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Welcome back, Kimi

July 2, 2007 · Posted by staffFerrari

An indispensable victory, for the whole team - which has worked so hard over the last few weeks - for the drivers’ moral - especially for Kimi Raikkonen’s - and also for you, the tifosi, who longed for a victory over the last weeks. But please let me say – without polemicising at all - that it needed a victory like that also for all those, who archived this season a bit too early, who thought this season had already ended, a season to forget, just like Kimi Raikkonen, “burned out” before the half-time of the season…. Apropos, something else comes to my mind in this context, which is almost as fitting: the stories about Valentino Rossi, who is considered to be past his peak, distracted by personal events, almost at the verge of retirement. What is it that these people never hush? Because there is this tendency – alas typical of a certain kind of our media - delivering a verdict as soon as there are the tiniest problems. Do you remember the last year with Michael Schumacher? After the first half of the season, it was the same story: the championship already completed and the title presented to Alonso; but then there was Michael’s incredible comeback and he was praised to the skies. Well, this year’s championship is definitely going uphill, with McLaren under pressure, BMW and Renault growing from race to race; but I can assure you that the capacity of our guys and Kimi’s and Felipe’s desire to win will guarantee that the game is not over yet – and we will see the affirmation already at the upcoming weekend!


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  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:29 by
    Grande Kimi....prestazione eccellente, questa vottoria importantissima in casa della mc-laren serviva per dare forza e voglia di far bene al grande team ferrari!!!!



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