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June 12, 2011 · Posted by Staff

Never trust the time sheet on Friday: programmes and fuel loads at the other teams can lead you to getting the wrong idea. Furthermore the times driven in the first 90 minutes on the track aren’t always really relevant. And although Fernando Alonso kept the enthusiasts at bay, considering the tough competition yesterday, a certain confidence could be felt inside the Scuderia. Confidence which has paid off today in this year’s best qualifying so far for Ferrari: Fernando Alonso second and Felipe Massa third.

This is an important and encouraging result, because it means that all the work done by the men and women from the Scuderia are leading in the right direction to closing the gap. Naturally the characteristics of the track in Montreal are well-suited for our car, but it’s no coincidence that the Ferrari 150° Italia has been competitive since the start here in Canada.

A first step has been taken, but the road to the finishing line of the Canadian Grand Prix is still long. Tomorrow’s race is, as it is traditionally here in Montreal, uncertain. The track is really unforgiving and the Safety Car usually has to come in for “overtime”. KERS and DRS should guarantee the right amount of overtaking manoeuvres, which haven’t been too rare here in the last editions of this race. Furthermore there’s the possibility of rain: this is something the teams had to take into consideration today before they started into the qualifying, bearing in mind, that adjusting the cars’ set ups between the qualifying and the race is only allowed for safety reasons. So who will have placed the winning bet?

Having said that: the right ingredients for an exciting Canadian Grand Prix are all there. We just have to stay concentrated, continuing with the good work done so far this weekend. Or as Felipe Massa said: “a place on the podium would be a nice result, fighting for victory would be even better.”


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  • Sunday, 12 Jun 2011 04:34 by Shathiso Ntibi
    Keep up the good work guys.. you are starting to reap the rewards of your efforts, with Fernando and Felipe on the first and second row. Keep working hard! Forza Ferrari



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