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October 24, 2006 · Posted by staffFerrari

First of all, I hope you liked the tribute to Michael Schumacher that we have made for you on the official website. Then, in my opinion, I think that the Grand Prix of Brazil was certainly Felipe Massa's finest race. As you are aware, scooping the home race for a Brazilian is almost like winning the title. This should not be forgotten as a Felipe deserves recognition for his extraordinary weekend as he shone from start to finish. Maybe though, and this is the odd thing, it was also Michael Schumacher's best drive. He excited everybody, fans and non-fans alike. Seeing Michael drive as he did, despite all the problems he suffered during the weekend, took me back to the era reigned over by the great champions of the past. Ayrton Senna at Donnington comes to mind, a classic race in which he lapped everybody in the pouring rain. Gilles Villeneuve’s performance at Jarama is another occasion to remember when his Ferrari turbo held off a posse of determined pursuers for the entire race. In my opinion, a great driver should not only be judged by the number of races he has won or titles claimed. More often, single episodes, like Sunday, are more telling. What do you think?


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  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:28 by
    Ciao Gianpaolo! Yes, Felipe did a brilliant job all weekend. His driving is really maturing & I`m sure he will continue to delight us. As to Michael, a great champion can be measured by his race wins but a great racer is measured by his courage & ability to go beyond the expected limits of the car/circumstance. We were very lucky to have both the Champion & the racer in one man. Thanks again for the tribute - great work. A.
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:28 by
    I¡¿m in total agreement with you. It¡¿s kind of funny actually. I was hoping and praying for a miracle this past Sunday. That maybe somehow Alonso would DNF, but I guess it¡¿s not nice to wish that on anyone. Furthermore, I was initially upset when Michael had issues in Qualifying, but nevertheless I knew he had a fast car so I thought he would win the race regardless. You could only imagine how sick I felt when he lost the tire in the first few laps because I instinctively knew that it would cost him the win. However, I kept watching and at one point in the race I went from ¡§I¡¿m disappointed, this is horrible¡¿ to ¡§whoa look at Michael go!!!¡¿ Fantastic, what can I say- if there were any doubters out there about his skills, he silenced them this past weekend with his driving. To be honest, in a strange almost perverse way it was the better end to his amazing career. Instead of taking an easy win with a fast car, he worked it like his life depended on it. The win of course would have been remembered, but again it¡¿s just one of the many his had in his illustrious career. This particular drive showed the world why Michael Schumacher is a seven time world Champion and why even at the ripe old age of 37 (Gee, is that really old for a driver?) he is still the best driver in the world. Congratulations to Michael and best wishes in his retirement. (sounds weird that he¡¿s retiring considering he¡¿s only in his thirties¡K.I still have another 30 yrs before I can call it a day¿º I will miss his fighting spirit!!! Forza Michael!!!!!!



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