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March 27, 2007 · Posted by staffFerrari

During these three weeks, while the Formula One takes a break, apart from a breathtaking Valentino back on the highest step on the podium (a reference to motorcycle racing had to be made…), we could also follow the first rounds of some very interesting Championships, such as the Ferrari Challenge and especially the FIA GT Championships, where in the GT2 category the AF Corse Team’s F430 was victorious. This is just a way to remember that in the end there are also other races apart from Formula One and that there is always a Prancing Horse around, able to win – although in this case it is a car with covered wheels. I tell you all these things because last weekend, maybe also caused by the bad weather, the grandstands in Monza where practically half-deserted. I think that the absence of the spectators was something really unjustified; especially when you consider the drivers of the starting field for example in the Trofeo Pirelli Italia, but also in the other races. What bewilders me more and more is the fact that there are millions of people following the races on TV or on the grandstands at the race tracks, at any time of the day in any country on earth, to watch races, which in the end are decided in the pitlane. Personally what I like about races are overtaking manoeuvres on two, four, three wheels, covered or uncovered… just as in football I like the goals and dislike the chats. But as it seems, judging by the numbers, I’m left with just a few others, who think in the same way…. What do you say?  


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