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Anything can happen

March 27, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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From Bahrain to Australia. Second and third in the qualifying in the desert of Sakhir, third and fifth in the qualifying session for the Grand Prix at Melbourne’s Albert Park. Worried about the race? Stefano Domenicali, Head of the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, says that they’re satisfied with the result.

Thus Fernando will start from the same position as he did in Bahrain, from the third, aka from the clean side of the track. Felipe, who admitted having problems with bringing the tyres up to the right temperature after the track had cooled down, will start from fifth position, also on the clean side of the track. This situation could turn into a potential advantage for the drivers in red during the start of a race, which is, as usual, extremely unpredictable. Traditionally the races at Albert Park are always good for a surprise: 58 laps are long and anything can happen. And here in Australia the Safety Car is a regular: the slightest accident, which could be resolved in a second by the race stewards on any other track of the World Championship, requires the Safety Car, due to the track’s layout. But then there is also the rain to consider, which might fall during the race, which will be started at 5pm local time, to enable TV spectators in Europe to get up a little later; the low standing sun at that time of day may create problems for the drivers and obstruct their vision. Although in case the rain might come, the clouds will help to solve this problem.

This will be a difficult race, where we have to be ready to take decisions at any moment and act as fast as possible. But this is our work. The F10’s behaviour during Friday’s free practice session with the race in sight made us really optimistic. Important is to bring home some points with both cars.

Everything is in place for an exciting race. Who know if this will be enough to calm those, who thought that the Bahrain race was really boring. Maybe we shouldn’t comment in the heat of the moment – let’s wait for some race and then we’ll see.


We’re back

March 13, 2010 · Posted by Staff
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Sakhir - After a long winter break finally we’re back on the track for the first race of the season, which is held this year at the Sakhir circuit in Bahrain. And let us tell you that after the first impressions we’ve given on the track, we’re back at the top of the classification, where the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro belongs. We knew that we’ve done some good work during the winter, that abandoning the F60’s development early last season would have us allowed to concentrate all our energy on the upcoming F10.

We were convinced about the competitiveness of the new car. Although we didn’t exactly see how competitive it was during the winter tests compared to our competitors. And we can see that they are extremely strong. But now we’ve got an answer: we’re back. And we’re back for you, who believe in us. But: this is only the beginning. As of now we’ll work even harder to confirm this level.

Felipe will start from the second position on the grid and those who had doubts about his competitiveness after last year’s accident can now keep quiet. Fernando is completely at home at the Scuderia as if he had been with us forever. He’ll start from the second row, after having driven the third fastest lap time in the qualifying on Saturday. Well, everything is there to come back home with a good result, considering also the good work on Friday on the F10 with a race set up with a huge fuel load. Because you know that this year we can refuel anymore during the race. So it will be even more important to understand how the car will behave to decide how much petrol we need, also regarding the different tyres supplied by Bridgestone; and let’s not forget that we’ve got really high temperatures here this weekend, not like the temperatures we had during the winter sessions in Europe.

We’re optimistic for the 49 race laps thanks to the data we’ve collected, but we’re aware that it won’t be a walk in the park. Who knows, maybe thanks to you cheering for us we can even be faster!


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