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October 17, 2006 · Posted by staffFerrari

Did you see what happened on Sunday at Estoril? Incredibly true or, more accurately, incredible but true... Hands up those of you who thought it would turn out as it did? Obviously I am talking about the episode that has probably cost poor Nicky Hayden the title. Hayden was blameless as his team mate ran into him, denying him the chance of defending the twelve point advantage he had built up over Valentino Rossi. Obviously, nobody wanted to see an incident like this (though this is a long way from saying that we were unhappy about it...). Valentino could have beaten Hayden on the track, as he has done regularly over the course of the season... Once more the incident has shown that nothing in racing is absolutely certain until the chequered flag is flown (and, in this case, we had to wait for the verdict of the race officials). This is why we should not take for granted the outcome of the upcoming race in Brazil. Taking into account what I have said, I would also urge you not to take for granted the event that we are organising for the World Finals at Monza, the famous endurance kart race. Talking about the event, I could not help noticing that transfering the site of the race has led to some drop off in interest. This, naturally, is disappointing especially given the efforts that we are all putting in to guarantee a greater number and exclusive activities than ever before. Remember that the decision to shift the race to a new location was made solely for logistical reasons, that is to make it easier to combine the 'walkabout at Monza' with the kart race. With the new community and the game to be launched by the end of the month we had to cut one of the two. We did not want to do this to not penalise you in any way, with great sacrifice, as regards what was promised at the start of the year. So, now it is down to you to show your appreciation for initiatives that, I can assure you, will be as exciting and exclusive as anything you would have experienced at Kerpen!


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