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The Community at the Challenge in Imola behind the scenes

April 22, 2012 · Posted by Staff
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An exciting day with unstable weather conditions in Imola for the second round in the Ferrari Challenge Europa. The three guests from the Community started the day with a visit at the paddock and the 458 Challenge at the boxes. Later on they watched the extremely exciting race from the hospitality area. At around 1pm it was time for the special surprise: a lap on the track in a 458 Italia, driven by the expert Beppe Schenetti, which delighted the lucky participants.

The guests watched a race from the TV compounds, discovering how everything works. At the end of the day we asked the participants their impressions of the event:

Lorenzo: apart from the wind everything was really nice. This should be done again. I just wanted to do one more lap to go on the main straight with top speed. The Sky TV control room and the Ferrari production were very interesting. I can’t imagine how stressful this work might be. The world of racing is wonderful and to see it from this perspective it’s even more exciting.

Thomas: the Ferrari organization was just perfect, I’m so happy that I’ve been invited to this event. I met exceptional and very professional people. The driver for the lap on the track was great. It was so exciting. I want to underline that I’ve always been a Ferrari fan, even when things didn’t go so well.

Valerio: I want to thank Ferrari for this great opportunity. The organization today was perfect. The top was the lap on the track. I think this is something you only feel once in a lifetime. Thanks so much also for the enthusiasm you showed for us and my compliments to you all. I hope that I can repeat this experience!


A risk to take

April 21, 2012 · Posted by Staff
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Five days after the Chinese Grand Prix the cars participating in the Formula 1 World Championship started their engines here at the Bahrain International Circuit. Not enough time to bring some substantial improvements with us for our F2012: traction and top speed are the things our car lacks at the moment. But they are necessary characteristics to get out on this track here in the desert.

We know about our potential. That’s why we’ve decided to have a certain approach to today’s qualifying with tomorrow’s race in mind. We tried to save as many fresh tyre-sets as possible – considering the high wear here on the long run – while trying to gain a good position on the grid.

The qualifying’s result: Fernando in ninth and Felipe in 14th position on the grid. Probably both drivers could have gained a better position for the start into the race, but we took the risk to save one set of Mediums for Alonso and one set of Softs for Massa. Let’s see what happens tomorrow and if our choice will pay off.

The tyre management will be one of the key elements in tomorrow’s race, where the heat will test drivers and material. Our goal? To come back to Maranello with both cars in the points, so we can take another step forward in terms of performance with the updates we’ve got for the Spanish GP.


Looking for points in tomorrow’s race

April 14, 2012 · Posted by Staff
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It was three weeks ago when Fernando Alonso won the race in Malaysia taking over the lead in the Driver’s Championship. An enormous satisfaction, although we might have to file it soon, because we’re aware of the enormous work waiting for us every single week to improve our F2012’s performance, which is still not where we want it to be.

We came extremely motivated to China, conscious of the difficulties of this race and the fact that the competition is fierce. We came with some new solutions for our single-seater in this GP. More will follow for the upcoming races, improving our car’s performance and the feeling for the tyres.

The weather is always extremely variable here and we managed to test in the rain and on a dry track running on all of the different compounds, while testing some new components.

We know that we still lack some pace, although the start of the Championship showed that the teams are more or less on the same level and the lap times on the sheet don’t show big gaps.

In today’s qualifying we could see a slight improvement of our Ferrari: Alonso will start from ninth position - while Massa, who unfortunately didn’t participate in Q3, with three tenths of a second behind his teammate - will start from 12th position on the grid.

Tomorrow’s goal is to gain as many points as possible, while we’re also hoping for some luck for a calm race…and it might be even rainy, because the weather forecast is still not precise. On a wet track, as we could see in Malaysia, we’d definitely have a chance to fight for a good position.


Community at the first round of Challenge Europa in Monza

April 1, 2012 · Posted by Staff
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Monza, 1 April 2012 – This weekend the Challenge Europa season and with it the events for the Community started in Monza.
The first races of the Trofeo Pirelli and Shell Cup in the first round of the Championship were held here in Northern Italy. The Community Premium Users were invited for Sunday, 1 April, the weekend’s most important day to experience the Challenge from close up with a special organisation just for them.
In the morning they visited the boxes and the teams participating in the Championship. Later on they went on a lap on board of a 458 driven by a professional driver, while in the afternoon they watched the race from the TV compound, followed by numerous meetings at the paddock. Here are the comments from the fans:

Paolo: an extremely positive experience. I didn’t expect to be here in Monza as a real protagonist. Following the competition live and from the paddock together with these cars is something completely different compared to watching it at home.
The lap on the track was the absolute highlight of the day. Everybody was so nice and available. This was something to be repeated, although it might be something that only happens once.

Samuele: this day with Ferrari was unique and unforgettable. I never thought that I’d be one of the community members to be invited to this experience! I wish that everybody who likes motorsport had such a day.
The organisation was exceptional. Compliments to the staff for their availability. Also for me the highlight was the lap on the track. I really enjoyed it. It was really interesting to follow the race at the track and see how the broadcast works.

In a couple of days the video review will be ready and we’ll see you at the next Challenge event.


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