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Scuderia Ferrari Community meets the drivers during the ‘filming day’ in Jerez

February 14, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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Jerez de la Frontera, 14 February 2011 – Second extraordinary day for the fans from the Scuderia Ferrari Community, who today had the possibility to watch the Team at the ‘filming day’, dedicated to a shooting for promotional purposes with the car and the drivers.

At the circuit the fans were welcomed by Marc Gene Marc Gene, who first joined them in the motorhome for breakfast and then accompanied them to the box with the Ferrari 150° Italia, where the Community members were able to follow the work on the car, before it went onto the track for the shooting.

Marc, as usual friendly and professional, took the fans in a vehicle from the team onto the track to show them the characteristics of the Spanish circuit.

First from the grandstand and later on from the pitwall the guests followed the different stages of the shooting from a helicopter and with an on-board camera on the track, while Fernando and later Felipe were driving the single-seater, the fans could see from close up. The pit stops during the shooting were extremely exciting, because the atmosphere was relaxed and only a few people gathered around the car. At the end of morning the fans met Felipe Massa, who signed autographs and was available for numerous photos. The amazed guests had lunch with the Team in the Scuderia’s hospitality area and got ready for another highly anticipated moment: the meeting with Fernando Alonso. The Spanish driver signed autographs, joking with the friends from the Scuderia Ferrari Community.

Here are some comments from today:

MARIO: this was incredible and it started with the breakfast with Marc Genè. He’s such a nice and easy-going guy; I didn’t think that a racing driver could be like that. The meeting with Alonso was unbelievable, I’m still without words!

IRENE: a really unique experience. Thank you so much, Ferrari for all of this! I didn’t expect to see Felipe and Fernando. What a day!

ALAIN and ISABEL: everything was really very special. From the lap on the track with Marc, where he explained the corners and the driving style for the track; we’re so happy to be here and about what we experienced.

GAYNOR and FRANCIS: this was unforgettable. We are so lucky to be here. It was important so subscribe to the Scuderia Ferrari Community, otherwise we couldn’t have made this experience. It’s my 40th birthday this year and I have to say that this is the best present I could get. Forza Ferrari, let’s hope we’ll win this year!

RONALD: I want to thank you so much for this invitation: Formula 1 is a world of its own, so difficult to enter. We had the possibility to see it from up close and behind the scenes, which is an unusual experience!

CHRIS: I’m really still under a shock. The most beautiful thing to see is that you really are a big family, helping each other with everything.

JORGE: today my dream came true. Thanks so much to the Community. I never thought that by subscribing I would end up here.

ISMAEL: a big family and everybody is so friendly, while they let us have this incredible experience.

ELIAS: Thank you, thank you for remembering the fans, who support you in every single race, on every circuit around the world.

DANI: I’ve seen tests and races before, but what we have seen here today tops it all. They were all so friendly and courteous: FORZA FERRARI!


First day with the Team for the fans from the Community in Jerez

February 13, 2011 · Posted by Staff
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Jerez de la Frontera, 13 February 2011 - 16 lucky premium users had the possibility to participate in the Scuderia Ferrari Community event on the occasion of the tests held by the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro in Jerez. An invitation for eight Scuderia Ferrari Community members and their guests made these two days, together with the Team, possible. In the morning the guests met the staff at the entrance to the Circuito Permanente de Velocidad in the Andalusian city and got to know the legendary word of the Scuderia Ferrari.

Before the lunch break the guests watched the Fernando Alonso’s outings, while today was the Spaniard’s last day of testing with the Ferrari 150° Italia in Jerez, before the Team leaves for Barcelona, for another intense pre-Championship test session. There were many other teams on the track here in Jerez today, stimulating the tests and delivering a visual comparison with the lap times for the numerous fans on the circuit’s grandstands.

The Community also met Sergio Bondi, Head of Logistics for the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro during the tests, before they watched more of the cars in action on the track. The guests had lunch in the motorhome together with the Team and later on met Filippo Petrucci, the Scuderia Ferrari test engineer.

Here are some of the comments from our guests here in Jerez at the end of an exciting day:

JORGE: I was surprised by how close we got to the Team and the friendliness of the team members. But I was also impressed by the logistics and how many complex things are managed by the Team to get all the things from one place to another: everything was really interesting!

ELISEO: all the people we met were really open. We even ate with the Team and we followed the tests and the team members in their work from close up.

MARIO: this is a dream come true. I had no idea how a motorhome was made and the experience here with the Team was really impressive.

ALAIN: after so many years I’ve been waiting in from of the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro motorhome I was finally allowed to step inside! That was great! And it was extremely interesting to hear about how things are organised, things the fans usually can’t even imagine.

FRANCIS: it was really exciting to see how the Team’s marketing works and understand the different aspects of this Team’s image: from where they live to how the areas are furnished down to the smallest detail. Really fascinating. Another aspect I found really interesting was the fact that you get the feeling of being part of a big family. Everybody here in Spain, also the sponsors, are very close to the Team and you can even see this on the track.

CHRIS and CLAUDIA: we’re looking forward to tomorrow. We’re really excited to meet Felipe and Fernando!

RONALD: I’ve been dreaming about such a day for years, since I was a child.

ISMAEL: everything is so big here. Fernando and his Team are great.

DANI: a very well organised day. Everything is really unique. From the technical explanations by the engineers to get to know the people we usually only see on TV at the races.

Tomorrow the guests will be the main protagonists of an unforgettable day: the programme includes a visit at the box with Marc Gene and the meeting with Felipe and Fernando!


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