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What a nice idea...

April 2, 2007 · Posted by staffFerrari

I’m taking about the one the organizers of the America's Cup had, the sailing competition seen as the Formula One of the sea. The Cup is entering its final stages with the Louis Vuitton Cup, the race exclusively for challengers; the winner will be the official competitor of Alinghi, the association holding the America’s Cup. The idea is to dedicate a whole day, the so called “Unveiling Day” to open the gates for all the different teams, so the members of the participating parties can have a look, drop by and observe the sailing boats, but also greet their competitors and chat to the media to unveil their impressions right on the spot. Many amongst you who follow the Cup might think now: well, brilliant idea. So everybody just shows the things they want to show, which is not necessarily what will be used during the races … Fair enough. But I think that something like that should happen in every competition, also the most protected ones, lie the America’s Cup. And let me also be a bit provocative: why not do something similar also in Formula One. Already via stolen photos, complaints and many more, everybody is already able to see what they have to or want to see … So why not leave some room for a minimum of real spirit, well not the one from de Coubertin, but at least the sporting spirit… What do you think?


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