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Happy Birthday, Felipe!

April 22, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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On Monday, 25 April, Felipe Massa will celebrate his 30th birthday. invites you to send him your personal wishes! Please comment this post with your messages and wishes for the Brazilian driver - happy to celebrate this important moment with the entire Ferrari family - to make his 30th birthday a little bit more special.
Furthermore we prepared some exclusive content for the Scuderia Ferrari Community premium users: a gallery with the most significant moments from Felipe’s career at Ferrari (to access the gallery please click here).


A result that reflects our actual potential

April 16, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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From the immense heat in Sepang to the slightly lower temperatures in Shanghai where, maybe caused by the smog, it’s difficult so see the sun through the grey sky, covering the biggest facility on the Formula 1 World Championship calendar. Like the weather the track’s feedback wasn’t too enthusiastic for the Scuderia Ferrari.

The Chinese GP will see Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa start from fifth and sixth position respectively. There’s nothing to hide: this is our potential at the moment, considering that the Ferrari 150° Italia, which will be raced here in China, is practically the same as on the tracks in Melbourne and Sepang. This is certainly nothing to be proud of, but it is something that makes us work even harder here in China. The Team is working non-stop to close the gap to the extremely fast Red Bulls and to the equally competitive McLarens. Let’s not forget that right here in Shanghai even Mercedes seems to be in form – with Nico Rosberg on fourth position on the grid, right in front of our cars.

While waiting for a step forward regarding performance and the start of the European season with the next race, the Turkish Grand Prix, now all eyes are focused on tomorrow’s race. n Malaysia the Ferrari 150° Italia had to demonstrate that it had the right pace for the race, able to fight for a place on the podium with both cars. Some incidents prevented us from turning this into reality, although we really got close: we’re going to retry tomorrow in a very intense GP, where there will be some fierce fights at the top and in the centre of the pack.

The entire Scuderia Ferrari is with our mechanic Paolo Santarsiero, who, on Thursday evening, had a cerebral aneurism. He has been operated at Shanghai’s Rui Jin hospital and his condition has already improved. That Santarsiero will completely recover might be the most important result of this weekend in China and not so much the outcome of tomorrow’s race.


More excitement for the Community at the Challenge in Monza

April 10, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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Second and last day for the Community at the Challenge in Monza. The eight guests, invited by, attended the debut of the 458 Challenge, the car, which raced this weekend next to the GT Sprint series and the Superstars Championship. The guests followed the race from the grandstands, went for a lap in the 458, driven by Beppe Schenetti, enjoyed a pit walk and listened to the technical comment regarding the 458 Challenge.

Here are some enthusiastic comments from today's guests:

matteoschumi: "It's always great fun participating in these events, because it's a really unique experience. I've already participated in two events with the Community and I hope that I will have another possibility in the future."

katiusca: "It was the first time for me on a track and I really liked the lap in the 458!"

deckard61 (Mario Memeo): "What can I say? A great show as usual! I'm the 'old guy' in this group. But today I was like a child. I got into a car with a driver. What more do you want? I've been a member of the community since 2000 and I continued so I could participate in the events, which are not open to everybody. These events bring you closer to something that is a legend for us. They give you the possibility to get really close and maybe even buy a Ferrari one day!"

Maurizio: "It was such a unique possibility to get into the car, see the paddock, being close to the mechanics and the cars and actually get into them, something you usually only dream about! Beppe (Schenetti, eds.) really makes you feel his passion. Something virtual turns into reality: first you're reading the blog, the website and then you experience a day like this!"

Antonio and Gabriella: "A very special thank you to Beppe Schenetti, who enabled me to make such a great experience. Also today was such an exciting day."

Luigi: "These 2 days with Ferrari were so exciting. As a guest I'm really happy. I hope that I might be able to repeat this experience if I'm picked again as a guest for these special events."

Irene: "My compliments to the director. I really liked how much passion he puts into the live broadcasts, but also to Schenetti, who is very prepared with lots of passion! Thank you, Ferrari!"


A day at the Challenge in Monza for the Scuderia Ferrari Community

April 9, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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The Monza circuit welcomed the Challenge races and some Scuderia Ferrari Community premium users this weekend. The guests were invited to attend the activities at the track and have a look behind the scenes at the box, the TV centre and the races with the participatin Ferrari clients.

In the morning, with a member of staff, the guests visited the TV compound, where they watched the qualifying, before a visit at the pitlane with Beppe Schenetti, the ex-Challenge driver, who explained the characteristics of the brand-new 458 Challenge, the car, which is on the race track for the first time here. An exciting lap on board of the 458 Italia with a professional driver completed the day for the lucky guests, who will be back here tomorrow.

Here are some comments at the end of the day:

luigibossa: "I never expected to be invited to Monza by Ferrari and when I received the invite I couldn't believe it. The day was really exciting and ended with a thrilling lap in the 458 Italia. The invite really surprised me; I'm a huge fan and I do have some memorabilia at home I bought from the Ferrari Formula 1. Another great part today was Laura's fantastic welcome."

Irene: "the real fan in our family is my husband, but I really liked it on the track and get to know the 458 driver. He was today's surplus. I was so impressed by all the work behind the races and the explanations of all the different aspects, which seem so different from the outside."

antoniogiuliano79: "a very positive day. I didn't hope to receive an invite. The lap on the track...even getting into the car is so exciting. The driver made such a good impression on me, but also the mechanics at the box and the work at the pitlane. I think I'll follow the Challenge much more now; I also really like the way it's communicated."

Gabriella: "I was really impressed by the behind-the-scenes. All the people working there you never see, but who all work so hard!"

Tomorrow today's guests and others will be back at the track for another day with the Community and the Challenge for fans and enthusiasts.


Difficult forecast for tomorrow's race

April 9, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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There was the possibility of rain, at least during the last laps in the qualifying, but it remained dry. Today's session saw nice weather and very high temperatures, also stressing the tyres. It is absolutely impossible to foresee tomorrow's outcome, as there should be some heavy downpours. Apart from the weather conditions it was a very intense day, where we put all our efforts on the track, hard work especially regarding the aerodynamics. Two weeks to put things straight for our Ferrari F150° Italia after this year's first GP, held in Australia.

Despite Alonso's fifth and Massa's seventh position today was in line with our expectations. "We know that at this point we're not able to fight for the pole position with two teams actually faster than us. Meanwhile our goal was to be right behind them on the starting grid and this is was we did", Domenicali said after Q3.

So it's difficult to forecast anything for tomorrow, but it will be important to stay right behind today's leaders, staying concentrated and immediately be aggressive. In the meantime we should let Fernando and Felipe in peace, who have to be ready for any situation on Sepang's tricky track.


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