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Always looking ahead

August 22, 2009 · Posted by Staff
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Valencia - Formula 1’s first official “closed for holidays” wasn’t a holiday for Ferrari at all. After Felipe Massa’s dramatic accident during the qualifying for the Hungarian GP the Scuderia had to find a substitute for the Brazilian driver and after Michael Schumacher was unable to take his seat, Luca Badoer became the first choice. Badoer has been test driver of F1 cars in Maranello for many years and is now for the fist time in his life an official driver of the Prancing Horse since Friday.

Luca’s childhood dream came true, but as in most aspects of life the road to travel is long and windy. It’s not a stroll driving a Formula 1 car after 10 years of absence from the series with radical changes in terms of driving style and rules, in a sport, which continuously evolves year after year.

The confirmation for all this came in today’s qualifying. While Kimi Raikkonen gained a good sixth position on the starting grid for the European GP in Valencia, Luca Badoer wasn’t as lucky. He couldn’t get beyond Q1. Although there’s no need to worry: we knew it wouldn’t be easy. That’s why there’s a double challenge for the Scuderia coming up on the horizon: concluding the Constructors’ Championship in place three and make Luca grow as fast as possible, so he can help Kimi and the Team to reach this important goal.

During this very delicate period of this season what is even more important is the support by the fans, who in the Forum of our website left messages where they showed that they understood that it’s not so important to run, but to walk together, step by step, towards the goal.


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