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Never make predictions

April 3, 2010 · Posted by Staff

Rain was forecast and sure enough, rain it was. In fact, the late afternoon downpour here in Malaysia arrived rather like those “helpful” motorway signs that tell you everything, but tell you nothing. Because our information was that the rain, which fell heavily at the start of qualifying, was due to diminish in strength, thus allowing our drivers to go out on a much improved track. It was not to be and when we realised what was going on, it was much too late to grab a pass into Q2.

We got it wrong and were the first to get upset about it, given that the morning’s free practice session had been promising and we were ready to make our mark in qualifying. Now, we’re left with regret about what might have been, but when all is said and done, you only do your sums after Sunday’s race. The important thing now is not to lose heart and look to the race in a calm manner, when It’s quite likely that the track could yet again be drenched.

As we saw in Australia, anything can happen. The key is to focus, not to make any slip ups and let Fernando and Felipe get on with their job, even though they too share the disappointment of this mistake, which involved the whole team.

How will things go tomorrow? Best not make any predictions.


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  • Monday, 5 Apr 2010 10:51 by Luiz Carlos Reis
    Hello Ferrari! You are the best team. Important for us, Felipe in first and he has competence enought to bring the championship. But you need offer the conditions for the guys show theirs talent. In China, we'll want to see Massa win the race and the red car will need to be unbeatable. We believe in yours! Go ahead!
  • Tuesday, 6 Apr 2010 03:55 by Mark Andrew Stephens
    Dear Team: racing and winning requires taking calculated risks. You took a risk and this time it didn't pay off the way everyone wanted it to. But in the case it did pay off, we would all be calling you geniuses!!!! There is no reward without risk and therefore we expect you to take risks and we support you regardless of the result. Taking risks results in learning, which means victory in the long run! Ciao -Mark
  • Wednesday, 7 Apr 2010 08:51 by Sasa
    While Masa was pretty conservative in first 3 races (not to say slow), Alonso drove like a champion, considering problems he had in third race and starting from back of the grid after incident in second race. It's a pitty that when he come behind of Massa don't want to risk to overtake him, although is much quicker! I think he could challenge Kubica in second race and go to the 2nd place if he overtook Masa. I think Ferrari is capable of closing gap to RB, and we can count on Alonso to be back on the top in China!!!



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