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February 20, 2007 · Posted by staffFerrari

I especially want to thank you for your appreciation in the area of the “Ferrari 60 Grand Prix” our competition, which has been created to test your knowledge of the “Red” and above all to give you the opportunity to be a protagonist in the final weekend of the “Ferrari 60 Relay” in Maranello on 23rd and 24th June. Amongst other things I also have to confess that you really surprised me; not just with your knowledge of the Prancing Horse - because I was sure that you really know a lot about it - but how super prepared and how fast you are. Obviously the road is still long, but some “bumps” I’ve seen were really impressive: sincere congratulations. Regarding that, I just have a little suggestion: as some not very nice episodes already happened in the past, I want to suggest that you absolutely stick to the rules of the competition, otherwise you might be penalized with an automatic exclusion. It is unnecessary for me to spell it out for most of you, but it is better to be precise from the beginning. And as far as precision is concerned I have recently seen - especially in the forum – that some members of the community left some “not very nice” (euphemistically speaking) comments on others. As long as we can see that these comments (in the boundaries of general politeness) are directed to the editors and their work, we try (as we have been always) to listen to you and try to use your comments wisely to be able to offer you a product which becomes better and better; but when these comments become offensive and turn against other members of the community it is our duty and responsibility to take action. Even if this might be unappreciated and even unpopular, it is still in the interests of all of you. As you well know You&Ferrari is a community with restricted access, where you pay a membership fee and where you have to accept certain rules, which we always rigorously defend and will defend in the future without respect for any kind of distinction such as background, ethnicity, gender, religion etc….. Whoever does not abide by these rules, has the “freedom” to migrate to other shores, which will be obligatory in the case of this kind of behaviour in the future.


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  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:29 by
    Ciao Gianpaolo. I`m not sure if this is the right place (apologies, if it`s not) but I`d like to ask a question to clarify something on the 60Relay competition. Am I right in thinking that it starts afresh each month? That is to say, as each new month`s competition starts all past scores are wiped out?



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