’s Formula 1. What a privilege!

I’ll return to Russia with my heart filled with amazing emotions. I’m really happy that I had the possibility to experience the tests here in Barcelona.”

Neil: "We’ve seen the cars on the track, which was great. The most exciting thing was the chat with Marc Gene, who is really very interesting. He spoke to us about the technical aspects of Formula 1, aspects we didn’t really know anything about. I will never forget the moment when I was at the pit lane and the cars came in and went out again. Even the food is great here. Well, it’s just an unforgettable experience!”

Niccolò: "Another very interesting day. We’ve seen the cars on the track and even their competitors. We were very close to the single-seaters and it was really exciting, because usually it’s so difficult to get so close. I’ll never forget these days, it was my childhood dream come true."

Franco: "Thank you so much, Ferrari. I have been a fan for a very long time and I never thought that I would make such an experience. I spoke to the people involved, I lived with the team and I’m really happy.”


The contest, which made their dreams come true

February 29, 2012 · Posted by Staff
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Barcelona, 29 February 2012 – The winners of the "Vieni a Barcellona con Scuderia Ferrari Community" Contest arrived yesterday at their hotel and went for some sightseeing in Barcelona. But today was the day when their dream came true: in the morning they arrived at the circuit, where they watched the activities of the Filming day, but had the possibility to participate as protagonists, with a photo session together with Fernando and Felipe. Naturally the meeting with the drivers was extremely exciting and Felipe spoke with them about the preparations the team is carrying out in Barcelona before this season’s first race in Australia while Fernando spent a lot of time with them at the pit lane answering their questions about the new single-seater, the teams’ different strengths at this stage of the season and about the car’s set up. In the morning they watched pit stop simulations, how the staff got ready for the shooting and everything that happened at the box.

In the afternoon they met an engineer from the test team, who explained how the preparations are carried out at this stage and how the team is getting organised, thus concluding a very exciting and unforgettable day.

These are the impressions from today at the track with the team:

Niccolò: "It was an incredible experience. I imagined that it’s a fantastic world, but seeing it with my own eyes it’s even better. Everybody is super professional and they are so open to someone from the outside like us. I want to thank Ferrari for this experience. A great present for my 50th birthday. From tomorrow’s test day I expect to see these great drivers and these amazing cars in action and experience all of it at first hand with Ferrari.”

Franco: "What impressed me the most was how available everybody is; everything is just wonderful and so exciting. I asked Fernando to win the Championship. I know that this is quite a request, but he promised to give it his all!”

Maxim: "It’s the first time for me in Spain and this is my first time at a Formula 1 circuit. It’s really exciting. For me it’s a dream come true and it’s a very important day for me. The sound is just magic. And when I asked Fernando about the Pirelli tyres and he replied as if it was an interview with a journalist I was just blown away by that. I’m the happiest man on earth."

Neil: “It was really impressive how much access the team gave us fans to their life. The drivers were generous and very open. It’s wonderful here and everybody is very available. It’s probably the biggest dream of a Formula 1 fan to stand at the pit wall and listen to the starting engines, especially to a Ferrari engine! It was a fantastic day, just amazing; I came from the USA for this and it was definitely worth the long trip!”

Tomorrow the winners of the Scuderia Ferrari Community Contest will follow the action on the first day of the last test session before the Australian Grand Prix, which will be extremely intense.


The 2011 Championship is coming to an end

November 26, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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The longest season ever in the history of Formula 1 is almost over. There are only the 4.309 km of the Jose Carlos Pace circiuit left, which have to be driven 71 times to conclude tomorrow's Brazilian Grand Prix. The last race of a very difficult season for the Scuderia, although Alonso underlined in an interview on Thursday: "I will remember it as a not bad season overall from a personal point of view and how the team approached this season. The team has been stronger and I feel that with a competitive car next year we can be very strong and fighting for the world championship". And that is what the entire team is working on in Maranello: handing over an improved car to our drivers for 2012.

Although before we think about this we have to conclude this Championship with the best possible result. This is what Fernando wants, starting also here from fifth position. This is what Felipe wants, who will start from sixth position on the clean side of the track. It's not only Felipe's home race, where he won twice during his career, it's also his 100th race in Formula 1 with the colours of the Prancing Horse. This is why the entire Scuderia celebrated Felipe in the afternoon at the box together with his family and close friends with an enormous cake. The present we made him? A part of the Ferrari 150° Italia's bodywork signed by everybody present.

There are no more titles to be won in tomorrow's race and the performance of our car - whose development has been stopped several months ago to concentrate resources and energy on next year's project, which has been improved incessantly over several months - doesn't give us much hope to fight with equal forces with the cars on the first rows of the starting grid. Nevertheless we will be concentrated and determined. Also because the forecast says rain for tomorrow. And we know that with a wet track it will be uncertain and spectacular. Even more so here in Interlagos.


Place on the podium still possible

November 12, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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The two weeks since the last Grand Prix - where Fernando gained a place on the podium on the brand-new circuit in New Delhi - were extremely intense. We worked very hard and tried to improve the performance of our Ferrari 150° Italia, also testing some new components with the next season already in sight.

The moment we arrived in Abu Dhabi we were immediately fascinated by this very special atmosphere of this place. It’s the third time we’re racing here on this circuit, but it’s still not easy to get used to the feelings this futuristic track prompts.

And then there’s also the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, which opened last year. We had the possibility to visit the theme park and spend a couple of hours away from the track. A track, which doesn’t really give us the satisfaction we’d hoped for: this is already the 18th and penultimate race of the season and for us from the Scuderia there are not many more presents left this year.

Everybody in the team is still extremely concentrated and we want to conclude the season as good as possible, gaining some good positions and points to encourage us all for the development of the single-seater for 2012. Unfortunately today’s qualifying confirmed the negative trend with us third, behind Red Bull and McLaren, two fierce competitors, who don’t make any presents whatsoever. Our two drivers did very well and they gave it their all, despite a not really encouraging result. Fernando had a respectable Q3, where he tried to use the entire potential of his car, but he couldn’t get beyond fifth position on tomorrow’s grid. Felipe, after a good qualifying, gained sixth position, without being able to use the new front wing.

We know that tomorrow won’t be easy to gain a place on the podium, but we’re going to try, because we’re convinced that we still can have our say, trying to satisfy the fans of the Prancing Horse, who always following us with great enthusiasm.


Welcome to India

October 29, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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For the 17th race in the 2011 Championship the Formula 1 circus came to India for the first time in its history, to race on the brand-new Buddh International Circuit just outside of New Delhi where tomorrow for the first time the Indian Grand Prix will be held. Our sport celebrates its debut in a new country, with enormous growth, but still characterised by huge contrasts. Nevertheless enthusiasm for motorsport in this country is impressive.

It couldn’t be in any other way considering the intense qualifying session in the afternoon, with the Ferrari 150° Italia confirming the positive results from the first day of free practice. Fernando drove the fourth fastest lap time, only one tenth of a second behind the first row of the grid. While Hamilton has been penalised due to him ignoring the yellow flag during yesterday’s free practice session and therefore being moved three positions back on the grid, Fernando will start from third position.

Sixth position went to Felipe, who had to end his qualifying early due to the right front suspension, which broke when he hit the kerb in corner number 8. The most important thing is that the driver was not hurt at all. Felipe got out of the cockpit unhurt, after the car had stopped in the barriers.

So what about tomorrow’s race? Difficult - if not impossible - to say. As usual a new track never offers the perfect grip conditions, but it will improve lap after lap. Regarding overtaking one has to consider an extra variable: every move outside of the racing line forces the drivers to put the tyres on the dirty part of the track.

In the race we’re usually more competitive than regarding the performance in the qualifying. If this will be the case also tomorrow, then the possibility to come back to Maranello with a nice result from the Indian Grand Prix is exceptionally high.


Concentrated on tomorrow’s race

October 15, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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Only a few days have passed since the last Grand Prix and we’re on the track again for another race weekend after hard work on our Ferrari 150° Italia, we’re expecting a lot of over this weekend in Korea…. especially after the Sunday in Suzuka with Alonso on the second step on the podium and with one of the best performances of the season so far, which was the result of great work by the entire team.

Unfortunately the qualifying session didn’t go as we had expected, but the competition from Red Bull and McLaren is always fierce.

Our goal is to make the best out of the race, like it happened during this second part of the season, where we managed to become competitive.

On tomorrow’s grid Massa and Alonso will start from fifth and sixth position respectively. This is a third starting line we’re not really satisfied with, but which pushes us further, to give more. We know that our Ferrari is strong enough to have a say on this circuit, too.

Here in Yeongam there are many factors to be considered. First of all the weather. We passed from rain to sun in the blink of an eye, although the forecast for today is positive. Furthermore this track has been part of the Formula 1 calendar since 2010 and one of the unknown factors is the condition of the surface. It seems that it might be quite slippery, which will not only challenge our drivers, but also the tyres. The race strategy will be very important and the entire team has been working extremely hard.

Fernando and Felipe are very concentrated on the race and the goals for this season. We’re all very optimistic and hope to be able to repeat the result from last year’s race here in Korea, with two Ferraris in the first three places and Fernando winning the first race on this circuit.


Positive signals with tomorrow’s race in sight

October 8, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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The last two weeks have been packed with hard work on our Ferrari 150° Italia. We’ve also been studying the race in Singapore, where we gained less than we had expected and maybe even not enough, considering how it actually went on the track.

Now we’re here in Japan at the Suzuka circuit, highly concentrated on our season’s objectives: first of all we’re trying to win at least one out of the five races left this season, trying to pass McLaren in the fight for second place in the Constructor’s Championship. The Drivers’ Championship is already in the hands of Sebastian Vettel, but our goal remains to conquer as many points as possible in every GP – with Alonso, who is just one point behind Button, and Massa, who is still waiting for his first place on the podium this year. We’re convinced that we do have the means and the possibility. We just hope for a little bit of luck and the right weather conditions for Sunday’s race.

The Suzuka circuit is a tough track, where it is difficult to overtake, but many drivers love this track, because thanks to its particular layout, there is a series of fast corners, where the drivers can really show their skills.

The Team is extremely determined and pays attention to every single detail, while the performance of our two drivers in the qualifying is a good start.

Felipe will start from fourth position - thanks to a lap time, which was only four tenths of a second slower than the one driven by the pole sitter – while Alonso will start from fifth position, close to his teammate.

The performance of our Ferrari 150° Italia lets us be optimistic: there are some positive signals, confirming our expectations for a good result here at the 15th race of the World Championship. Let’s see what tomorrow’s race will bring.


More exciting moments in Mugello for the Community at the Challenge

September 25, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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Second and last day in Mugello for the Challenge Italia. The Community participated again in the activities organised to make their visit as interesting and exciting as possible.

In the morning race 1 in the Challenge was held and watched by our guests. Later on they went to visit the box of Motor Piacenza with explanations by the team. At 12:30 pm the "Emozioni in pista" session started on the track: two guests from the Scuderia Ferrari Community got on board of the Safety Car for a lap on the track. An exciting moment for the participants, who had never been at the Mugello circuit before. At 2:45pm race 2 of the Ferrari Challenge was started with thrilling moments. The guests watched the race from the TV compound, from where the race is broadcasted live.

Here are some statements from our guests at the end of the day:

Giuseppe: I’m so happy today after the lap on the track. It was great to be in such a performing Ferrari (599 GTB Fiorano). I also liked the work at the TV compound, because at home everything seems so easy, but in reality it’s really difficult.

Nicola: The track was just great. It was a fantastic experience and I’m so happy that I had the possibility to participate in this event with my son, who loved it so much and now wants to repeat this weekend when he’s a little bit older.

The next Community event will be held in Vallelunga on the weekend of 9 October for the penultimate round of the Ferrari Challenge Italia with the 458 Challenge on the track.


High adrenaline for tomorrow’s race

September 24, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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A two-week break and here we are again on the track, this time at the Marina Bay city circuit, which is definitely one of the most fascinating tracks on the Formula 1 calendar. Singapore is always a very special place with a unique atmosphere, generating high adrenaline levels not just for the drivers, but also for all of us from the team. The weather is always an unknown factor here and the fact that the race is held at night is just one more obstacle, because with the artificial lighting visibility is obviously very different compared to the other tracks and the drivers have to adapt best possible with Sunday’s race in sight. The atmosphere inside the team is very good, because after Alonso’s place on the podium in Monza we’ve introduced some further modifications during the break and now we hope that we can show some important progress tomorrow. The positions gained in today’s qualifying – with Alonso fifth and Massa sixth – naturally don’t completely satisfy us. The competition is always extremely fierce, but we’re convinced that we can have our say during the Grand Prix. Let’s hope that the tyres brought here to Singapore and the enormous concentration of our drivers during these days will help, too. These are the key elements to tackle this difficult circuit, with insidious parts just around the corner. Recently the track has been slightly modified and in some sections the safety barriers are right next to the track. We’re extremely optimistic regarding our potential and we’re convinced that we can play an important role in tomorrow’s race right from the start to the chequered flag.


Weekend with sun and engines for the Community in Mugello

September 24, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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On the race weekend of the Ferrari Challenge Italia in Mugello the guests, Scuderia Ferrari Community premium users invited to the track, arrived today to follow some tests and visit the pit lane with a guided tour of the box with a professional driver. After lunch at the hospitality area two guests had the possibility to get on board of the Safety Car for a lap on the track and were extremely enthusiastic about it.

In the afternoon the guests followed the qualifying sessions for the Ferrari Challenge Italia for the start into tomorrows races, which they will watch from the grandstand and the terraces here at the Mugello circuit.

The guests will be back tomorrow for another exciting day here at the wonderful Tuscan race track.

Here are the comments of our guests at the end of the day: Marco: "the lap on the track was the most exciting moment. It was the first time for me on a track ...and doing it in a Ferrari was the best possible way! The atmosphere at the races is very nice. I've never been to a box, but now I'm even more curious."

Simone: "a unique experience. Spectacular. If I can I will definitely do it again. I want to thank the Ferrari Staff for this opportunity. It was a fantastic day and the group from the Community was great."

Giuseppe: "being at the box was great. Understanding how things work, the car. It's really interesting. I really want to do that again. I'm signing up for the Finali Mondiali here in Mugello!"

Nicola: "this has to be repeated, definitely. The hospitality is wonderful and also how we were welcomed. Everything was so well organised and done."


A factor called track

September 10, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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There is no race more important than the other. Having said that, in sports, playing at home, has always a certain special kick to it. Even more so in Formula 1, where the whole Circus travels all over the world from March to November and the home race for the Scuderia is Monza, one of the Championship’s legendary circuits. The entire Scuderia Ferrari feels this Grand Prix in a very special way. A GP where the fans’ enthusiasm can be felt as soon as one gets close to the track’s gates and literally explodes on the grandstands, pushing every single member of our Team to give it one’s all.

You can bet on it, that even if Fernando starts from fourth and Felipe from sixth position into this 13th round of the Championship, the Team has worked extremely hard to reach this result, with continuous improvements during every single session.

Maybe someone who saw today’s qualifying from the grandstand feels a little bit disappointed, but the starting grid reflects the relative strength on the track. We don’t have the best possible single-seater in the field, which doesn’t mean that won’t give it our all tomorrow with everything we have available in a race, which will be a big attack.

What will the race be like? Fighting for the win will be extremely difficult, although we’ve had some nice surprises so far this season at almost every race. One of the key elements will be to choose the right moment to come in to the box to put on fresh tyres. Considering that the 150° Italia is softer on the tyres compared to its competitors, this could be an advantage in a race held over 53 laps – especially with high temperatures.

The goal of Fernando, Felipe and the entire Team at tomorrow’s Grand Prix is simple: reward the fans for their great enthusiasm with a good result.


Formula 1 completes Community's experience at the Racing Days in Spielberg

September 4, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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Spielberg, 04 September 2011 - Today was the last day at the Austrian race track of Spielberg for the Ferrari Racing Days with a participation of the Community's users, who had started their adventure here yesterday together with the Ferrari staff and the numerous activities here at the track.

This morning the participants went for a guided tour of the box with the cars started in the Challenge with technical explanations and a glimpse behind the scenes of the Italian and European racing series. Later on they visited the paddock, while the most exciting moment was the show by the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro with Marc Gene behind the wheels.

Here are some comments from our friends from the Community:

Thomas Lenitz: "This wonderful day started with the XX Programme, followed by an explanation of the Challenge by an exceptional teacher, the test driver we saw yesterday for the hot laps. He told us everything about the cars, the set ups and the behind-the-scenes. We also saw the F1 Clienti teams with their wonderful's best thing was the Formula 1 show with Marc Gené. I will always remember these two days, incredible activities and emotions! Thank you so much Scuderia Ferrari Community, thank you that you let me be here."

Kurt Peter Jermann: "It was so exciting seeing the Formula 1 show and the cars from the past, from Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa for example. I'm really proud to be a guest of Ferrari and therefore a small part of the Ferrari family. I'm a collector of Ferrari models and I have around 700 of them. I have them in a private museum at home. I'm also collecting patches and everything related to Ferrari - watches, necklaces, shades, pendants, small leather goods. Thank you so much!"


Sun and many Ferraris in Spielberg for the Community at the Racing Days

September 3, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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Spielberg, 03 September 2011 - This weekend the Austrian race track of Spielberg is hosting the Ferrari Racing Days, delivering loads of red passion on a track where in the past many exciting Formula 1 races were held. Also here in Spielberg the Scuderia Ferrari Community had invited some of the Premium Users to be part of the two most important days of this event, Saturday and Sunday. Today the Ferrari fans watched race 1 of the Ferrari Challenge Italia from the TV compound, followed by laps on the track, which was a unique moment for the users: on board of a 458 Italia for a lap next to a professional test driver. Later on the enthusiastic participants had the possibility of a pit walk tour at the box and along the pit lane.

Here are some comments from the participants, who can't wait to be back tomorrow:

Thomas Lenitz: this was a fantastic day, we saw so many cars and we could live and feel the Ferrari spirit. We saw a lot from the teams, the TV compound, the walk through the box...but the best moment of the day was the hot lap with the 458 Italia, an unforgettable moment.

Philipp Alexander Elbl: fantastic, a great day, this place is wonderful. What more could you ask for: wonderful weather and so many Ferraris around! A big hello to all Ferrari fans.

Kurt Peter Jermann: a wonderful day, perfect organisation, the people from Ferrari were always really friendly and available to answer all of our questions.

We'll be back tomorrow again here at the Spielberg circuit!


An uphill start this weekend

August 27, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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After the summer break of three weeks we're here at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, one of the legendary tracks in motorsport. Relaxed after the break, but highly concentrated and ready to keep on fighting after the progress made at the end of July at the Hungaroring, we were greeted by Belgium's extremely unstable weather. The rain in the Ardennes set the stage for the days of free practice with a slippery track and temperatures well below the season's average. After the start of the race weekend, which was a little bit uncertain, today's outcome of the qualifying was disappointing: Felipe conquered fourth position, while Alonso will start from eighth. Two positions far from our expectations. Naturally the wet track didn't help our Ferrari 150° Italia, but we're convinced that the positions on the starting grid don't reflect our real potential. Some problems prevented us from completely evaluating the set up for tomorrow's Grand Prix, but we're convinced that we can make our point here in Belgium. The drivers, a little bit disappointed by the qualifying, love to drive on this legendary track and if the weather will give us a little truce they are convinced that they can do it and fight at the top. Tomorrow won't be an easy race, but we can still catch up!


Challenge invite for the Community in Spa-Francorchamps

August 10, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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Second and last day for the Ferrari Challenge in Spa-Francorchamps, again with the 458 Challenge in action in the races for the European Championship, together with other racing series of important competitions: the weather was slightly better today and the Scuderia Ferrari Community guests took a walk at the box, discovering the event’s behind-the-scenes, together with the team managers and the protagonists of this important weekend.

Again today the guest’s impressions were positive with a guided tour of the box and the starting grid, while they later watched the race from a privileged position, off-limits for “common” spectators – the TV compound – from where the races are transmitted all over the world.

Christophe - Audrey: "It was a lovely day and well organised. We saw all those wonderful cars on the track. It was great. Being on the starting grid just before the race was really exciting, just like seeing the busy editor during the race. We hope that Fernando will win here at the race in Spa in 20 days."

Pierre: "I again appreciated the warm welcome and the organisation, watching the race from the TV compound, with the speed and emotion of the live transmission. I also loved getting into the car, while they explained the technical details. An experience to be repeated!"


Exciting days for the Community in Spa-Francorchamps

August 10, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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The fifth round of the Ferrari Challenge Europa, together with other competitions for some exciting days, is held on the legendary circuit of Spa this weekend.

The Scuderia Ferrari Community has invited some guests to participate in the activities organised by the staff.

The day included visits to parts usually off limits for the spectators, such as the TV compound, where the races are sent to over 30 TV stations all over the world, the offices with the time-keepers and the race direction, where the decisions regarding the race on the track are taken.

In the afternoon the guests met the Kessel Racing Team, which participates in the Ferrari Challenge Europa. The team manager explained how the box works, spoke about the 458 Challenge, the team and the mechanics, who are working together to guarantee that the drivers have the best possible car available in the race.

Afterwards the Scuderia Ferrari Community made some enthusiastic comments:

Damien: “It was fantastic to see what happens behind the scenes at the races, the infrastructures set up especially for the occasion, the people who are here to manage the race, the people who welcome the guests at this legendary and wonderful circuit. We received some information about the car, how it works and were even close to the mechanics, who work on the cars.”

Pierre: "It’s like a dream being here. Really. I would have never thought that it could be so exciting. The warm-hearted welcome, all the people available to talk with us; I have to say that the atmosphere is much more friendly compared to other sports, like football. It’ the third time for me at a circuit. I’ve been to Monza and Mugello, but here in Spa it’s the first time for me. I’m really happy to make this experience".


All eyes on tyres and the pit lane

July 30, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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The timesheet after the qualifying for the German Grand Prix had one Ferrari in fourth and one in fifth position. Seven days later today’s qualifying session – for the Hungarian Grand Prix – was an exact photocopy. Well, at least almost: this time Massa and Alonso just changed positions. Although it has to be said that the mood is slightly different: after the lap times in the free practice sessions – with the fastest driven by Fernando at the end of Q1 and Q2 – it seemed as if we could fight for the pole position. Unfortunately this was not the case.

We couldn’t express all of our potential. It’s as simple as that. But on another note: we did close that gap our competitors had opened during the first stage of the season, but on the fast lap in qualifying we’re still not there yet. We still have to work on that one.

In the race our Ferrari 150° Italia always shows more competitiveness on a Sunday compared to Saturday. But on this track here in Hungary it’s not really easy to overtake, although this year the drivers can use DRS and KERS. Tomorrow the tyre wear will play an important role and probably also decide the outcome of the race. There might be three or even four pit stops before arriving at the end of the 70 laps on the Hungaroring.

This will definitely be an intense Sunday for our men at the pit stops and for those at the pitwall: considering the difficulties in overtaking on this track, it will be fundamental to call the cars in at the right moment, allowing our drivers to get back onto the track with less traffic, therefore avoiding seeing the benefits of the new tyres going up in flames. One thing you can be sure of: tomorrow’s atmosphere in the pit lane will be very tense for every single team.


Highest possible concentration for tomorrow’s race

July 23, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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The victory at the British GP is part of the past, but the Ferrari 150° Italia’s excellent performance on the circuit in Silverstone was a reason for being proud and energised the entire team. It was a recognition of the effort put in over the last weeks and a perfect feedback from the new mechanical parts and the set up of the aerodynamics. After two weeks of hard work and perfection of the Ferrari single-seater to go ahead with the season in the best possible way, we’re now here at the Nürburgring, where we haven’t raced for the last two years. This is always a fascinating place to be and for the drivers this circuit is one of the most challenging on the calendar, demanding not only the best in terms of technical capacity, but also an extremely high level of concentration. After the Friday free practice sessions, where we were the main protagonists with Fernando’s car, who set the day’s fastest lap time, today we were slightly further behind: Alonso and Massa will start into tomorrow’s race from fourth and fifth position respectively.

Nevertheless both drivers are optimistic regarding the race, because they had some really good feedback from the car, although it has to be said that the competition is getting fiercer by the day. Which is what we could see today. In the end the usual unknown here in Germany could be the weather. It seems that also here in the Eifel mountains, just like at the last race in England, summer has already come to a halt. In the case of rain all is up in the air. Although whatever the conditions will be tomorrow, we’re ready for a fierce fight, convinced that we can stage an excellent GP, fighting right until the finishing line at the top.


Challenge and more exciting emotion in Misano for the Scuderia Ferrari Community

July 10, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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Second and last day of the Challenge weekend in Misano for the Scuderia Ferrari Community guests, who participated on a hot day with wonderful sunshine in the activities organised especially for them.

Arriving at the track the guests watched the Challenge race from the paddock terrace and later on went to the hospitality area, where they met Beppe Schenetti, who also today was available for an interesting walk on the pitlane, explaining the world of the Challenge series and its characteristics to the guests.

At the TV compound the guests followed race 2 of the day, discovering how the cameras, the crew and the satellite transmission work to transmit the pictures all over the world.

At the end of the day the guests gave some enthusiastic comments also regarding the hot laps with the 458 Italia, the organisation and the passion they found in the world of the Ferrari Challenge.

Stefano Rossi
“A very special day, really exciting. Just wonderful, especially the lap on the track and the visit at the box…actually everything around the races. A fantastic day.”

Andrea Bratti
“The Community gave me the possibility to experience something very special, everybody should have the possibility to experience. Thanks to the membership you can have access to exciting events like this here today.”


A very special Grand Prix

July 9, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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All success stories start with a first chapter: in the case of the Scuderia Ferrari this chapter was written here in Silverstone 60 years ago. It was on 14 July 1951 when José Froilan Gonzalez, behind the wheel of a 375 F1, gained the first victory for Ferrari in the Formula 1 World Championship. This was the first chapter of a long story with 215 victories and 31 World Titles in Formula 1 so far. Naturally the Scuderia’s goal is to add some more important passages to this story as soon as possible.

To reach this goal the men and women working in Maranello have been giving it their all over the last months to gain the advantage of the best back. Finally today the qualifying for tomorrow’s British Grand Prix gave a first, important feedback, paying off all the invested energy: Fernando and Felipe conquered the second row on the grid, but what is even more important: with the smallest gap to the pole sitter so far this season. All this despite the fact that the characteristics of this track here in England aren’t favouring our Ferrari 150° Italia. The novelties introduced here in Silverstone, combined with the updates at the last races gave a different response. Both our drivers confirmed that they know how to also use the hard compound. This, after the problems during the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona, lets us hope for the upcoming race.

Naturally also tomorrow’s race comes up with some unknown factors: first of all the weather, as we could already see over the last two days here in Silverstone. It was the rain, which didn’t let the teams collect enough data regarding the tyres for planning the best possible strategy. Another point is the new regulations regarding the exhausts, able to generate downforce: well, actually nobody knows what will happen in the race. Despite everything Fernando, Felipe and the entire team have the serious intention to try and end Red Bull’s domination.


‪The Community in Misano for an exceptional weekend

July 9, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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On the occasion of the third round in the Ferrari Challenge Italia the Scuderia Ferrari Community invited some Premium Users for an exceptional weekend at the Misano Adriatico circuit in the Romagna region.

The guests watched the qualifying sessions in the morning from the paddock terrace and were then lead to a guided visit in the box and of the pitlane by Beppe Schenetti, the professional Challenge driver, who explained the technical and organisational aspects of the 458 Challenge and the single-marque series respectively. In the afternoon the guests went for a sensational lap on the track in the 458 Italia, leaving the lucky passengers speechless. We asked some about their impressions of the day:‬

‪Pierfrancesco Turci‬ ‬
"This was a new experience for me. The part I didn't know, the Challenge, was very interesting. I follow the Challenge on telly but not in action. The whole ambience was breathtaking. It's a world on its own. It's wonderful: from the hospitality area to the warm welcome by the participants. What I liked most was the spectacular lap. Really unbelievable, especially in a car I've watched being set up in the for the Challenge sessions and then I could climb on board. Such a warm welcome from the staff and the drivers, who took me on the lap. We really felt at home."

‬Riccardo Buda‬
"This was definitely a unique experience. I knew the Challenge. I had seen it in Misano. I came here once for a race weekend. But it wasn't like today, when I had the possibility to see the box and listen to the things happening here. I also drove her in Misano with a safety driving course, but today's hot lap was exceptional. The point of view of a racing driver is completely different from what we experience every day. It was so intense, I couldn't almost enjoy it. I have to add that I didn't expect such a good organisation for these races. The hospitality area is well managed and I was really impressed. I've benn a member of the Community for a couple of months now and I was lucky enough to receive this exceptional present. I can't wait to see the media room and learn how they work behind the scenes on what we can see when we watch the races on TV."‬

‪Tomorrow the guests will be twice as many as today and there will be more hot laps and many exciting moments on the track.


Constantly motivated to do better

June 25, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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Two weeks after the Canadian Grand Prix we're here in Valencia, convinced of our strength and optimism regarding a good result on the track. Despite the last, disappointing race considering the result, due to bad luck, which mainly conditioned Fernando's race, our drivers' performance in Montreal was really good, which helped us and pushed us to work even harder for this important European Grand Prix. This permanent track here in Valencia is really challenging and aerodynamics plays a determining role, while this weekend there's also the unknown factor of the new Pirelli medium compound, with its premiere here in Spain. After an excellent Friday with Fernando as a protagonist setting the fastest lap time and Felipe with some problems, today we didn't really make it beyond a forth and fifth place on the starting grid. The lap times driven by our drivers are in line with the fastest, but there is a little bit of disappointment, especially considering that there are six single-seaters just seven tenths of a second apart. So there's lots of optimism for this eighth race of the season and everything's set to go well. Naturally it's always very difficult to make predictions, but Fernando and Felipe are both extremely focused for a challenging race.


Continuing like this

June 12, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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Never trust the time sheet on Friday: programmes and fuel loads at the other teams can lead you to getting the wrong idea. Furthermore the times driven in the first 90 minutes on the track aren’t always really relevant. And although Fernando Alonso kept the enthusiasts at bay, considering the tough competition yesterday, a certain confidence could be felt inside the Scuderia. Confidence which has paid off today in this year’s best qualifying so far for Ferrari: Fernando Alonso second and Felipe Massa third.

This is an important and encouraging result, because it means that all the work done by the men and women from the Scuderia are leading in the right direction to closing the gap. Naturally the characteristics of the track in Montreal are well-suited for our car, but it’s no coincidence that the Ferrari 150° Italia has been competitive since the start here in Canada.

A first step has been taken, but the road to the finishing line of the Canadian Grand Prix is still long. Tomorrow’s race is, as it is traditionally here in Montreal, uncertain. The track is really unforgiving and the Safety Car usually has to come in for “overtime”. KERS and DRS should guarantee the right amount of overtaking manoeuvres, which haven’t been too rare here in the last editions of this race. Furthermore there’s the possibility of rain: this is something the teams had to take into consideration today before they started into the qualifying, bearing in mind, that adjusting the cars’ set ups between the qualifying and the race is only allowed for safety reasons. So who will have placed the winning bet?

Having said that: the right ingredients for an exciting Canadian Grand Prix are all there. We just have to stay concentrated, continuing with the good work done so far this weekend. Or as Felipe Massa said: “a place on the podium would be a nice result, fighting for victory would be even better.”


Projected towards tomorrow's race

May 28, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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The last working days were extremely intense: it's never easy to prepare yourself in the best possible way when you have such little time available between one Grand Prix and the next. From Barcelona to the Principality of Monaco we went from one reality to another, with a fascinating race with particular characteristics ahead. The whole Team gave it their all and during the free practice sessions it was possible to see the fruits of their labour, also thanks to this street circuit's unique characteristics, unique in its own way, helped by the new compounds brought here to Monte Carlo. Alonso as well as Massa drove respectable lap times. A result of good performance, especially Saturday morning, when Fernando concluded the practice in first position and Felipe in third. These are hopeful signs for tomorrow's race, where our drivers will start from fourth and sixth position, after a challenging qualifying, marred by the accident of Sergio Perez, causing a long interruption. After the initial scare luckily the news regarding the Mexican driver's condition were comforting. Unfortunately the red flag, 2’26” before the end of Q3, somehow damaged our plans. Nevertheless the basis for a good race tomorrow is there and we'll fight right until the end for the top spots.


A step forward. We still have to improve

May 21, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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Intense weeks in Maranello with the entire team giving it all to bring the necessary improvements to the track of Montmelò to enhance the Ferrari 150° Italia’s performance. But also the other teams did they homework, inventing novelties. The result? A small step forward, but we still have to improve to close the gap to Red Bull, the team, which even on this track in the qualifying, drove the fastest lap time.

That Fernando Alonso is a great driver is no secret. That’s why his contract has been extended a couple of days ago and the Spanish driver will stay with the Scuderia until the end of 2016. But today he showed again how strong he is, with an excellent lap time in Q3, which enabled him to start from the second row into tomorrow’s race. A third place on the grid, for the first time this season. At the end of the qualifying Fernando was without words to explain the feelings he had after an almost perfect lap.

Meanwhile Felipe had some minor problems while looking for the right set up over the last days. Therefore the driver from Sao Paulo will start from eighth position into tomorrow’s race.

Tyres and overtaking: these are the dominating issues regarding tomorrow’s race. We’re expecting extreme wear with a huge difference in performance levels regarding soft and hard compound. It will be fundamental to make the right choice when to let the cars come back to the box to change the tyres. We’ve always seen challenging races here on this track with hardly any overtaking: and with the new rules it won’t be the case that we’ll see a boring procession here tomorrow.


Good progress and lots of faith for the Grand Prix

May 8, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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The weather conditions of this weekend in Turkey have been unpredictable, with heavy rain on Friday and hot sun during the qualifying: quite some test! Several novelties have been introduced on the single-seater and the results have been more satisfactory than the fifth and the tenth positions, conquered by our drivers, would let you expect. In fact despite the problems with Alonso’s car and the mistake, which prevented Felipe to set a time in Q3, the Ferrari 150° Italia’s performance gives some hope for the race in Istanbul. The goal is to improve the results obtained so far, considering also Felipe’s good results on this track in past editions - three victories so far – and Fernando’s good performance in qualifying. Improvements have been made since the race in Sepang and we’re continuing with our progress after three weeks of hard work in Maranello. The competition is fierce and all teams have been working a lot during the break, but all the members of the Scuderia Ferrari are extremely faithful. Now let’s wait for the green lights on Sunday!


Happy Birthday, Felipe!

April 22, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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On Monday, 25 April, Felipe Massa will celebrate his 30th birthday. invites you to send him your personal wishes! Please comment this post with your messages and wishes for the Brazilian driver - happy to celebrate this important moment with the entire Ferrari family - to make his 30th birthday a little bit more special.
Furthermore we prepared some exclusive content for the Scuderia Ferrari Community premium users: a gallery with the most significant moments from Felipe’s career at Ferrari (to access the gallery please click here).


A result that reflects our actual potential

April 16, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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From the immense heat in Sepang to the slightly lower temperatures in Shanghai where, maybe caused by the smog, it’s difficult so see the sun through the grey sky, covering the biggest facility on the Formula 1 World Championship calendar. Like the weather the track’s feedback wasn’t too enthusiastic for the Scuderia Ferrari.

The Chinese GP will see Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa start from fifth and sixth position respectively. There’s nothing to hide: this is our potential at the moment, considering that the Ferrari 150° Italia, which will be raced here in China, is practically the same as on the tracks in Melbourne and Sepang. This is certainly nothing to be proud of, but it is something that makes us work even harder here in China. The Team is working non-stop to close the gap to the extremely fast Red Bulls and to the equally competitive McLarens. Let’s not forget that right here in Shanghai even Mercedes seems to be in form – with Nico Rosberg on fourth position on the grid, right in front of our cars.

While waiting for a step forward regarding performance and the start of the European season with the next race, the Turkish Grand Prix, now all eyes are focused on tomorrow’s race. n Malaysia the Ferrari 150° Italia had to demonstrate that it had the right pace for the race, able to fight for a place on the podium with both cars. Some incidents prevented us from turning this into reality, although we really got close: we’re going to retry tomorrow in a very intense GP, where there will be some fierce fights at the top and in the centre of the pack.

The entire Scuderia Ferrari is with our mechanic Paolo Santarsiero, who, on Thursday evening, had a cerebral aneurism. He has been operated at Shanghai’s Rui Jin hospital and his condition has already improved. That Santarsiero will completely recover might be the most important result of this weekend in China and not so much the outcome of tomorrow’s race.


More excitement for the Community at the Challenge in Monza

April 10, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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Second and last day for the Community at the Challenge in Monza. The eight guests, invited by, attended the debut of the 458 Challenge, the car, which raced this weekend next to the GT Sprint series and the Superstars Championship. The guests followed the race from the grandstands, went for a lap in the 458, driven by Beppe Schenetti, enjoyed a pit walk and listened to the technical comment regarding the 458 Challenge.

Here are some enthusiastic comments from today's guests:

matteoschumi: "It's always great fun participating in these events, because it's a really unique experience. I've already participated in two events with the Community and I hope that I will have another possibility in the future."

katiusca: "It was the first time for me on a track and I really liked the lap in the 458!"

deckard61 (Mario Memeo): "What can I say? A great show as usual! I'm the 'old guy' in this group. But today I was like a child. I got into a car with a driver. What more do you want? I've been a member of the community since 2000 and I continued so I could participate in the events, which are not open to everybody. These events bring you closer to something that is a legend for us. They give you the possibility to get really close and maybe even buy a Ferrari one day!"

Maurizio: "It was such a unique possibility to get into the car, see the paddock, being close to the mechanics and the cars and actually get into them, something you usually only dream about! Beppe (Schenetti, eds.) really makes you feel his passion. Something virtual turns into reality: first you're reading the blog, the website and then you experience a day like this!"

Antonio and Gabriella: "A very special thank you to Beppe Schenetti, who enabled me to make such a great experience. Also today was such an exciting day."

Luigi: "These 2 days with Ferrari were so exciting. As a guest I'm really happy. I hope that I might be able to repeat this experience if I'm picked again as a guest for these special events."

Irene: "My compliments to the director. I really liked how much passion he puts into the live broadcasts, but also to Schenetti, who is very prepared with lots of passion! Thank you, Ferrari!"


A day at the Challenge in Monza for the Scuderia Ferrari Community

April 9, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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The Monza circuit welcomed the Challenge races and some Scuderia Ferrari Community premium users this weekend. The guests were invited to attend the activities at the track and have a look behind the scenes at the box, the TV centre and the races with the participatin Ferrari clients.

In the morning, with a member of staff, the guests visited the TV compound, where they watched the qualifying, before a visit at the pitlane with Beppe Schenetti, the ex-Challenge driver, who explained the characteristics of the brand-new 458 Challenge, the car, which is on the race track for the first time here. An exciting lap on board of the 458 Italia with a professional driver completed the day for the lucky guests, who will be back here tomorrow.

Here are some comments at the end of the day:

luigibossa: "I never expected to be invited to Monza by Ferrari and when I received the invite I couldn't believe it. The day was really exciting and ended with a thrilling lap in the 458 Italia. The invite really surprised me; I'm a huge fan and I do have some memorabilia at home I bought from the Ferrari Formula 1. Another great part today was Laura's fantastic welcome."

Irene: "the real fan in our family is my husband, but I really liked it on the track and get to know the 458 driver. He was today's surplus. I was so impressed by all the work behind the races and the explanations of all the different aspects, which seem so different from the outside."

antoniogiuliano79: "a very positive day. I didn't hope to receive an invite. The lap on the track...even getting into the car is so exciting. The driver made such a good impression on me, but also the mechanics at the box and the work at the pitlane. I think I'll follow the Challenge much more now; I also really like the way it's communicated."

Gabriella: "I was really impressed by the behind-the-scenes. All the people working there you never see, but who all work so hard!"

Tomorrow today's guests and others will be back at the track for another day with the Community and the Challenge for fans and enthusiasts.


Difficult forecast for tomorrow's race

April 9, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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There was the possibility of rain, at least during the last laps in the qualifying, but it remained dry. Today's session saw nice weather and very high temperatures, also stressing the tyres. It is absolutely impossible to foresee tomorrow's outcome, as there should be some heavy downpours. Apart from the weather conditions it was a very intense day, where we put all our efforts on the track, hard work especially regarding the aerodynamics. Two weeks to put things straight for our Ferrari F150° Italia after this year's first GP, held in Australia.

Despite Alonso's fifth and Massa's seventh position today was in line with our expectations. "We know that at this point we're not able to fight for the pole position with two teams actually faster than us. Meanwhile our goal was to be right behind them on the starting grid and this is was we did", Domenicali said after Q3.

So it's difficult to forecast anything for tomorrow, but it will be important to stay right behind today's leaders, staying concentrated and immediately be aggressive. In the meantime we should let Fernando and Felipe in peace, who have to be ready for any situation on Sepang's tricky track.


Below the expectations

March 26, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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The long winter came to an end and in Melbourne Formula 1 started the engines for this season's first race, thus ending the long wait for fans and enthusiasts (and also for those working in F1) between the end of one and the start of the next Formula 1 World Championship.

It goes without saying that on the first race weekend everybody is looking to understand the real strength of the different teams on the track, considering that it's difficult to understand the situation during the tests in winter. This is especially true with important changes regarding the regulations like this year: the return of the KERS ( the kinetic energy recovery system), DRS (Drag Reduction System), the driver uses to move the rear wing's flap to reduce downforce improving speed, the new Pirelli tyres, which showed a higher wear during testing then the previous ones.

The first conclusion? The Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro was below expectations: Fernando fifth, Felipe eighth, with huge gaps regarding Sebastian Vettel's lap time, which allowed the German driver to gain the pole position, confirming the strong impression Red Bull made during the winter test sessions.

“We can't be happy at all with how things went, but there's no point in losing ones head immediately,” Stefano Domenicali said in Melbourne. And the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro team principle is right, also considering the good results in race mode the Ferrari 150° Italia showed.

The Australian GP has always been some sort of lottery as of the first lap and reliability will play an important role, just like the strategy. Well, tomorrow is the most important day of this season's first race weekend: Fernando and Felipe are in the condition to bring home points, which, in such a long and difficult Championship, is extremely important.


Scuderia Ferrari Community meets the drivers during the ‘filming day’ in Jerez

February 14, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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Jerez de la Frontera, 14 February 2011 – Second extraordinary day for the fans from the Scuderia Ferrari Community, who today had the possibility to watch the Team at the ‘filming day’, dedicated to a shooting for promotional purposes with the car and the drivers.

At the circuit the fans were welcomed by Marc Gene Marc Gene, who first joined them in the motorhome for breakfast and then accompanied them to the box with the Ferrari 150° Italia, where the Community members were able to follow the work on the car, before it went onto the track for the shooting.

Marc, as usual friendly and professional, took the fans in a vehicle from the team onto the track to show them the characteristics of the Spanish circuit.

First from the grandstand and later on from the pitwall the guests followed the different stages of the shooting from a helicopter and with an on-board camera on the track, while Fernando and later Felipe were driving the single-seater, the fans could see from close up. The pit stops during the shooting were extremely exciting, because the atmosphere was relaxed and only a few people gathered around the car. At the end of morning the fans met Felipe Massa, who signed autographs and was available for numerous photos. The amazed guests had lunch with the Team in the Scuderia’s hospitality area and got ready for another highly anticipated moment: the meeting with Fernando Alonso. The Spanish driver signed autographs, joking with the friends from the Scuderia Ferrari Community.

Here are some comments from today:

MARIO: this was incredible and it started with the breakfast with Marc Genè. He’s such a nice and easy-going guy; I didn’t think that a racing driver could be like that. The meeting with Alonso was unbelievable, I’m still without words!

IRENE: a really unique experience. Thank you so much, Ferrari for all of this! I didn’t expect to see Felipe and Fernando. What a day!

ALAIN and ISABEL: everything was really very special. From the lap on the track with Marc, where he explained the corners and the driving style for the track; we’re so happy to be here and about what we experienced.

GAYNOR and FRANCIS: this was unforgettable. We are so lucky to be here. It was important so subscribe to the Scuderia Ferrari Community, otherwise we couldn’t have made this experience. It’s my 40th birthday this year and I have to say that this is the best present I could get. Forza Ferrari, let’s hope we’ll win this year!

RONALD: I want to thank you so much for this invitation: Formula 1 is a world of its own, so difficult to enter. We had the possibility to see it from up close and behind the scenes, which is an unusual experience!

CHRIS: I’m really still under a shock. The most beautiful thing to see is that you really are a big family, helping each other with everything.

JORGE: today my dream came true. Thanks so much to the Community. I never thought that by subscribing I would end up here.

ISMAEL: a big family and everybody is so friendly, while they let us have this incredible experience.

ELIAS: Thank you, thank you for remembering the fans, who support you in every single race, on every circuit around the world.

DANI: I’ve seen tests and races before, but what we have seen here today tops it all. They were all so friendly and courteous: FORZA FERRARI!


First day with the Team for the fans from the Community in Jerez

February 13, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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Jerez de la Frontera, 13 February 2011 - 16 lucky premium users had the possibility to participate in the Scuderia Ferrari Community event on the occasion of the tests held by the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro in Jerez. An invitation for eight Scuderia Ferrari Community members and their guests made these two days, together with the Team, possible. In the morning the guests met the staff at the entrance to the Circuito Permanente de Velocidad in the Andalusian city and got to know the legendary word of the Scuderia Ferrari.

Before the lunch break the guests watched the Fernando Alonso’s outings, while today was the Spaniard’s last day of testing with the Ferrari 150° Italia in Jerez, before the Team leaves for Barcelona, for another intense pre-Championship test session. There were many other teams on the track here in Jerez today, stimulating the tests and delivering a visual comparison with the lap times for the numerous fans on the circuit’s grandstands.

The Community also met Sergio Bondi, Head of Logistics for the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro during the tests, before they watched more of the cars in action on the track. The guests had lunch in the motorhome together with the Team and later on met Filippo Petrucci, the Scuderia Ferrari test engineer.

Here are some of the comments from our guests here in Jerez at the end of an exciting day:

JORGE: I was surprised by how close we got to the Team and the friendliness of the team members. But I was also impressed by the logistics and how many complex things are managed by the Team to get all the things from one place to another: everything was really interesting!

ELISEO: all the people we met were really open. We even ate with the Team and we followed the tests and the team members in their work from close up.

MARIO: this is a dream come true. I had no idea how a motorhome was made and the experience here with the Team was really impressive.

ALAIN: after so many years I’ve been waiting in from of the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro motorhome I was finally allowed to step inside! That was great! And it was extremely interesting to hear about how things are organised, things the fans usually can’t even imagine.

FRANCIS: it was really exciting to see how the Team’s marketing works and understand the different aspects of this Team’s image: from where they live to how the areas are furnished down to the smallest detail. Really fascinating. Another aspect I found really interesting was the fact that you get the feeling of being part of a big family. Everybody here in Spain, also the sponsors, are very close to the Team and you can even see this on the track.

CHRIS and CLAUDIA: we’re looking forward to tomorrow. We’re really excited to meet Felipe and Fernando!

RONALD: I’ve been dreaming about such a day for years, since I was a child.

ISMAEL: everything is so big here. Fernando and his Team are great.

DANI: a very well organised day. Everything is really unique. From the technical explanations by the engineers to get to know the people we usually only see on TV at the races.

Tomorrow the guests will be the main protagonists of an unforgettable day: the programme includes a visit at the box with Marc Gene and the meeting with Felipe and Fernando!


The Community meets the drivers in Valencia

November 28, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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The Finali Mondiali weekend in Valencia was concluded with an exciting day for the Scuderia Ferrari Community fans, who had been invited to the event. In the late morning, after the intense race and show programme, the exclusive meeting with Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa was on the agenda. The two Scuderia drivers dedicated some of their time to sign autographs and answer some questions from the fans, who were excited by the meeting.

In the early afternoon they had the possibility to follow the GT and Formula 1 car show right from the pit wall. One and a half hours of breathtaking cars entering and leaving the pitlane, including the simulation of a Grand Prix by the Formula 1 single-seaters. Immediately afterwards, once they had out on their helmets, the friends from the Community participated in a hot laps session on board of a 458 Italia next to a professional driver for a lap on the track.

Three exciting days in Valencia our friends are never likely to forget.

Jose Luis: The lap on the track was incredible! I am so happy that I had the possibility to get on board of a car with such an incredible performance. I liked the corners more than the straights, and then the driver’s countersteering, he’s great.

Pedro: It was phenomenal seeing the drivers, they approached us, spoke to all us and were really available. Seeing them on telly and here is really completely different. Already when we entered the Scuderia’s area I felt privileged, and then when they came out for us it was almost unreal.

Joan Carlos: The show was so exciting, we were just metres away from the Formula 1 cars, from the pit stop, the F10s’ burn outs on the finishing line. Everything increases the excitement: the noise, the frenetic work by the men around the cars, the smell of the tyres, the petrol. Well, a fascinating world, which today was really close to us.

Giulia: I finally saw the drivers! I came from Italy to see them and I was really excited. Fernando and Felipe spent some time with us for taking photos, talking to us and we could give them our best wishes for the next season.

Giorgio: Today I’ve seen them all: the Chairman, Stefano Domenicali, the drivers, the test drivers, the mechanics, the whole motorsport team. Well, today I personally met my heroes.

Virman: I’ve always been a Ferrari fan and seeing the historical cars from close up, driven by modern drivers, is even more beautiful. This was a unique occasion for me. In my country, a couple of hundreds of kilometres from where I live, Ferrari has made its best impression!


Just like real mechanics

November 27, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Valencia – Another intense day for the Scuderia Ferrari Community premium users, invited to Valencia to experience the Finali Mondiali Ferrari celebration. At 9:30am the pit walk, an exceptional stroll where the cars present at the boxes were explained to the guests.

Later on in the morning the group of fans watched race 2 in the Ferrari Challenge Italia - Trofeo Pirelli, where after an exciting race the title went to Stefano Gai, racing in this category for the first season.

Around noon the guests had an extraordinary opportunity: watching the Historic Race, the competition with historical cars, held for the first time here at the Valencia circuit. The guests watched the race from the pitwall, while the cars passed only a couple of metres away from them.

In the afternoon everything was ready for race 2 in the Ferrari Challenge Europa - North America, where our friends had the possibility to go onto the track, having a close look at the 430 Challenge a couple of minutes before the start.

The race was followed by what was probably the most amusing and enjoyable part of the day: a pit stop race, where the team from the Scuderia Ferrari Community changed the tyres of an F10 in an absolutely competitive time…and they gave everything: while changing the tyres, behind the wheel as well as behind the lollipop. Everybody contributed to gain the final prize: a visit at the Works in Maranello. The result will be announced tomorrow.

Giorgio: The day took the right turn when I was at the pitwall taking pictures of the cars passing! That was great!

Joan Carles: I really liked being on the track right before the start of the race. It’s nice to see how the drivers and mechanics get ready, how the drivers are concentrated and experiencing the tension before the race.

Virman: I was really impressed by the F1 Clienti single-seaters; those are the original cars used in races many years ago. That box was pure history!

Pedro: I had so much fun with the pit stop race: it’s really exhausting changing tyres! But it really was like when the driver comes in and you have to give everything so that he can restart as soon as possible.

Giulia: I just arrived from Rome and was immediately part of the team and in the F10’s cockpit! There’s so much noise and hectic life around. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. I can’t wait to meet the drivers.


Scuderia Ferrari Community at the Finali Mondiali

November 26, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Valencia - We met the lucky premium users from our Community, who came to Valencia from different parts of Spain and also from Italy, under a clear sky with mild temperatures.

They were ready for the first of the three days of the Finali Mondiali Ferrari, the event concluding the Corse Clienti season with the different drivers in motorsport competitions and the non-competitive participants together on the track.

In the morning the guests were invited to the TV department, where the images from the qualifyings and the races are transmitted to around 40 countries all over the world, where TV specialists and technicians deliver a great show to viewers, based on technology and their capacity of reaction. Later on the guests had an exclusive meeting with Alvaro Barba, winner in the International GT Open Championship with a F430 GT2.

Today eight Community members participated in the Scuderia Ferrari Community activities entering the box of the 599XX and the historical Formula 1 single-seaters.

Giorgio (Milan): I have always been a huge Ferrari fan and to be here is fantastic. I could see the cars of my dreams. The best bit was seeing the historical Formula 1 cars on the pit lane during the clients' show. It was unbelievable!

Jose Carles (Valencia): I come to the Ricardo Tormo circuit quite often, but seeing the Formula 1 cars pass and those fantastic supercars is really exceptional. We met Alvaro Barba, who told us about his work. We're really proud to have a driver from Valencia with such a great career. The Challenge races are really impressive, a challenge right up to the last corner. Seeing them from so close up is a real privilege.

Jose Luis (Madrid): I liked a lot that we could enter the box, walk past the XX and seeing the GT cars from close up, even getting inside them. I admired every car I saw, the 458 Italia, the California, the 612 Scaglietti and the 599 GTB Fiorano.

Pedro (Valencia): This is all completely new, I'm very happy to experience the race track of my home town this way. I can't wait for the other activities tomorrow and on Sunday!


Ready for the grand finale

November 13, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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The world championship got underway back in March, in Bahrain, with Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro securing an important one-two finish. Eighteen races later, here we are in Abu Dhabi for the grand finale of a hectic season with Fernando Alonso absolutely in the fight for the Drivers’ title.

Considering the sort of form shown by the Red Bulls at this track, third place for Fernando Alonso come the end of qualifying is definitely a great result. Even more so because even if Vettel put his signature down on the pole position placing, the other Red Bull, in the hands of Mark Webber, the biggest threat to the championship aspirations of Fernando and the Scuderia, is only in fifth place. Felipe is actually sixth, having run into so much traffic on his last attempt.

There is no such thing as an easy race and for obvious reasons that really applies to tomorrow’s grand prix. That is not just because of what is at stake, but also because of the unique situations encountered in this race. Much of the race takes place in the day-for-night conditions provided by the host of floodlights, but the Abu Dhabi GP starts at dawn, so the ambient temperature does not really drop much throughout the race, therefore in the early stages of the race, the soft tyres could develop higher levels of degradation than we see at other tracks.

As Stefano Domenicali pointed out after qualifying, “ tomorrow afternoon more than ever, it will be vital to keep a cool head. We have to focus on our own work: if we can put together another perfect day, then we are in with a chance of reaching the target we have fixed for ourselves.”

Alonso is confident and so are we in the team. Every member of Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro is ready for the grand finale.


Keep focussed

November 7, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Interlagos can always be guaranteed to provide an exciting race weekend, packed full of incidents both positive and negative as this scenario is pretty much part of the furniture at the Carlos Pace circuit. Today’s qualifying was just the latest example in a long line of similar episodes. This time we had a wet track that was drying out with the final top ten shoot-out seeing all the contenders for pole position fitting slick tyres in the closing stages.

For Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, the final outcome of this penultimate qualifying session of the season did not match up to expectations, nor to the potential of the F10. Fernando Alonso ended up fifth, after a mistake at Turn 10 on his final run robbed him of what should have been a front row start. Ninth fastest time for Felipe Massa, who was struggling with a lack of grip on the slick tyres in the last moments, when he had hoped to shine in front of his home crowd. Whatever the outcome, the young Nico Hulkenberg deserves recognition for taking his first ever pole at the wheel of his Williams.

Of course there is good cause for regret, but it is also true that they don’t dish out the points until Sunday after the chequered flag has been waved. Indeed, there have been plenty of occasions this year when the outcome of qualifying has been turned on its head come the race. According to the forecast, the rain should stay away tomorrow and given the excellent race pace demonstrated by the F10 here in free practice, there is every reason to believe that a big points haul ought to be on the cards. Staying focussed and doing the best job possible will be the key factors once the lights go out at the start.


A question of grip

October 23, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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The Formula 1 Circus has set up its Big Top for the seventeenth round of the season at the all-new Korea International Circuit, in the Jeollanam-do province of South Korea. It is the tenth new track to feature on the Formula 1 calendar since 1999. The setting that tomorrow hosts the first ever Korean Grand Prix is so new, that not all the infrastructure is in place yet as can plainly be seen by the fact that work is still going on today. However, when it comes to the track, that’s a different matter, as it was given the all-clear after a final FIA inspection immediately after the Japanese Grand Prix.

The final layer of asphalt only went down a few days ago, which caused more than a few problems in terms of lack of grip, but from yesterday to today, the situation has improved as the track got rubbered in by the cars.

In fact, grip could play a key role in the opening dash away from the grid in tomorrow’s Grand Prix. Having qualified third fastest today, Fernando will actually start from the clean side of the track. However, after setting the sixth best time, Felipe will have to start from the side which will give less grip. That is something which is important at every circuit, but it is even more vital on a track that is so new it only felt the weight of cars on it for the first time yesterday. So everyone will be keeping a watch out for the first corner and the straight that comes shortly after the start, which is the longest on the calendar: the order at the end of the opening lap could have a few surprises in store. Let’s just hope those surprises are pleasant ones for Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro.

The characteristics of the tarmac, the challenge of the fast corners, the proximity of the barriers in some sections, the threat of rain: these are all ingredients that could add even more interest to the seventeenth round of the 2010 season, with five drivers still in with a real chance of taking the title.


Challenge in Vallelunga with the Community

October 11, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Vallelunga - The Ferrari Challenge Italia weekend was hosted at the race track near Rome with numerous spectators on a sunny day. On the occasion the Scuderia Ferrari Community had invited some passionate premium users for a day organised by Ferrari, where, amongst other things, the guests could visit the paddock with jewels straight from the dealerships, as well as participate in exclusive activities and follow the races from places, where usually only the staff is allowed.

In the morning they watched the races from the paddock terrace, from where most of the track near Campagnano can be seen. Later on Beppe Schenetti (Italian Challenge Champion in 1999) accompanied our guests as a special guide to visit a box, where a 430 Challenge was set up for race 2, explaining everything regarding the technical characteristics and driving pleasure of this extraordinary 8-cylinder for the track. At the end of the tour Schenetti took each one of the guests on a lap in the 458 Italia, which, as of next year, will start to be raced in the version "Challenge", in the Corse Clienti championship.

During the preparation for race 2 in the Challenge Italia the staff took the guests to the starting grid just before the race, to then follow the early stages from the pit wall just a few centimetres away from the racing cars. The circuit TV room, from where the races are transmitted, with the editor and the involved cameras along the track, hosted the fans from the Community to follow the exciting stages of race 2, where Sauto won the Coppa Shell and Malucelli the Trofeo Pirelli

Here are some statements from the premium users:

Alessandro (ipescatori): today was my birthday and I couldn't have celebrated it any better! The lap on the track with the 458 Italia was so exciting. For years I've dreamt to drive in a Ferrari and then at my "home track" here in Vallelunga. That was such a surprise. The hospitality area, the Ferrari staff, who knew what we needed and explained everything about the competitions, the environment made me feel really good. Well this was a great birthday!

Pierluca (pasini87): The Challenge really impressed me. This is where the people are really in contact with the cars. Formula 1 is really exciting. No doubt about that. But here you can talk to the experts and listen to the engine sounds from close up, experiencing it all so much better. I've got a great passion for engines in general, but the 458 Italia really impressed me: this car flies! You should actually need a special license for it! Thanks to the meeting with Schenetti I could take a close look at this world and I was really surprised by how nice and competent he is. I could really feel the car's downforce and the engine at the highest level on the lap with him.


Mixed emotions

September 25, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Maybe we run the risk of being called fussy. But we are happy to take that risk, or we wouldn’t be Scuderia Ferrari, the team that has recorded more wins than any other in Formula 1. Because today, while Fernando produced a mind blowing lap in qualifying, to secure a back to back pole after the one in Monza, unfortunately, we are less happy to have to settle for Felipe Massa being right at the back of the starting grid.

It was unfortunate that a gearbox problem left Felipe’s car stranded out on track, because looking at the potential of our car, the Brazilian would surely have made it much higher up the order in his F10. But unfortunately, Felipe was out of the game right from Q1 with not even one timed lap to his name.

There’s no such thing as an easy race and that statement definitely applies to a Grand Prix unique in taking place at night and on a street circuit, which although already tricky enough, could be rendered even more so by the threat of rain, because, as we have seen for the past two days, it takes a long time to dry because of the constant humidity.

Then you have to deal with the heat, the heat of no less than 25 corners that follow one another relentlessly, for over 5000 metres of track on every single lap, leaving no time for a driver to catch his breath. It’s more than a GP, it’s got all the ingredients for a real thriller. The key elements for the result we are looking for come the end of this Singapore Grand Prix? Making a good start, reliability, reacting quickly and taking the right decisions.


A significant result, but it’s only the start

September 11, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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As the saying goes, the right place at the right time. We could not have picked a better moment to get back on pole than here in Monza, after a drought that dates back to when Felipe Massa was on the top slot in the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2008. What better place than at Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro’s home race, in front of all our enthusiastic fans who packed out the grandstand at the track today. Tomorrow, they will be putting their full support into urging forward the Prancing Horse cars as they strive to secure a meaningful result in this the fourteenth round of the season.

In terms of timing it is absolutely the right moment for Fernando Alonso to take his first ever pole at the wheel of a Ferrari, given that it puts him in the best possibile position to try and shut down the gap to series leader Lewis Hamilton in tomorrow’s race. Even if Felipe Massa was not too happy with the strategy adopted in Q3, his third place on the grid shows that the F10 is definitely well suited to the demands of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

However, while this enthusiasm is all well and good, the words of Stefano Domenicali and President Luca di Montezemolo, who was in Monza today to support the team, make a lot of sense, when they say everyone must now focus fully on tomorrow’s race.

Because Monza represents a challenge that is unique in a sport that is full of challenges. The fastest track on the calendar puts the whole car-driver package under enormous strain what with the need to keep the accelerator nailed to the floor for a long time on every single lap, not to mention the requirement for hard braking and the constant riding up and down the kerbs. No wonder then that everyone expects the 53 laps of the 61st Italian Grand Prix to be a really tough way to spend an afternoon.


Felipe meets Scuderia Ferrari Community premium users in Budapest

September 5, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Budapest, 05 September - Last day of the Racing Days in Budapest with exciting moments for the spectators and our friends from the Scuderia Ferrari Community, who experienced this weekend's most exciting part today: they went for a walk on the pit lane before the race, watched the Challenge Italia and Europe races from the elevated hospitality terrace and met Felipe Massa. The Brazilian driver dedicated several minutes to the members of our community during a special meeting, answering their questions, taking photos with them and signing autographs, while his fans in the paddock showed great enthusiasm.
Peter: meeting Felipe was the greatest feeling this weekend; shaking his hand, knowing that he will race at Monza next Sunday, that he's the great driver we're watching in the races...unbelievable.

Reka: my dream came true! It took me several minutes after the meeting with him to understand what had happened. I've seen Felipe with all the work he had to do and we were asking him many questions. He's very sociable, he's a great guy: as a driver and as a man. More than anything else he's a man, he's so humane. It was an honour meeting him again (Reka had already asked an autograph from Felipe at this year's GP at the Hungaroring): this time we could even talk.

Zita: I asked Felipe about his preferred track and he told me that it's his home race in Interlagos. The staff gave us the drivers' caps as a present and we got them signed. The most exciting moment was when Felipe went onto the track for the Formula 1 show: we were right at the pit wall, exactly where he passed. After a couple of laps he stopped in front of the pit wall and did a burn-out, directly in front of us right next to the finishing line. I'll always remember the car's noise with the smoke and Felipe waving while spinning.

Susy: Three really incredible days. I now think that dreams can come true in the form of a surprise, like the email we received from the staff. Thank you so much. I've never seen Peter so excited at an event. I'm so happy. Felipe told me about the emotions of becoming a driver and seeing him there next to us was so exciting

Tamas: What a great day. It was just perfect. I didn't expect having the possibility doing so many things: seeing Felipe and meeting him, entering the hospitality areas with the best view of the track. I really want to thank the community and the organisers for these great days.

Sanyi: What a wonderful day. The Challenge was so exciting, the races with the fighting 430 Challenge, the shows by the F1 Clienti as well as the FXX and 599XX. The best part was Felipe on the track with a burn-out directly in front of us. I cat wait to see our photos, blogs and videos on the website!


Laps on the track and races from the pit lane at the Racing days in Budapest for the Community's premium users

September 4, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Budapest, 4 September 2010 - Another intense day for the community's premium users in Hungary. Today started with a F1 Clienti show, which they could admire from a special viewpoint on the hospitality terrace, while they went for a fast lap with a professional driver in a 458 Italia before the lunch break.

In the afternoon the programme proceeded with the races in the European and the Italian Challenge, where the lucky fans were allowed to walk down the pit lane right before the start, meeting the drivers and stepping onto the podium with then after the session. Another special moment during the day was meeting Marc Gene, the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro's official test driver, who's coaching the F1 Clienti drivers with their historical single-seaters this weekend. Marc, who's always extremely available and enthusiastic, thrilled the fans with stories from his work and his long career

(Zita): I'll never forget the fast lap in the 458 Italia, I enjoyed every single moment, it was fantastic. The driver (Alvaro Barba, FIA GT driver in the 2009 season and LMS driver in 2010) is really good and I had so much fun. I wasn't afraid, but really enthusiastic and so happy!

(Réka): For me meeting Marc was exceptional: he's such a nice person, warm-hearted and nice and although he's really busy, with one client and the next and personally trying out some Formula 1 cars from the past, he spent time with us, signed autographs and shot photos with us. I didn't think that drivers could be so open! Another highlight was the director's room: seeing all the screens with the images from all angles and the director has to put it all live on TV; that was incredible: every replay, every visual is calibrated and there's an incredible rhythm, great tension, really thrilling.

(Peter): I stepped on a real podium! A Challenge Italia driver (Eric Prinoth, winner of race 1 in the Challenge Italia Coppa Shell) even passed me his trophy for some photos! This is such a great atmosphere, everybody is so enthusiastic and loves Ferrari, and they all try to pass this passion on to those who dream at home and are having fun watching the cars on TV and at the dealers. I also went to the starting grid and was allowed to walk along the finishing line. The preparations before the rave are really hectic and there are people defining the last organisational details. This world, seen from inside, is even more passionate.

(Susy): In the beginning it was a little disturbing thinking about a fats lap, but then I loved it! I didn't want to get out of the car, the driver was so good, the whole track seemed so easy to drive. I'm so happy and now I know what it means to own a Ferrari. Peter said the one day he'd like to buy one: who knows, for now I enjoyed this incredible lap and I did something I never thought I would do.

Now everybody is waiting for tomorrow's meeting with Felipe Massa: the Brazilian driver will meet the community's for many photos and autographs for our enthusiastic fans during this weekend organised by Ferrari Corse Clienti.


Emotions on the track in Budapest

September 3, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Budapest – On the occasion of the extraordinary Challenge event, including all categories, invited some of the most faithful users of the Scuderia Ferrari Community, the community, which has been uniting Ferrari fans from all over the world since the year 2000: 3 days as very special guests at the paddock with the possibility to meet the drivers, touching and watching the most beautiful and powerful cars from the Prancing Horse.

Six participants were invited to experience this thrilling event: two from Austria and four from Hungary, for this unique moment, while there will be more surprises in the coming days and the possibility to meet Felipe Massa, who’ll be at the Hungaroring this Sunday.

Here are some impressions from our community’s premium users after the first day at the track:

(Zita and Réka) Sitting in a car with Tibor Valint (Ferrari Challenge Europe driver with the Team Warm Up, editor’s note) was absolutely fantastic: we even tried on his helmet and he sat down with us explaining how his F430 Challenge is made, how it’s driven, the secrets of his success as an expert driver. The Hungarian team welcomed us and explained how it works with the transfers, the logistics, the motorhome management and the spare parts. Our curiosities were completely satisfied. After the qualifying they explained how it went and talking with us about the day and the competitors.

(Peter, Susy) The explanation of the diffuser, the weight distribution and the air flow in the 599XX (by Tomas Kemenater, Ferrari Challenge World Champion, editor’s note) was the biggest surprise for me. I wish I’d own one myself one day. It’s a dream car. It was so exciting when I got into the car: I dreamt about something like this for so long and now…. voilà, here I am invited by Ferrari to see and touch my dream! We went to the viewpoint from where you can see the whole area and the villages around Budapest: on the other side we were right on the pitlane, with the F1 Clienti single-seaters driving for a show lap; they passed right below us, cars once driven by Mansell and other famous drivers.

(Peter, Susy) It’s great how the staff takes care if us, taking us to off limit locations, letting us meet the really important people here and the real drivers; we saw the race control centre and then we were right next to the track; in a corner where the cars change the gears and we could see them accelerating… it seems as if nothing was impossible.

(Tamas) We walked all day long, we saw so many things, we spoke to experts, who explained the cars and we could touch them and the engines and the we sat in the cars, wearing the seat belts; and everything in such a great atmosphere.

(Zita) My preferred car is the FXX: in the next days I’ll try to sit in one of them to feel this thrilling emotion.


Spa true to tradition

August 29, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Most circuits have their traditions if you like and at Spa-Francorchamps, it’s all about the weather. Because the Ardennes region which is home to the track is renowned for throwing up unpredictable weather: we saw that on Friday and it was the same old story for qualifying, with rain and sun vying for our attention.

There’s no point denying it, we are not pleased with how the grid-deciding session worked out for us. Sixth place for Felipe and tenth for Fernando are well below what the Scuderia was hoping for, nor did it live up to the potential of the F10 on this track. Unfortunately, the drops of rain that fell in the final part washed out the efforts of our drivers on their final runs. For Fernando it was particularly tough, as with only one set of new soft tyres left, he had to make his first run on used tyres which resulted in a less than competitive time compared to the other nine drivers on track for Q3.

We can therefore expect a difficult race, especially as our main rivals will start further up the grid than us, so we will have to try and make the most of every opportunity.

However, one should always look on the bright side and that would include considering that, of all the tracks on the calendar, a less than brilliant qualifying at Spa is not such a hardship. The Belgian circuit offers genuine overtaking opportunities and then there’s that “tradition” we mentioned earlier, given that its not beyond the bounds of probability that the weather will play its part in the race. Whatever the weather throws up, the key will be the ability to react as quickly as possible.


A long race in prospect

July 31, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Less than seven days, or just enough time to get the wheels back on at the Hungaroring track and listen to the general hypocrisy which followed Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro’s one-two finish at Hockenheim to lower the tone.

The Hungarian Grand Prix weekend got off to a special start for both our drivers: on Thursday, at a very emotional meeting, Felipe thanked the track marshals and the medical staff who had looked after him following his terrible accident here a year ago. Fernando on the other hand, celebrated his 29th birthday with the Scuderia, who presented him with a giant cake: two of the team engineers, Sergio and Francesco, blew the candles out alongside the driver, as it was their birthday too. It’s not by chance that it is said that for all the team members, Ferrari is one big family.

Even here at the Magyar track, the F10 demonstrated it was in good form, although the Red Bulls definitely seem to be on another planet. Their performance in qualifying can only be described as incredible, given the gap they had over the rest of the pack. It is equally clear that Ferrari is the best of the rest here in Budapest, although its habit of usually demonstrating excellent race pace might not be enough to battle with the Red Bulls. But anything can happen like the long race we can expect tomorrow, with 70 laps in prospect before seeing the chequered flag.

With Fernando third and Felipe fourth, the start will more than ever be crucial if the team is to aim for a good result, which means bringing home as many points as possible. Given that McLaren and Hamilton, who respectively head the Constructors’ and Drivers’ classifications, start behind us, we have a good hand to play, which could see us reduce still further the gap to the leaders. Because, and it needs to be said, there is still everything to play for.


The time is right to reap the rewards of all our work

July 24, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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In all walks of life, actions speak louder than words. That’s especially true in Formula 1 where only results picked up on track show the true merit of the performance that your package can deliver. And yet… and yet we at Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, have often stressed how much the F10 had really progressed in performance terms over the last few races thanks to intensive and incessant development work. Needless to say this did not always sit well with the more sceptical of Formula 1 pundits and we had no argument to counter with, given the unusual events in recent Grands Prix.

However, today’s qualifying proved that our belief was not just a load of hot air: Fernando was second fastest to secure his first front row start of the season, just two thousandths behind Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull and Felipe was third. All in all, it means we are in a situation where we can really show our true colours and fight for the win, or at least bring home a big bag of points.

There are two factors that could influence the outcome of what promises to be a tough German Grand Prix all the same: the weather and then the strategy choice, which means to say finding the right moment to switch from the super soft tyres to the hard compound. The focus within the Scuderia is on red alert, with race preparation going into the most minute detail. Because, as Stefano Domenicali pointed out today after qualifying, “the time has come to reap the rewards of all the work we have done to date.”

That is something everyone within Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro is in absolute agreement with.


Aiming for the podium

July 10, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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It has to be said that being at Silverstone and not even seeing a single drop of rain is rather strange. Believe it or not, the Circus has found nothing but sun and hot weather over the first two days of work at the track. And the forecast is for more of the same for tomorrow’s race.

After today’s qualifying, the current feeling within the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro team was summed up perfectly by Stefano Domenicali this afternoon. “For us, it is encouraging to see that, on a track that is definitely not best suited in terms of its characteristics to our car, all the work we have done over the past few weeks is now paying dividends.”

It’s true that Red Bull is still ahead of us. Getting your wheels ahead of the two Adrian Newey designed cars however, is pretty much impossible at the moment. That does not mean tomorrow we will start downhearted: we respect our opponents, but we are also aware that several times during the season, the F10 has proved to be more competitive in the race than in qualifying. A good start and reliability will be the crucial factors. All the essential ingredients to get a good result on the same track where, in 1951, Ferrari took its first ever Formula 1 win are therefore in place. It would be nice to honour in the best way possible that historic win secured by Jose Froilan Gonzalez.

Finally, we would remind all our fans that on Monday 12 July, it will be possible to interact with Fernando Alonso in a video-chat. For more information, go to the relevant web page at


A step forward, but the work goes on

June 26, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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The last two weeks have been very busy as we have got through so much work. The result of it is that, here in Valencia, our two F10s have rolled out on track packed with new components, the most obvious of which is the new exhaust system, now positioned lower than the previous version.

Given the impossibility of testing during the season and the fact that simulation and bench testing can never give a complete picture, there is always a small question mark over the actual effectiveness of new developments, especially when they involve such extreme changes in a very critical area, given the high temperatures involved in the rear end of the car. The truth can only come out after trial by track. And on this occasion, the verdict proved to be exactly as predicted by our engineers, which means to say it’s positive.

That doesn’t mean development of our car stops here. To fight it out with the frontrunners, we need to keep pushing on as hard as we can. And today’s qualifying showed that we probably lack something compared to those who were quickest in pure performance terms.

Fernando is fourth on the grid and Felipe is right behind him. Tomorrow’s race will be tough and difficult, but unlikely to be as incident packed as the Canadian GP, where the difference in performance between the two types of tyre compound supplied by Bridgestone led to tyre strategies that had never been seen so far this season. That doesn’t mean it will be a stroll in the park. On our side, we have a car that gives its best on the hard tyres, so now it’s a case of waiting to see how the 57 lap race pans out.

Felipe and Fernando’s main aim is clear: to get through the first corner without incident and to keep out of trouble. From what we saw in this afternoon’s GP2 race, which had more than its fair share of first lap accidents, getting through the first lap in one piece will play a crucial role in terms of its effect on the final result.


Between Canada and South Africa

June 13, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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It’s great to be back in North America. That is what the Formula 1 circus thinks about being back in Canada for a Grand Prix that was off the calendar last year. Also good news is the fact that Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro is back amongst the front runners with the car seeming much more comfortable at the Gilles Villeneuve circuit, what with its low downforce configuration, heavy braking and the need for good traction out of the slow corners. It’s definitely better than in Turkey two weeks ago. Fernando certainly knew he had been in a fight come the end of qualifying which he came out of with a fourth place, while Felipe, who didn’t manage to get a perfect lap, was passed by a handful of drivers in the dying moments of the session and will therefore start from the third row in seventh place.

Tomorrow’s 70 laps look like being extremely tough and strenuous, for a variety of reasons. First of all, there’s the track layout itself, which is unforgiving of the slightest mistake, as the walls here are very close to the track, which means the Safety Car could have to make an appearance. Then there’s the matter of the tyres: the softer tyre compound that Bridgestone has brought here is suffering more wear than expected over a long run, basically because of the characteristics of the resurfaced track. This meant that teams adopted different strategies when tackling Q3, given that a driver has to start the race with the same tyres used in qualifying. At the top end of the grid, the Red Bulls and Kubica in the Renault will start on the harder tyre, while our drivers and Hamilton are on the softs. Who has made the right choice?

The Canadian Grand Prix weekend coincides with the start of the football World Cup. So, work in the paddock permitting, everyone has kept an eye on what is going on in South Africa. You can imagine the mood in the Ferrari camp, given that it’s an Italian team with a Brazilian and a Spanish driver, thus representing three of the strongest footballing nations in the world.

One thing is certain however. Putting to one side the understandable divergence of soccer support, the entire team has only one thing on its mind for tomorrow: picking up a really good result.


A long and legendary story

May 29, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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1950, British Grand Prix. 2010, Turkish Grand Prix. Sixty uninterrupted years of Formula 1 in which time Scuderia Ferrari has always rallied to the call, fielding its cars on race tracks around the world. Sixty years in which the Maranello team has taken part, putting its name to important pages in the history of this sport, all signed off with an unmatched run of records: 15 drivers titles, 16 constructors, 211 wins, 203 pole positions and 221 fastest race laps.

Tomorrow, on the Asian side of the Bosphorus, Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro will reach a landmark total of 800 Grands Prix at the highest level of motor sport. There are various initiatives in place to celebrate this significant moment for our team, and also for Formula 1 itself: a special livery on the F10, quotes from drivers who have played their part in Ferrari’s history, your own memories of exciting moments experienced as Ferrari “tifosi” and the launch of a new Scuderia Ferrari section on the internet (go to

A good result in tomorrow’s race would make the event even more special. Unfortunately, our cars will not be seen at the front end of the grid, when it gets underway. Felipe Massa is eighth and Fernando Alonso only twelfth: the F10 was not quick enough in qualifying trim.

Tomorrow’s race will consist of 58 difficult and taxing laps, although at least the F10 demonstrated in free practice that it has a good pace over a long distance.

Stefano Domenicali pulled no punches: “We have to react,” and that starts tomorrow.


Fresh start in Europe

May 8, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Spain, Montmelo. Formula 1 is at home here, given that in the past, this was the place where the F1 Circus carried out most of its testing. After the first four races a long way from home, not forgetting all the additional hassle of getting back to base from China because of the volcanic ash cloud which was hovering over the Old Continent creating air traffic problems, the European season is finally underway. And as is traditional, all the teams have introduced updates developed over the past weeks.

On the F10, our most important update, although not the only one, is what is known as the blown rear wing, a system that produces a top speed advantage when the car is on the straights. The other modification, approved by the FIA, in full compliance with the current regulations, is to the engine, aimed at improving its reliability.

It’s definitely a busy weekend therefore, with a packed programme completed prior to the cars nosing out of the garage for the start of qualifying to decide the grid positions for tomorrow’s Grand Prix. In the end, it turned into a private duel between the two Red Bull drivers, as their car, which has been quickest in the early part of the season, seems to be out of reach of the rest of the field this weekend here in Montmelo. However, right behind them, it’s all very close.

Fernando Alonso drove out of his skin to take fourth spot, despite problems with grip that have troubled him this weekend. Felipe Massa faced the same difficulty with insufficient grip and took ninth place on the grid.

In the last nine Spanish Grands Prix, the win has gone to the pole man, so one could think that tomorrow’s race is a foregone conclusion. Will that be the case? One variable that none of the teams can afford to ignore is tyre wear over a long run, not to mention the remote chance that rain could make an appearance tomorrow.

As usual, we will be trying our hardest to bring home the best result possible.


Confident for tomorrow’s race

April 17, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Cold and wet. It’s been a case of reaching into the bottom of the suitcase and pulling out the fleece and the winter weight jacket on this trip. Going into the Chinese Grand Prix has not been a balmy experience for the F1 Circus, as all the signs pointed to a race weekend bereft of the slightest whiff of sunshine. In fact, the past two days of track action took place under clear skies, but the weather forecast for tomorrow suggests “cloudy” as the default setting and in fact it seems that rain is on its way.

What would we prefer? A wet track makes everything more unpredictable, but given the way our cars went in Melbourne, where rain was the order of the day, we are confident, although equally so if the Grand Prix is held on a dry track. The F10 has proved to have a good race pace and that’s why we can be optimistic given our grid positions.

Fernando put in a super lap to take third spot on the grid. He is confident of getting a good result tomorrow and we see no reason not to share this positive view. Felipe however starts from seventh, although he would certainly have been further up the order, but for a mistake at the final corner which cost him a few vital tenths. Even so, the Brazilian should also have a good race.

As for the engine situation, there are no alarm bells ringing at the moment. Fernando’s engine failure in Friday’s free practice, with a power plant that had been taken out after qualifying in Bahrain, was something we thought might happen sooner or later. As things turned out, it happened here in China, which means that towards the end of the season we will have engines with a higher mileage to use in free practice. That’s all. The engine rotation programme for the races however remains the same one established at the start of the season. Basically, there’s no point in worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet.

For now, we’re just concentrating on tomorrow’s race.


Never make predictions

April 3, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Rain was forecast and sure enough, rain it was. In fact, the late afternoon downpour here in Malaysia arrived rather like those “helpful” motorway signs that tell you everything, but tell you nothing. Because our information was that the rain, which fell heavily at the start of qualifying, was due to diminish in strength, thus allowing our drivers to go out on a much improved track. It was not to be and when we realised what was going on, it was much too late to grab a pass into Q2.

We got it wrong and were the first to get upset about it, given that the morning’s free practice session had been promising and we were ready to make our mark in qualifying. Now, we’re left with regret about what might have been, but when all is said and done, you only do your sums after Sunday’s race. The important thing now is not to lose heart and look to the race in a calm manner, when It’s quite likely that the track could yet again be drenched.

As we saw in Australia, anything can happen. The key is to focus, not to make any slip ups and let Fernando and Felipe get on with their job, even though they too share the disappointment of this mistake, which involved the whole team.

How will things go tomorrow? Best not make any predictions.


Anything can happen

March 27, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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From Bahrain to Australia. Second and third in the qualifying in the desert of Sakhir, third and fifth in the qualifying session for the Grand Prix at Melbourne’s Albert Park. Worried about the race? Stefano Domenicali, Head of the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, says that they’re satisfied with the result.

Thus Fernando will start from the same position as he did in Bahrain, from the third, aka from the clean side of the track. Felipe, who admitted having problems with bringing the tyres up to the right temperature after the track had cooled down, will start from fifth position, also on the clean side of the track. This situation could turn into a potential advantage for the drivers in red during the start of a race, which is, as usual, extremely unpredictable. Traditionally the races at Albert Park are always good for a surprise: 58 laps are long and anything can happen. And here in Australia the Safety Car is a regular: the slightest accident, which could be resolved in a second by the race stewards on any other track of the World Championship, requires the Safety Car, due to the track’s layout. But then there is also the rain to consider, which might fall during the race, which will be started at 5pm local time, to enable TV spectators in Europe to get up a little later; the low standing sun at that time of day may create problems for the drivers and obstruct their vision. Although in case the rain might come, the clouds will help to solve this problem.

This will be a difficult race, where we have to be ready to take decisions at any moment and act as fast as possible. But this is our work. The F10’s behaviour during Friday’s free practice session with the race in sight made us really optimistic. Important is to bring home some points with both cars.

Everything is in place for an exciting race. Who know if this will be enough to calm those, who thought that the Bahrain race was really boring. Maybe we shouldn’t comment in the heat of the moment – let’s wait for some race and then we’ll see.


We’re back

March 13, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Sakhir - After a long winter break finally we’re back on the track for the first race of the season, which is held this year at the Sakhir circuit in Bahrain. And let us tell you that after the first impressions we’ve given on the track, we’re back at the top of the classification, where the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro belongs. We knew that we’ve done some good work during the winter, that abandoning the F60’s development early last season would have us allowed to concentrate all our energy on the upcoming F10.

We were convinced about the competitiveness of the new car. Although we didn’t exactly see how competitive it was during the winter tests compared to our competitors. And we can see that they are extremely strong. But now we’ve got an answer: we’re back. And we’re back for you, who believe in us. But: this is only the beginning. As of now we’ll work even harder to confirm this level.

Felipe will start from the second position on the grid and those who had doubts about his competitiveness after last year’s accident can now keep quiet. Fernando is completely at home at the Scuderia as if he had been with us forever. He’ll start from the second row, after having driven the third fastest lap time in the qualifying on Saturday. Well, everything is there to come back home with a good result, considering also the good work on Friday on the F10 with a race set up with a huge fuel load. Because you know that this year we can refuel anymore during the race. So it will be even more important to understand how the car will behave to decide how much petrol we need, also regarding the different tyres supplied by Bridgestone; and let’s not forget that we’ve got really high temperatures here this weekend, not like the temperatures we had during the winter sessions in Europe.

We’re optimistic for the 49 race laps thanks to the data we’ve collected, but we’re aware that it won’t be a walk in the park. Who knows, maybe thanks to you cheering for us we can even be faster!


2009 season sunset

October 31, 2009 · Posted by Staff
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Abu Dhabi – The surrounding of the new Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi for the last race of the 2009 season is truly breathtaking, but the race will be a pursuit with many expectations. It’s the Scuderia’s last possibility to gain the third place in the Constructors’ Championship, but after today’s qualifying this doesn’t seem to be an easy task. Ferrari’s competitors seem to be one step ahead due to aerodynamic improvements introduced over the last part of the season, while the F60 hasn’t been updated for quite a while. Ferrari is completely concentrated on the 2010 car, a season which will be a return game after a very difficult year.

Ferrari’s outcome in today’s qualifying is fairly negative: neither of the two F60s with Kimi Raikkonen and Giancarlo Fisichella made it into Q3 and therefore will start from the 11th and the 20th position on the grid respectively. There are several reasons for this result. First of all the lack of grip and the tyre behaviour, which here in Abu Dhabi plays a fundamental role. Although it has to be said that there’s a positive side to all of this, underlined by Kimi himself: starting from the 11th position on the grid means to start from the clean side of the track, which is very important considering the use of the KERS to improve the position right at the start. The Finn might therefore even manage to get into the points.

Tomorrow will be the last Grand Prix for Kimi Raikkonen and Giancarlo Fisichella behind the wheel of a Ferrari. Kimi will leave the team while Giancarlo Fisichella will become the Scuderia’s third driver. There’s already lots of nostalgia for the two drivers and the fans show all their affection for Kimi and his successful three years with the Prancing Horse with three World Titles won: the Drivers’ Title in 2007 and two Constructors’ Titles in 2007 and 2008.

Meanwhile Chairman Luca Di Montezemolo, Vice-Chairman Piero Ferrari, Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa will support the team at the track in their last effort. That’s some sort of delegation from Maranello here in Abu Dhabi to encourage the team in the fight for the third place in the Constructors’ Championship.


An uncertain final

October 17, 2009 · Posted by Staff
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Interlagos - We all know that keeping the third place isn't an easy task, especially now that Ferrari is concentrating it's energy on next year's car, but today the weather didn't really help the cause, surprising Giancarlo Fisichella, who, four minutes into Q1, spun his car setting an end to his hopes for a good position on tomorrow's starting grid: the Italian will start from the 20th position. It went better for the other F60, with Kimi Raikkonen, who managed to gain the fifth position. The Finnish driver, excluding any surprises in tomorrow's race, will be the only one of the two Ferrari drivers with the possibility to be able to collect points.

Meanwhile over the last days the eyes were set on Felipe Massa's return, two months after his heavy accident during the Hungarian GP's qualifying. He was all smiles and in great form, confirmed by the positive outcome of the latest tests in Fiorano last Monday, where Felipe drove around 100 kilometres with a F2007 with GP2 tyres. The Brazilian fans on the grandstands were enthusiastic for Felipe, who was invited to wave the chequered flag tomorrow. Even the FIA, due to the enormous enthusiasm for the Ferrarista, allowed Felipe to participate in the official press conference, an event usually reserved to the GP participants.

Another event raising interest was the meeting between Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso, who yesterday met at the Scuderia Ferrari pitwall. The two drivers, who will be teammates as of 2010, shook hands and had a chat about the ongoing Championship, a demonstration of - if there even was the need - the good relationship between the two drivers for the next season.


A hard race

October 3, 2009 · Posted by Staff
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The Japanese GP hasn't even started, but it will be remembered as a very important moment for Ferrari. The announcement from last Wednesday that Fernando Alonso will arrive behind the wheel of a Red as of the next season concentrated the fans' and staffs' attention for the whole week. The Spaniard will be in the team with Felipe Massa. The fans expect a lot from Fernando, nothing less than a World Title. While Fernando himself said that he's happy to be part of the history of Ferrari, a desire he said he had for his whole career. Meanwhile the team thanked Kimi Raikkonen for the two seasons together and the Finn now has to decide what he wants to do in the future, without excluding the possibility to move to the world of rally, but without shutting the doors to Formula 1.

The return to the Suzuka circuit wasn't a walk in the park for the drivers. Today's qualifying was extremely exciting with several accidents. Three interruptions during Q2 caused by accidents of Toro Rosso with Jaime Alguersuari and the Toyota with Timo Glock, who drove into the barriers. At the end of the second session the Toro Rosso with Sebastién Buemi ran off the track. Also Q3 was interrupted due to Heikki Kovalainen loosing control of his McLaren. It seems that tomorrow's race will be extremely exciting, especially as far as the Safety Car is concerned, which could condition the GP's outcome. And then there is the weather, playing a fundamental role. After the heavy rain during Friday's difficult free practice sessions a beautiful sun could be seen over the Japanese circuit today, although rain is foreseen for tomorrow, while the race should be held in the dry. But we know that quick changes are quite possible in this area.

It's going to be a hard race for the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro. Kimi's and Giancarlo's F60 will start from the eighth position and sixteenth position on the starting grid respectively. The pole-position went to Sebastian Vettel on Red-Bull, while Jarno Trulli for Toyota will be alongside him on the front row. Ferrari's main competitors for the third place in the Constructors' Championship, Lewis Hamilton's McLaren-Mercedes, will start from the third position on the grid. Once again, the pit-stop strategy will be a key point for the race, but also KERS will play an important role, expecially on the start, where it can be useful for both Ferrari's drivers to gain positions. The goal is always to bring home the third place in Costructors' Championship, even if this season finale appears unforeseeable.


A difficult weekend

September 26, 2009 · Posted by Staff
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The night didn’t bring any luck for the Scuderia, at least as far as today’s qualifying is concerned. Giancarlo was out after Q1 and will start from the 18th position on tomorrow’s starting grid. On this city circuit the F60 is very difficult to handle and the Roman, who worked a lot on the car and with the simulator after Monza, still doesn’t feel completely at ease behind the wheel of the Ferrari single-seater. Meanwhile it went slightly better for Kimi Raikkonen, who nevertheless couldn’t make it into Q3 and will start from the 13th position in tomorrow’s race.

The pole position went to Lewis Hamilton ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg with Williams. The qualifying session was pretty exciting, when Barrichello took a corner slightly too wide and hit a wall. The race stewards brought out the red flags and the qualifying ended 26 seconds ahead of schedule.

The problems Ferrari has here on this city circuit are of a different nature. First of all the Marina Circuit in Singapore is a city circuit with many unknown factors such as a slippery and rough tarmac; although it has to be said that this year the situation is slightly better compared to 2008. Another question everybody is asking here in the paddock is that there are no improvements on the F60. Ferrari decided to concentrate on next year’s car, while the other teams are still developing the single-seaters of this season. This decision doesn’t mean that the Scuderia gave up fighting for the third place in the Constructors’ Championship, where the team is shoulder to shoulder with McLaren.

Even if the race will be no walk in the park for the car from Maranello one thing is for sure: a great show of a night race for the spectators at the track and the millions of fans in Europe in front of their TVs. A golden thread will unite these two continents and their Ferrari fans under the sign of love for the Prancing Horse.


Ferrari at heart

September 12, 2009 · Posted by Staff
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Monza - Everything is possible in racing, nothing is for sure. Especially this year, where every race is different and every race track writes its own story.

Monza has always been an unknown factor, maybe even more than other tracks. Here, a good strategy is not enough. Some slight rain is enough to change the finish completely and to mix up the field. But what is sure is: only the fastest ones can win in Monza. In a season where the teams’ positions have been changing a lot, Monza might be a return to the origins.

We’ve seen the first signals in today’s qualifying. The pole position went to Lewis Hamilton with McLaren Mercedes, a surprising second position was gained by Adrian Sutil with Force India, while six Mercedes-powered cars are amongst the first seven on the starting grid. With one exception: Kimi Raikkonen on third. After the victory in Spa the Finn from Ferrari can build another success here in Northern Italy with the help of the KERS, which the Scuderia has optimised and improved during the season and which will be, especially in these remaining races of the season, some precious help at the start.

But there is more from Ferrari, because behind the wheel of the other F60, there’s Giancarlo Fisichella, who has seen a dream come true: racing with the Reds in front of his home crowd. The start wasn’t easy, although he had a ninth position on the timesheet on Friday morning in the first free practice session. Giancarlo couldn’t pass Q2 and will therefore start from position 14 on the starting grid into tomorrow’s race, due to an error made by the Roman in the practice session in the morning, when he lost the control of the F60 and crashed into the barriers coming out of corner no. 11, damaging the car’s suspension and the left front wheel. Therefore he couldn’t use all the car’s potential; but let’s not forget that “Fisico” drove the F60 for the first time yesterday!

Immediately after the session there was a heavy downpour, which didn’t discourage the numerous fans of the Prancing Horse from all over Europe. There are countless red flags on the grandstands, which tomorrow will embrace the members of the Team. Victory or not, Ferrari’s heart will always beat in Monza. In a race with so many unknown factors and surprises, the fans’ cordiality and faithfulness is always a certainty.


Always looking ahead

August 22, 2009 · Posted by Staff
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Valencia - Formula 1’s first official “closed for holidays” wasn’t a holiday for Ferrari at all. After Felipe Massa’s dramatic accident during the qualifying for the Hungarian GP the Scuderia had to find a substitute for the Brazilian driver and after Michael Schumacher was unable to take his seat, Luca Badoer became the first choice. Badoer has been test driver of F1 cars in Maranello for many years and is now for the fist time in his life an official driver of the Prancing Horse since Friday.

Luca’s childhood dream came true, but as in most aspects of life the road to travel is long and windy. It’s not a stroll driving a Formula 1 car after 10 years of absence from the series with radical changes in terms of driving style and rules, in a sport, which continuously evolves year after year.

The confirmation for all this came in today’s qualifying. While Kimi Raikkonen gained a good sixth position on the starting grid for the European GP in Valencia, Luca Badoer wasn’t as lucky. He couldn’t get beyond Q1. Although there’s no need to worry: we knew it wouldn’t be easy. That’s why there’s a double challenge for the Scuderia coming up on the horizon: concluding the Constructors’ Championship in place three and make Luca grow as fast as possible, so he can help Kimi and the Team to reach this important goal.

During this very delicate period of this season what is even more important is the support by the fans, who in the Forum of our website left messages where they showed that they understood that it’s not so important to run, but to walk together, step by step, towards the goal.


Weather is main unknown factor

July 11, 2009 · Posted by Staff
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Nürburgring – In this part of Germany, the Eifel region with its rolling hills, nature rules. We could see that even today during the qualifying. Although the race is held mid-July it seems that the summer is still far away. And it has always been this way. Here at the legendary Nürburgring, back on the F1 calendar after three years and its reconstruction, the weather is always the main unknown factor. Even the fans can tell you a thing or two about it. They follow the weather forecast for weeks to get an idea about the weather during the race weekend. At the moment the forecast doesn’t bode well: everybody here is expecting rain and low temperatures. The qualifying was held under drizzle in Q1 and a real downpour in Q2, which came to a halt during Q3.

Said that it’s also time for a stock check, because it’s F1 season’s half-time. You, the fans, posting in the forum know it and over this longer than usual break we all somehow asked ourselves: do we need to continue developing the F60 or is it time to turn the page and start thinking about the next season? We all somehow want to leave behind the problems, the fights (especially the political ones), which were a big part of the 2009 championship.

Apart from the weather, the plans for this and the upcoming season, one thing is certain: the objective is to gain at least one victory. And if it won’t happen this weekend, it doesn’t matter. Ferrari always fights right until the end.


What the fans say

June 21, 2009 · Posted by Staff
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Silverstone – One thing is certain: this Grand Prix will make history in motorsport and not so much because in theory this was the last race held here at the legendary British circuit, but because FOTA announced a possible new racing series and now the fans are having their say.

The fans are communicating their opinions in many different ways, writing blogs, signing petitions on the internet and sending letters to our and the FOTA’s website.

What the FOTA teams want is clear, they’ve said it more than once: transparent governance, stable rules and a controlled reduction of the costs, balanced by higher earnings. The FOTA press release also opened a whole new important chapter: they want the GPs to be more open for the fans, starting with ticket prices and better access.

And the fans replied en masse: Long live the Championship with more participation, yes to a return to historic circuits, more points for the winner and a return to North America, which are only a few of the issues discussed.

At Silverstone, which could be reconfirmed in the new Championship, there were 100,000 spectators today, the most spectators so far in this year’s Championship, which could become the starting point to  get back to tracks crowded by fans and their families to celebrate a race weekend and motorsport.


An ascending race

June 6, 2009 · Posted by Staff
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Istanbul – After the Turkish GP’s qualifying the Scuderia Ferrari is extremely optimistic for tomorrow’s race. Sixth and seventh position on the starting grid for Kimi and Felipe respectively and trust in the F60‘s performance as well as in the strategy already set up for tomorrow. Furthermore the two F60s have always shown that they can be extremely competitive in the weekend’s sessions and the pace during the race has always been pretty high. Having said that, the lap times in Q2 were all extremely close (13 drivers with a gap of 7 tenths of a second).

Ferrari now seems to deliver a very good performance on any kind of track, as Marc Gene explained in the exclusive interview you can find on Marc said that that the work done by the mechanics at Maranello has been “excellent”. Maybe a slightly better set up for Felipe’s car would have been enough in Q3 for a better result on the grid, but at the Scuderia’s motorhome everybody is convinced that it will be a great race. At Istanbul it’s very important being cautious, because it’s an extremely difficult circuit and several factors have to be considered. First of all the tyres: with the hard compound the performance was not far off the soft tyres. Although the soft compound wears off extremely quick, but the track will have lots of rubber tomorrow during the race. Today Kimi went into Q3 first with the hard compound and then with the soft tyres, while Felipe only used the soft compound. Tomorrow’s choice has still to be made.

The pit stop strategy will be decisive. The teams might opt for two or three stops. And then the climate: there should be sun during the race, but the Turkish GP is held two months earlier than  last year.  Just two days ago there was heavy wind and some thunderstorms. These things can always happen without notice here in the Turkish metropolis.

The Istanbul Otodrom is a modern and fast circuit with breathtaking corners, such as the famous Turn 8, which consists of four left corners driven with at least 260 km/h and the highest G-force of the Championship. This is a unique track, Marc Gene said, because it’s also driven anti-clockwise. Ferrari won the last three editions here with Felipe Massa behind the wheel. Last year he even celebrated a hat trick: pole position, victory and fastest race lap.


Raikkonen’s blink of the eye behind the pole

May 23, 2009 · Posted by Staff
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Monte Carlo – An exhilarating qualifying for the Ferrari with Kimi Raikkonen, with a mere 25 thousandths of a second behind Jenson Button, therefore gaining the second position on the grid for tomorrow’s Grand Prix. A good qualifying also by Felipe Massa, making up ground after the problems at the start of Q1, finishing fifth on the starting grid. It’s the first time this year that the Prancing Horse manages to place the two F60s amongst the first five cars on the grid. In addition to that Kimi drove the fastest lap time of all the free practice sessions and the qualifying this weekend in Q2 with a time of 1'14"5.

The Finn is extremely motivated for tomorrow’s race, although he just missed the pole position by the blink of the eye. It would have been a striking result for the F60, remembering last weekend’s qualifying. But Kimi will be Kimi: he promised to have a fulminant start to recapture position one in the field. Same satisfaction for Felipe, although with some regret for the fast lap he missed in Q3, which might have made the weekend at Monaco even more exciting for Ferrari. For the Team everything is still completely open: the single-seaters of the Prancing Horse demonstrated, that they are competitive, running exceptionally well on the soft compound and they were the only cars on the top of the grid, which can count on the KERS at the start.

We’ll see, but the signs are very encouraging for the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, confirming the positive signs we could see already at Barcelona. It confirms the excellent work by the technicians and mechanics at Maranello, despite this year’s difficulties and no possibility to test the car between one GP and the next. Here at Monte Carlo the F60 shows up with some improvements on important details, such as the front wing. What’s positively surprising is the fact that no other car was able to improve their cars as Ferrari did from the GPs in Asia to the ones in Europe.

Tomorrow the 56th Monaco Grand Prix will be started with temperatures of around 25° C and track temperatures of 35C. The start of the race is at 2pm local time.


F60‘s performance rediscovered

May 9, 2009 · Posted by Staff
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Barcelona – This season’s first GP on a European race track, at Montmelò, and the Ferrari F60 is right there. This is good news. Although, there’s also bad news for Raikkonen, who will only start from position 16, due to his elimination in Q1. Tomorrow Felipe will start from the second row from the fourth position. His best result so far in the qualifyings in 2009. Kimi will start from the eighth row, due to a mistake in estimating the situation during Q1. “The performance is there,” Stefano Domenicali said after the qualifying, “it’s a shame we used only half of it.”

One could already see during the third free practice session in the morning that the two Ferrari single-seaters were in top form: both did a lap in 1.20'5", which is more or less the same time it took Jenson Button to conquer the pole position for tomorrow’s race. Today Felipe was ready. He drove this morning’s best lap time and he was on top of the time sheet in Q1. In Q2 and Q3 he drove the fourth fastest times, with just four tenth behind the pole position’s lap time. Kimi set the same lap times with his new super-light chassis, missing Q2 by a whisker; he might have been able to gain a much better position on the grid, but now he’s got a difficult pursuit race ahead.

Sebastian Vettel managed to place his car between the two Brawn GP single-seaters on the grid, with his Red Bull teammate Webber on position five, right behind Massa, followed by the Toyotas with Glock and Trulli, Alonso on eight, Rosberg and Kubica. The reigning World Champion Hamilton will start from position 14. The temperatures during tomorrow’s race will be around 25C with the track temperatures at around 37/39C, which shouldn’t stress the tyres too much. The start will be a crucial moment, because overtaking is extremely difficult on this circuit. The F60, with its new aero package and the KERS, is ready for the challenge. We, the Ferraristi, have to believe in it: we need your support for tomorrow’s demanding race at 2 pm CEST.


Bahrain GP - the two F60s in Q3

April 25, 2009 · Posted by Staff
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Sakhir – On the day of Felipe Massa’s birthday the two Ferrari single-seaters are back on the track during the qualifying for the Bahrain Grand Prix, with the Brazilian on eighth and Kimi Raikkonen on tenth position on the grid, due to some excessive tyre wear during the last part of the qualifying, while the Finnish driver even had to use two sets of used tyres. But over the last two days, Friday’s and Saturday’s free practice sessions and today’s qualifying, the F60s went definitely better than during the first outings of the season. Both F60s are using the KERS at Bahrain, which means they can use 80 bhp more for several seconds, which will obviously lead to better lap times. Meanwhile the best lap times in the qualifying were driven by Toyota, with Jarno Trulli on the pole position and Timo Glock right next to his teammate, ahead of Vettel’s Red Bull and Button’s Brawn GP. Hamilton will start from the fifth position, next the second Brawn, the one driven by Barrichello, ahead of Alonso, and Rosberg between the two Ferrari single-seaters.

Today is also Felipe’s 28th birthday and he will celebrate with his parents and his friends from the Scuderia; but there will be also some very special guests, such as Jean Alesi and Gianni Morbidelli and two of the most famous rock musicians of our times: Eric “Slowhand” Clapton and Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason (collector of historical cars and especially Ferraris), who are visiting the Team of the Prancing Horse in Bahrain. Amongst the other attractions of this GP, held on one of the most modern tracks in the world, there is the exceptional Bernie Ecclestone Grand Prix Heritage Collection with some of the most significant models, such as the Ferrari, driven by Jose-Froilan Gonzales to win the first GP for the Prancing Horse in July 1951. Meanwhile the Team is waiting for Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo arriving at Bahrain in the evening. Montezemolo attending the race is an exception as he usually prefers watching the races alone on TV.

As far as the weather is concerned it has to be said that it will be very different from Malaysia and China. The temperatures at Bahrain are around 40 degrees with a track temperature above 50C and the weather forecast for the race tomorrow confirms the temperatures.


Qualifying at Shanghai: a base to build on

April 18, 2009 · Posted by Staff
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Shanghai, April 18 – It is not a whole new F60 racing at Shanghai, but the new aerodynamic solutions changed the Ferrari single-seater quite a bit. Well, the results aren't too bright,  Kimi eighth and Felipe 13th, while the Brazilian made a mistake in Q2 and there was not enough time left to send him back out on the track. Otherwise he would have played for a position in the top ten during Q3, as we could already see in Q1. Patience: what's important now is to continue the F60's development according to the new indications, which came out indirectly by the FIA Court of Appeals's verdict as far as the diffusers are concerned.

As you know the Scuderia will not use the KERS at the Chinese GP. It's not definitely abandoned, but it's a decision to not making the car heavier or conditioning its set up before the system's reliability isn't assured. It broke twice durnig the first two GPs of the season in Kimi's F60. The first three spots on the grid for tomorrow's race are taken by Vettel, Alonso and Webber with Red Bull and Renault. This means that the single-seaters' perfomances don't exclusively depend on the diffusers. The Team is working hard - at Maranello and on the track - on the set up, the downforce with the front wing and the modified covers, the air vent system and the tyres' performances, important for the outcome of the race in China. The 'super soft' compound wears off quickly and the intermediates are having problems reaching the right temperature (it's cooler in Shanghai than in Malaysia and Australia).

There are some reasons for being optimistic here at Shanghai, where Ferrari has the best score amongst the teams. Next week in Bahrain and in May, at the first European GP at Barcelona, the F60 could have its debut with a new diffuser. An important part is - as Stefano Domenicali said several times during the weekend - to work on the Team's mood, the “Ferrari pride”, to get back to the top.


Sepang, race to pay back

April 4, 2009 · Posted by Staff
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We made a mistake and there’s no point for finding excuses. What happened this morning in the qualifying for tomorrow’s Malaysian GP was an erroneous evaluation of our potential and the strategy worked against Felipe. His 16th fastest lap time hurts, because the Team was and is convinced that Q1 reflects the real performance on the track. But, dear friends, to have that confirmed we have to wait until tomorrow. It won’t be easy for Kimi either, starting from row four and we have to pay lots of attention to the KERS and the F60’s overall reliability. But we’re optimistic as far as the race is concerned. It’s time to turn the page.

Well this was a difficult qualifying for the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, but tomorrow is another day. Sepang is a circuit with long straights and fast corners. If the Scuderia reacts well and understood the mistakes they made at the start of the season, then things will change a lot. Tyre-wear and reliability are two main points the technicians from Maranello have worked a lot on the F60. The slicks should be more resistant compared to the season’s first GP, while the single-seaters’ reliabilities in the first race should have been a one-off, when the Felipe and Kimi both had to retire before the end of the race. The Finnish driver won already twice at Sepang and came in first last year.

"The Team’s motivation is high. It’s not the first time they have to deal with such a situation, where they have to start from the back of the grid, but they can count on a great race rhythm. We have to use each and every possibility", Massa said. But then we also have to watch out for the rain, which could change everything and turn the GP into a lottery. The rain in Sepang is tropical, considering that the race will start at 5pm local time there’s the risk that the end of the race will be held in the rain and with night falling.



The new website on Pole Position at Melbourne

March 27, 2009 · Posted by staffFerrari
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Dear Ferraristi,

The time has come: getting up early – did you remember that the clocks will change tonight? – because the first Formula 1 GP of the 2009 season is on its way at Melbourne’s Albert Park. This year the season starts slightly later compared to the previous years. But maybe it’s better this way, also considering the discussions about the new points system introduced and then abolished by the FIA and the many innovations as far as technology and rules are concerned the single-seaters have to observe this year – the KERS, the slicks and much more. And waiting definitely raises the suspense not only for the spectators but also for the drivers.

Now we’re ready to live another season, which, thanks to the unchanged points system, will be at least as exciting as the previous two, with a fight for the title up to the last corner. On this occasion we want to introduce you to the completely new website with new content and new layout, more substantial and - inviting you to try it out yourself – much more user friendly.

You will find new multimedia content, the Ferrari.TV channel with audio and video in high-definition, the slideshows of all the Ferrari models, the brand-new Maranello Experience section, where you can experience the professional life and the production in every detail, as well as the innovative Pit Wall and the GT & Sports Car section, to enter the world of every car ever built by Ferrari.

But there’s much more! Let us invite you to discover the new site, living with us every moment the Ferrari Community offers you with its truly unique approach during the year. Welcome to all our dear friends from the Community and to all the new members, who want to share the emotions of the Prancing Horse with us in this enthralling adventure.



Ferrari presents 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE and 599XX in Geneva

March 20, 2009 · Posted by staffFerrari
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Geneva – The Prancing Horse brought two expressions of the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano to the 79th International Car Show in Geneva: the sporty HGTE, which stands for Handling GT Evoluzione, and the 599XX. While the first one is a road car the second one can be called a proper technological laboratory. The technicians in Maranello modified the 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE as far as the mechanic and the setup are concerned, to underline the Gran Turismo’s dynamic and allow faster driving into corners and a faster reaction to commands given by the driver. There are new springs and the rear bar is more rigid now, while the dampers are calibrated to underline the 12-cylinder’s sporty behaviour. The F1 gearbox is now even faster, while the throttle control has been modified for faster reaction and the wide range of the engine. The car sits lower and runs on 20’’ wheels, fitted with a special rubber compound for better grip at high performance. The 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE was presented in Geneva with a brand-new three-layered metallic red livery.
The other novelty at the Swiss Car Show was the 599XX, a car, which will not be homologated for road use. It’s technological content derives directly from the experience in Formula 1, underlining Ferrari’s capacity of technology transfer from F1 to road cars. Thus the exclusive group of clients can experience the emotions of the 599XX, a car, which laps the Fiorano race track in a time of 1’17’’.
Many technical solutions made it from Formula 1 into road cars: such as the “manettino”, first introduced in F1, which can now be found in all cars with the Prancing Horse, or the traction control F1-Trac, for better grip due to an auto adaptive logic working with the available grip. Today the 599XX is introducing new technological content, absolutely innovative for a GT car. The 12-cylinder engine has been modified as far as the combustion, the aspiration, the outlet and the rotation are concerned. Friction of the different mechanical parts has been reduced and the rotation has been improved to up to 9,000 rpm, generating 700 BHP. As far as the gearbox is concerned, a new management system is applied, reducing the time for gear changes to a mere 60 milliseconds.
Furthermore the 599XX is fitted with completely new electronics, based on a system called “High Performance Dynamic Concept”, a complex of technical solutions to optimize the mechanical and the electronic parts, reaching the maximum output also during extreme operations. The sporty handling could be improved thanks to the use of second generation magnetorheological fluid suspension control, while sporty driving benefits from the so called “virtual car engineer”, monitoring efficiency and use of the car in real time, delivering, through a special device on board, the necessary information to the driver.
The 599XX’s aerodynamic has been improved with a new completely covered underbody and the cooling system for the engine liquids on the bonnet. But the 599XX is also the first car fitted with an Actiflow™ system, contributing to higher downforce, changing the car’s aerodynamic resistance, adjusting it to the conditions on the race track. Two fans in the boot are sucking air from the cars underbody (thanks to the diffuser’s porous material), ejecting it through two grills sitting next to the tail-lights. To improve the downforce a lateral winglet has been mounted on the fins, while the synthetic jets in the rear part allow to control the flow, reducing aerodynamic resistance. Furthermore two F1 aspiration screens, so called wheel donuts, have been introduced. They partially cover the disk brakes and the rims with the double function of improving aerodynamic and cooling.
The car’s higher performance also benefits from material such as carbon fibre and aluminium, which made the 599XX even lighter. These materials have been used for the body and the engine, but also for the brake pads (carbon fibre) to make the brake calliper smaller, while maintaining its efficiency. The new carbon-ceramic brakes for racing offer an improved overall efficiency. The 19’’ slicks have been developed ad hoc, delivering a higher stability in corners and improving the Ferrari 599XX’s lateral acceleration.
The 599XX programme can be compared to the FXX programme, which has been started in 2006 and renewed in 2008/2009. The 599XX clients will have the possibility to race their cars on tracks during events organised by Ferrari (in 2010/11), where they will receive advice from the Corse Clienti department’s team. Furthermore the 599XX clients will be supported by professional drivers, who are taking part in the different GT Championships behind the wheels of cars with the Prancing Horse. These special instructors will put they knowledge at the clients’ disposal and work as proper technical consultants as far as the technical driving details, the perfect line on the track and the car’s general management are concerned. Another difference of the 599XX programme is the possibility to drive the cars on very special tracks, such as the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife and other important circuits from the history of motorsports.
Ferrari was the first car manufacturer launching a programme with cars not homologated for road use and not aiming at competition, although developed for race tracks. The Company benefitted from its passionate non-professional clients. The start of the 599XX programme, with different characteristics and goals compared to the FXX programme, is an evolution and a diversification of this successful concept. Although the 599XX is an extreme car it still conserves characteristics on board as know from the road car, which is essential for non-professional drivers during an intense use of the car on the track.


Let me begin with...

February 12, 2008 · Posted by staffFerrari
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Dear friends, I noticed with great pleasure that my last post met your approval; something I really had no doubt about, but nevertheless I am extremely proud of and it shows that our Blog is not followed by hooligans of any kind at all. I even want to pick up Francesco’s provocation. As you know I am a huge fan of kartsport and considering the sophisticated technology we could almost take it into consideration…. Kidding aside, what I want to tell you today has to do with the Blog itself, or rather with Blogs in general, or what is a spontaneous movement, which allows users to interact with the other side, which is what differentiates it from newspapers. With this in mind I thought that from now on first of all I need to learn how to use this wonderful way of communication in an appropriate way. So now I immediately want to put into practice what I’ve just said, inviting you to tell us what you think about our new special, we’re preparing for you for the start of the upcoming Formula One season. The special will be divided into different sections, with one I will take care of personally and which will deal with the most important/significant situation/s Ferrari experienced in the past in every single one of the 18 GPs of the upcoming Formula One Championship. For the GPs in Singapore and Valencia there will be a simple description of the track, while for all the other races I want to take into consideration the entire story of the specific GPs; for example as far as the French GP is concerned, when it was held at the circuit in Reims up to the current track of Magny Cours. Please let me know if there are any other editions of the races, which are worth posting, or if you have any anecdotes (even personal ones) you want us to highlight… Australian GP:Raikkonen  2007; Malaysian GP: Schumacher 1999; Bahrain GP: Schumacher 2004; Spanish GP:Villeneuve 1981/Schumacher 1996; Turkish GP:      Massa 2006; Monaco GP: Ascari 1950/Villeneuve      1981; Canadian GP: Villeneuve1979/Alesì 1995; France GP:       Baghetti 1961/Villeneuve 1979; British  GP: Gonzales1951/Collins 1958; Deutschland GP: Ickx 1972/Regazzoni 1974; Magyar GP Ungheria: Mansell 1989/Schumacher 2004; Belgian GP: Schumacher 2004; Italian GP: Fangio 1956/Berger 1988; Japanese GP: Schumacher 2000; Chinese GP: Barrichello 2004;  Brasilian GP: Schumacher 2006/Raikkonen 2007          


Motorsport or football...?

February 6, 2008 · Posted by staffFerrari
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Dear friends,   I want to benefit from the overall optimistic mood, caused by the extraordinary lap times produced by our cars during the test sessions at the Sakhir circuit, to go back for a second to the question Francesco asked a couple of days ago. Lewis Hamilton has been insulted during testing at the Jerez circuit, which is something that should not be underestimated; especially considering that also in motorsports this is nothing really new. Probably someone amongst you might still remember when stones flew in the direction of Alain Prost at the race track of Monza, when the French driver was battling against Alboreto for the title, or the nails on the roads of the Rally Monte Carlo for the cars competing against the Frenchman Auriol. One might say that it is some sort of widely spread malpractice, but not so much amongst the fans on the Iberian Peninsula, who are (as you can see at the MotoGP and on many other occasions) famous for their fairness and their spontaneous enthusiasm. Despite personal sympathies or antipathies we, as motorsport enthusiasts, have to be indignant about this episode and make it clear that these people are not part of our world. The FIA did well by intervening and considering penalties for the organizers at the Spanish track, if anything like that happens again. I think that this is the only right way to go, to not let what happens in football happen in motorsports; because we absolutely do not need anything like that... Having said that and with the start of the season coming closer, I’d like to announce to you as a premiere a true stunner: from the first GP on Ferrariworld will have a very exclusive envoy at the races: Marc Genè will comment on the race weekends and also tell us about what’s happening behind the scenes in the Paddock! Obviously this is just the beginning of a season, which indicates to be a great one….  


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