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Community at the first round of Challenge Europa in Monza

April 1, 2012 · Posted by Staff

Monza, 1 April 2012 – This weekend the Challenge Europa season and with it the events for the Community started in Monza.
The first races of the Trofeo Pirelli and Shell Cup in the first round of the Championship were held here in Northern Italy. The Community Premium Users were invited for Sunday, 1 April, the weekend’s most important day to experience the Challenge from close up with a special organisation just for them.
In the morning they visited the boxes and the teams participating in the Championship. Later on they went on a lap on board of a 458 driven by a professional driver, while in the afternoon they watched the race from the TV compound, followed by numerous meetings at the paddock. Here are the comments from the fans:

Paolo: an extremely positive experience. I didn’t expect to be here in Monza as a real protagonist. Following the competition live and from the paddock together with these cars is something completely different compared to watching it at home.
The lap on the track was the absolute highlight of the day. Everybody was so nice and available. This was something to be repeated, although it might be something that only happens once.

Samuele: this day with Ferrari was unique and unforgettable. I never thought that I’d be one of the community members to be invited to this experience! I wish that everybody who likes motorsport had such a day.
The organisation was exceptional. Compliments to the staff for their availability. Also for me the highlight was the lap on the track. I really enjoyed it. It was really interesting to follow the race at the track and see how the broadcast works.

In a couple of days the video review will be ready and we’ll see you at the next Challenge event.


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  • Wednesday, 4 Apr 2012 03:16 by Mark C.
    I would die to attend one of the Ferrari Challenge races in Europe, what a great experience it would be. I've been to many Ferrari Challenge events here in the USA, but they aren't televised here, which is a real shame, cause it would be awesome to watch every race. It seems that the Ferrari Challenge in Europe is a "different animal", with a much larger following than here in the USA, I would love if that were the case over here in the USA. Don't get me wrong though, there's PLENTY of tifosi who follow the FC USA series. Grazie mille! Forza Ferrari!



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