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Mixed emotions

September 25, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Maybe we run the risk of being called fussy. But we are happy to take that risk, or we wouldn’t be Scuderia Ferrari, the team that has recorded more wins than any other in Formula 1. Because today, while Fernando produced a mind blowing lap in qualifying, to secure a back to back pole after the one in Monza, unfortunately, we are less happy to have to settle for Felipe Massa being right at the back of the starting grid.

It was unfortunate that a gearbox problem left Felipe’s car stranded out on track, because looking at the potential of our car, the Brazilian would surely have made it much higher up the order in his F10. But unfortunately, Felipe was out of the game right from Q1 with not even one timed lap to his name.

There’s no such thing as an easy race and that statement definitely applies to a Grand Prix unique in taking place at night and on a street circuit, which although already tricky enough, could be rendered even more so by the threat of rain, because, as we have seen for the past two days, it takes a long time to dry because of the constant humidity.

Then you have to deal with the heat, the heat of no less than 25 corners that follow one another relentlessly, for over 5000 metres of track on every single lap, leaving no time for a driver to catch his breath. It’s more than a GP, it’s got all the ingredients for a real thriller. The key elements for the result we are looking for come the end of this Singapore Grand Prix? Making a good start, reliability, reacting quickly and taking the right decisions.


A significant result, but it’s only the start

September 11, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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As the saying goes, the right place at the right time. We could not have picked a better moment to get back on pole than here in Monza, after a drought that dates back to when Felipe Massa was on the top slot in the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2008. What better place than at Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro’s home race, in front of all our enthusiastic fans who packed out the grandstand at the track today. Tomorrow, they will be putting their full support into urging forward the Prancing Horse cars as they strive to secure a meaningful result in this the fourteenth round of the season.

In terms of timing it is absolutely the right moment for Fernando Alonso to take his first ever pole at the wheel of a Ferrari, given that it puts him in the best possibile position to try and shut down the gap to series leader Lewis Hamilton in tomorrow’s race. Even if Felipe Massa was not too happy with the strategy adopted in Q3, his third place on the grid shows that the F10 is definitely well suited to the demands of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

However, while this enthusiasm is all well and good, the words of Stefano Domenicali and President Luca di Montezemolo, who was in Monza today to support the team, make a lot of sense, when they say everyone must now focus fully on tomorrow’s race.

Because Monza represents a challenge that is unique in a sport that is full of challenges. The fastest track on the calendar puts the whole car-driver package under enormous strain what with the need to keep the accelerator nailed to the floor for a long time on every single lap, not to mention the requirement for hard braking and the constant riding up and down the kerbs. No wonder then that everyone expects the 53 laps of the 61st Italian Grand Prix to be a really tough way to spend an afternoon.


Felipe meets Scuderia Ferrari Community premium users in Budapest

September 5, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Budapest, 05 September - Last day of the Racing Days in Budapest with exciting moments for the spectators and our friends from the Scuderia Ferrari Community, who experienced this weekend's most exciting part today: they went for a walk on the pit lane before the race, watched the Challenge Italia and Europe races from the elevated hospitality terrace and met Felipe Massa. The Brazilian driver dedicated several minutes to the members of our community during a special meeting, answering their questions, taking photos with them and signing autographs, while his fans in the paddock showed great enthusiasm.
Peter: meeting Felipe was the greatest feeling this weekend; shaking his hand, knowing that he will race at Monza next Sunday, that he's the great driver we're watching in the races...unbelievable.

Reka: my dream came true! It took me several minutes after the meeting with him to understand what had happened. I've seen Felipe with all the work he had to do and we were asking him many questions. He's very sociable, he's a great guy: as a driver and as a man. More than anything else he's a man, he's so humane. It was an honour meeting him again (Reka had already asked an autograph from Felipe at this year's GP at the Hungaroring): this time we could even talk.

Zita: I asked Felipe about his preferred track and he told me that it's his home race in Interlagos. The staff gave us the drivers' caps as a present and we got them signed. The most exciting moment was when Felipe went onto the track for the Formula 1 show: we were right at the pit wall, exactly where he passed. After a couple of laps he stopped in front of the pit wall and did a burn-out, directly in front of us right next to the finishing line. I'll always remember the car's noise with the smoke and Felipe waving while spinning.

Susy: Three really incredible days. I now think that dreams can come true in the form of a surprise, like the email we received from the staff. Thank you so much. I've never seen Peter so excited at an event. I'm so happy. Felipe told me about the emotions of becoming a driver and seeing him there next to us was so exciting

Tamas: What a great day. It was just perfect. I didn't expect having the possibility doing so many things: seeing Felipe and meeting him, entering the hospitality areas with the best view of the track. I really want to thank the community and the organisers for these great days.

Sanyi: What a wonderful day. The Challenge was so exciting, the races with the fighting 430 Challenge, the shows by the F1 Clienti as well as the FXX and 599XX. The best part was Felipe on the track with a burn-out directly in front of us. I cat wait to see our photos, blogs and videos on the website!


Laps on the track and races from the pit lane at the Racing days in Budapest for the Community's premium users

September 4, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Budapest, 4 September 2010 - Another intense day for the community's premium users in Hungary. Today started with a F1 Clienti show, which they could admire from a special viewpoint on the hospitality terrace, while they went for a fast lap with a professional driver in a 458 Italia before the lunch break.

In the afternoon the programme proceeded with the races in the European and the Italian Challenge, where the lucky fans were allowed to walk down the pit lane right before the start, meeting the drivers and stepping onto the podium with then after the session. Another special moment during the day was meeting Marc Gene, the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro's official test driver, who's coaching the F1 Clienti drivers with their historical single-seaters this weekend. Marc, who's always extremely available and enthusiastic, thrilled the fans with stories from his work and his long career

(Zita): I'll never forget the fast lap in the 458 Italia, I enjoyed every single moment, it was fantastic. The driver (Alvaro Barba, FIA GT driver in the 2009 season and LMS driver in 2010) is really good and I had so much fun. I wasn't afraid, but really enthusiastic and so happy!

(Réka): For me meeting Marc was exceptional: he's such a nice person, warm-hearted and nice and although he's really busy, with one client and the next and personally trying out some Formula 1 cars from the past, he spent time with us, signed autographs and shot photos with us. I didn't think that drivers could be so open! Another highlight was the director's room: seeing all the screens with the images from all angles and the director has to put it all live on TV; that was incredible: every replay, every visual is calibrated and there's an incredible rhythm, great tension, really thrilling.

(Peter): I stepped on a real podium! A Challenge Italia driver (Eric Prinoth, winner of race 1 in the Challenge Italia Coppa Shell) even passed me his trophy for some photos! This is such a great atmosphere, everybody is so enthusiastic and loves Ferrari, and they all try to pass this passion on to those who dream at home and are having fun watching the cars on TV and at the dealers. I also went to the starting grid and was allowed to walk along the finishing line. The preparations before the rave are really hectic and there are people defining the last organisational details. This world, seen from inside, is even more passionate.

(Susy): In the beginning it was a little disturbing thinking about a fats lap, but then I loved it! I didn't want to get out of the car, the driver was so good, the whole track seemed so easy to drive. I'm so happy and now I know what it means to own a Ferrari. Peter said the one day he'd like to buy one: who knows, for now I enjoyed this incredible lap and I did something I never thought I would do.

Now everybody is waiting for tomorrow's meeting with Felipe Massa: the Brazilian driver will meet the community's for many photos and autographs for our enthusiastic fans during this weekend organised by Ferrari Corse Clienti.


Emotions on the track in Budapest

September 3, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Budapest – On the occasion of the extraordinary Challenge event, including all categories, invited some of the most faithful users of the Scuderia Ferrari Community, the community, which has been uniting Ferrari fans from all over the world since the year 2000: 3 days as very special guests at the paddock with the possibility to meet the drivers, touching and watching the most beautiful and powerful cars from the Prancing Horse.

Six participants were invited to experience this thrilling event: two from Austria and four from Hungary, for this unique moment, while there will be more surprises in the coming days and the possibility to meet Felipe Massa, who’ll be at the Hungaroring this Sunday.

Here are some impressions from our community’s premium users after the first day at the track:

(Zita and Réka) Sitting in a car with Tibor Valint (Ferrari Challenge Europe driver with the Team Warm Up, editor’s note) was absolutely fantastic: we even tried on his helmet and he sat down with us explaining how his F430 Challenge is made, how it’s driven, the secrets of his success as an expert driver. The Hungarian team welcomed us and explained how it works with the transfers, the logistics, the motorhome management and the spare parts. Our curiosities were completely satisfied. After the qualifying they explained how it went and talking with us about the day and the competitors.

(Peter, Susy) The explanation of the diffuser, the weight distribution and the air flow in the 599XX (by Tomas Kemenater, Ferrari Challenge World Champion, editor’s note) was the biggest surprise for me. I wish I’d own one myself one day. It’s a dream car. It was so exciting when I got into the car: I dreamt about something like this for so long and now…. voilà, here I am invited by Ferrari to see and touch my dream! We went to the viewpoint from where you can see the whole area and the villages around Budapest: on the other side we were right on the pitlane, with the F1 Clienti single-seaters driving for a show lap; they passed right below us, cars once driven by Mansell and other famous drivers.

(Peter, Susy) It’s great how the staff takes care if us, taking us to off limit locations, letting us meet the really important people here and the real drivers; we saw the race control centre and then we were right next to the track; in a corner where the cars change the gears and we could see them accelerating… it seems as if nothing was impossible.

(Tamas) We walked all day long, we saw so many things, we spoke to experts, who explained the cars and we could touch them and the engines and the we sat in the cars, wearing the seat belts; and everything in such a great atmosphere.

(Zita) My preferred car is the FXX: in the next days I’ll try to sit in one of them to feel this thrilling emotion.


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