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April 19, 2007 · Posted by staffFerrari

Dear friends,   Today I want to take as a starting point a very interesting email that one of you has been forwarding to me personally, asking me the following question: why did it seem to me that between Kimi and Felipe there was some sort of icy mood on the podium? Is that just my impression or is there some real and serious internal rivalry in the team coming up? This is more or less the recap of the thoughts of our dear friend, whom I want reassure that inside the team there is the biggest possible harmony I’ve personally seen, although from the outside, over the last three years. The satisfaction over the victory last Sunday and leading – although it has to be shared with the two McLaren drivers – the Driver’s Championship might have had a positive effect on everybody, and especially on a group of people such as ours, always looking for absolute perfection and the highest rank in the game. Having said that let me note again how rigid the Formula One protocol is, also as far as the ceremonies are concerned. So the drivers sometimes are kind of stimulated to be especially cool, what is, thanks to a major flexibility, hard to find at the Moto GP. But I can reassure you that you can stay completely calm, the members of the Scuderia, above all the drivers, are in fantastic shape and want to get back on the track to show again what a big player the F2007 is…as someone might say….


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  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:28 by
    I really hope that this is the case as I'm sure that Flippe needs alot more care than Kimi - coming from the land of the cold fish that is McLaren. (Though they have some great elevators in their factory!! HAHAHA)



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