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March 17, 2006 · Posted by staffFerrari

Hello all, I have spent a week trying to dedicate some time to the blog but things are always tight in the office. Finally, after a busy weekend with the opening race in the 2006 F1 world championship and an intense week of preparation ahead of the GP of Malaysia, here I am to describe what it is like once through the Ferrari gates. Over the past few weeks, the company, and as a consequence the entire editorial team, has been working on the debut of the new model: the 599 GTB. There is always much excitement at times like this as, after so much work and effort, the creation is complete and revealed to the world. The feeling of great pride is palpable the day after the Geneva motorshow as the 599 was warmly received. How does one judge the general mood at Ferrari? It is simple; just take a trip to the coffee machine and listen to the topics of conversation!!! However, if you want a close up look at the 599, we have constructed a section of FerrariWorld that may interest you (click here to visit the 599 dedicated area) As you can imagine, the other important event was the GP of Bahrain that saw the Reds back on form. Michael performed very well, as did Felipe who pushed his team mate and seven-time world champion close in qualifying. In the office, after having seen the +0.0047 gap at the end of the session, we all thought: the boy is quick!!! Then, to tell the truth, Felipe is especially close to our hearts as he has been our blog neighbour for a few days now. How can we not appreciate the time he is taking out? I can assure you that he is very pleasant and extremely down to earth; this makes him an even nicer person. We have been concentrating on the GP of Malaysia for a few hours now. I will be in the office tomorrow morning in order to catch the new and exciting qualifying session. After that it will be time for a coffee... I will be waiting here on the blog for a few 'as it happens' comments. Until tomorrow! PS, about the qualifying system, the Bahrain sessions gripped me but many newspapers voiced their criticisms. These were mostly based on the fact that the spectacle is 'constructed' by mixing the cards on the table. What do you think? PPS While the guys on the team suffered in the heat of Bahrain, check out the Maranello conditions at the weekend... CiaoMatteo


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  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:26 by
    Matteo, I know it has been some time since you posted this, but I didn't know if you checked back to it at all for new comments. First of all, as I've said in previous blogs, I can't thank you enough for your contribution to making this Ferrari World Blog a reality. I haven't "blogged" very much in the past, but I will become a Professional Blogger now that Ferrari has an official one, ahhaha. You all did a great job on the "Official 599GTC Fiorano Website." I was on it for days after it was unveiled, being a Y&F member definitely has its perks, with Hi-Def photos. Very Nice!!! I'm waiting for "live action shots" of the car to appear on the site as well. I can't imagine how much time you all place into these various website initiatives going on at Ferrari. I think I can speak for all Tifosi when I say that your hard work is VERY, VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!! Also, thank you for the inside view of what's going on inside the Ferrari Editorial offices. It's very cool to see what you ladies and gentlemen are up too. Keep up the great work!!! Ciao Mark USA
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:26 by
    Matteo, Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the new qualifying format. My intial feelings on it are very, very good. I've spoke upon the subject with other blog entries and I will say the same thing here. It's very high pressure, high intensity, and that's just for all of us Tifosi, haha. I can't imagine how it is for the team. It's great to see the Scuderia crew in action, though I don't know if they would feel the same way, ahhah. It has to be very tiring for all of the crew, especially during the hot races of the year. Malaysia must've been hell! I like the "Knockout" idea, because the positions are constantly changing throughout each session. It's very interesting to watch, especially in the last session obviously, where the lap counts even after time has expired. It has you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Not like positions weren't constantly changing in past qualifying formats, but they just weren't changing that fast. One second Felipe may have pole, then in a split second, Michael could have pole. It's just very exciting. Thanks again for your time Matteo. Forza Ferrari!! Ciao Mark USA
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:26 by
    Matteo, The Ferrari editorial staff has to place this picture on the FerrariWorld website for downloading!! This is a cool pic! Ciao Mark USA
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:26 by
    Hi Matteo.

    I like the new qualifying system it gives us a kind of pre race and at least in Bahrain an exciting one.

    I found specially exciting when Kimi had his accident to watch all of those top drivers only having thight window to set a fast lap.

    Ps. It¿s also a kind of heatwaive in Iceland now 10°C when it should be below zero.

    Halldór Óli
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:26 by
    I just read that the engine on the 248F1' Schumi is ok !! Excellent news let's support him to get the second consecutive pole of the season and challenge for the win !
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:26 by
    Maybe I didn't read the right news :(( But doesn't matter we ll enjoy a strong comeback to the top positions by Schumi and Massa !! It would be nice to see Michael to overtake Kimi or Button in the last lap getting an impressive win ! A wonderful way to take the fly toward the titles :))
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:26 by
    I also think that the pace race of the Bridgestone are much more consistent that the pace race of Michelin.A reason more to look foward the race with optimism...
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:26 by
    Hi Matteo!!! Sounds like you have been busy!! You are so lucky working for Ferrari, I would love your job!!! ;) Regarding the qualifying, I think it is an improvement on last years system. But I fail to understand why they ever changed it in the first place. I much preferred the one hour shoot-out, where the driver could run with just enough fuel for the lap to get pole. That was real qualifying. I still believe they started changing the rules to stop Ferrari domination, regardless of how they deny it. I think they should go back to the original qualifying system, does anyone else have any thoughts on that? I also hate the rule of a ten place grid penalty for changing the engine. Why punish the team for something that is not their fault!? No one can help it if their engine decides to blow!!! I really do hate that rule!!! Anyway, I would love to sit blogging all day, but University work calls.... Forza Ferrari!!! Ruth xxx PS- the weather at Maranello looks as miserable as it is here in the UK today!!!
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:26 by
    Ciao Matteo, very interesting to read about your involvement into the presentation of a new car. BTW: I hope the coffee in your machinens is better than the coffee at my work :) One can see that you all don't have a 9-to-5-job and that it is really a challenge to get all things done! We hope that the weather-conditions in Maranello will be better next weekend!



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