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October 10, 2007 · Posted by staffFerrari

Dear friends, Now it starts to be really wonderful! Unbelievable! In less than two weeks we will be in Brazil with three drivers fighting for the title; something nobody would have put his money on just a couple of months ago. In fact it hasn’t been like this for 20 years now: in the year 1986 when there were three contenders in the drivers’ championship in the order Prost, Mansell and Piquet. Maybe the younger ones amongst you don’t remember how it all ended back then. I myself do remember very well what happened, as I have always been a huge fan of Mansell. The favoured Englishman didn’t have any luck on the day of the crucial race, which was to happen another two times in his career, when he was just a step away from the title. In the end it was the two drivers from Williams who benefited, but the one who gained the title was Alain Prost (who turned up at the last race of the season exactly seven points behind the leader…). Prost had chased his two competitors for the whole season. That history often takes some mysterious twists and turns has been almost scientifically proved… and the idea that what we have in front of us today could be one of these turns we can’t yet exclude. The drivers from the Scuderia seem to be ready to rely completely and utterly on their own force. There are many different variables in Formula One and most of the time they are also inscrutable, at least for us ordinary mortals. In the sense that the performance of the top single-seaters varied quite a lot in the course of the season, as did the strategies and the race management in a really substantial way from one track to the other. We have always been very competitive in Brazil, although this year, as sporting director Stefano Domenicali emphasised, there won’t be the possibility for Ferrari to choose the tyres most adequate for the race track, but the team has to consider itself satisfied with the two compounds (soft and extra-soft) that Bridgestone will bring to Brazil. At this point the hope comes up that this will not tip the balance in the fight for the title to be fought, as I hope, on the track by tenths of a second, just as it was the case in China. As you could see my omen for another race on a wet track worked out and it was not only profound but also favourable for another great race. So instead of starting night-races they should actually wet all the circuits artificially during the races. What do you think? Without spending a lot of money on expensive technical revolutions, we just need a nice watering system and we’ll give it a go… this would add, not only some fun but also the “human factor” would play a bigger part again. Kidding aside, as our friend Ianiva said, performances such as the one by the young German Vettel, or, as I might add, by the Italian Liuzzi, would not have been possible with their single-seaters under normal racing conditions. What do you think? Long live the rain!


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