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All eyes on tyres and the pit lane

July 30, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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The timesheet after the qualifying for the German Grand Prix had one Ferrari in fourth and one in fifth position. Seven days later today’s qualifying session – for the Hungarian Grand Prix – was an exact photocopy. Well, at least almost: this time Massa and Alonso just changed positions. Although it has to be said that the mood is slightly different: after the lap times in the free practice sessions – with the fastest driven by Fernando at the end of Q1 and Q2 – it seemed as if we could fight for the pole position. Unfortunately this was not the case.

We couldn’t express all of our potential. It’s as simple as that. But on another note: we did close that gap our competitors had opened during the first stage of the season, but on the fast lap in qualifying we’re still not there yet. We still have to work on that one.

In the race our Ferrari 150° Italia always shows more competitiveness on a Sunday compared to Saturday. But on this track here in Hungary it’s not really easy to overtake, although this year the drivers can use DRS and KERS. Tomorrow the tyre wear will play an important role and probably also decide the outcome of the race. There might be three or even four pit stops before arriving at the end of the 70 laps on the Hungaroring.

This will definitely be an intense Sunday for our men at the pit stops and for those at the pitwall: considering the difficulties in overtaking on this track, it will be fundamental to call the cars in at the right moment, allowing our drivers to get back onto the track with less traffic, therefore avoiding seeing the benefits of the new tyres going up in flames. One thing you can be sure of: tomorrow’s atmosphere in the pit lane will be very tense for every single team.


Highest possible concentration for tomorrow’s race

July 23, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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The victory at the British GP is part of the past, but the Ferrari 150° Italia’s excellent performance on the circuit in Silverstone was a reason for being proud and energised the entire team. It was a recognition of the effort put in over the last weeks and a perfect feedback from the new mechanical parts and the set up of the aerodynamics. After two weeks of hard work and perfection of the Ferrari single-seater to go ahead with the season in the best possible way, we’re now here at the Nürburgring, where we haven’t raced for the last two years. This is always a fascinating place to be and for the drivers this circuit is one of the most challenging on the calendar, demanding not only the best in terms of technical capacity, but also an extremely high level of concentration. After the Friday free practice sessions, where we were the main protagonists with Fernando’s car, who set the day’s fastest lap time, today we were slightly further behind: Alonso and Massa will start into tomorrow’s race from fourth and fifth position respectively.

Nevertheless both drivers are optimistic regarding the race, because they had some really good feedback from the car, although it has to be said that the competition is getting fiercer by the day. Which is what we could see today. In the end the usual unknown here in Germany could be the weather. It seems that also here in the Eifel mountains, just like at the last race in England, summer has already come to a halt. In the case of rain all is up in the air. Although whatever the conditions will be tomorrow, we’re ready for a fierce fight, convinced that we can stage an excellent GP, fighting right until the finishing line at the top.


Challenge and more exciting emotion in Misano for the Scuderia Ferrari Community

July 10, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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Second and last day of the Challenge weekend in Misano for the Scuderia Ferrari Community guests, who participated on a hot day with wonderful sunshine in the activities organised especially for them.

Arriving at the track the guests watched the Challenge race from the paddock terrace and later on went to the hospitality area, where they met Beppe Schenetti, who also today was available for an interesting walk on the pitlane, explaining the world of the Challenge series and its characteristics to the guests.

At the TV compound the guests followed race 2 of the day, discovering how the cameras, the crew and the satellite transmission work to transmit the pictures all over the world.

At the end of the day the guests gave some enthusiastic comments also regarding the hot laps with the 458 Italia, the organisation and the passion they found in the world of the Ferrari Challenge.

Stefano Rossi
“A very special day, really exciting. Just wonderful, especially the lap on the track and the visit at the box…actually everything around the races. A fantastic day.”

Andrea Bratti
“The Community gave me the possibility to experience something very special, everybody should have the possibility to experience. Thanks to the membership you can have access to exciting events like this here today.”


A very special Grand Prix

July 9, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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All success stories start with a first chapter: in the case of the Scuderia Ferrari this chapter was written here in Silverstone 60 years ago. It was on 14 July 1951 when José Froilan Gonzalez, behind the wheel of a 375 F1, gained the first victory for Ferrari in the Formula 1 World Championship. This was the first chapter of a long story with 215 victories and 31 World Titles in Formula 1 so far. Naturally the Scuderia’s goal is to add some more important passages to this story as soon as possible.

To reach this goal the men and women working in Maranello have been giving it their all over the last months to gain the advantage of the best back. Finally today the qualifying for tomorrow’s British Grand Prix gave a first, important feedback, paying off all the invested energy: Fernando and Felipe conquered the second row on the grid, but what is even more important: with the smallest gap to the pole sitter so far this season. All this despite the fact that the characteristics of this track here in England aren’t favouring our Ferrari 150° Italia. The novelties introduced here in Silverstone, combined with the updates at the last races gave a different response. Both our drivers confirmed that they know how to also use the hard compound. This, after the problems during the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona, lets us hope for the upcoming race.

Naturally also tomorrow’s race comes up with some unknown factors: first of all the weather, as we could already see over the last two days here in Silverstone. It was the rain, which didn’t let the teams collect enough data regarding the tyres for planning the best possible strategy. Another point is the new regulations regarding the exhausts, able to generate downforce: well, actually nobody knows what will happen in the race. Despite everything Fernando, Felipe and the entire team have the serious intention to try and end Red Bull’s domination.


‪The Community in Misano for an exceptional weekend

July 9, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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On the occasion of the third round in the Ferrari Challenge Italia the Scuderia Ferrari Community invited some Premium Users for an exceptional weekend at the Misano Adriatico circuit in the Romagna region.

The guests watched the qualifying sessions in the morning from the paddock terrace and were then lead to a guided visit in the box and of the pitlane by Beppe Schenetti, the professional Challenge driver, who explained the technical and organisational aspects of the 458 Challenge and the single-marque series respectively. In the afternoon the guests went for a sensational lap on the track in the 458 Italia, leaving the lucky passengers speechless. We asked some about their impressions of the day:‬

‪Pierfrancesco Turci‬ ‬
"This was a new experience for me. The part I didn't know, the Challenge, was very interesting. I follow the Challenge on telly but not in action. The whole ambience was breathtaking. It's a world on its own. It's wonderful: from the hospitality area to the warm welcome by the participants. What I liked most was the spectacular lap. Really unbelievable, especially in a car I've watched being set up in the for the Challenge sessions and then I could climb on board. Such a warm welcome from the staff and the drivers, who took me on the lap. We really felt at home."

‬Riccardo Buda‬
"This was definitely a unique experience. I knew the Challenge. I had seen it in Misano. I came here once for a race weekend. But it wasn't like today, when I had the possibility to see the box and listen to the things happening here. I also drove her in Misano with a safety driving course, but today's hot lap was exceptional. The point of view of a racing driver is completely different from what we experience every day. It was so intense, I couldn't almost enjoy it. I have to add that I didn't expect such a good organisation for these races. The hospitality area is well managed and I was really impressed. I've benn a member of the Community for a couple of months now and I was lucky enough to receive this exceptional present. I can't wait to see the media room and learn how they work behind the scenes on what we can see when we watch the races on TV."‬

‪Tomorrow the guests will be twice as many as today and there will be more hot laps and many exciting moments on the track.


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