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In 2012 we must have a better season

November 8, 2011 · Posted by Felipe Massa

I have just arrived in Abu Dhabi from Sao Paolo where I spent the time since the last round of the championship in New Delhi. I still have very vivid memories of my first trip to India, even if I see no point in going over what happened in the race itself. The track was very nice, one of the best on the calendar, but above all the people there were very excited about Formula 1. With more and more places in the world appearing to be the same, India was so very different to anything I had seen before. The people were very welcoming and friendly and it was clear that the country has huge potential for growth, but at the same time you still also see a lot of poverty. Despite this, I think India has a definite future in F1 and this year, if not everything was quite ready, we have to make allowances for the fact it was only the first year for the Grand Prix there.

With the Formula 1 season going through to the end of November, this year was the first time in many years that I have not attended the Ferrari World Finals event which took place at Mugello last weekend, but of course I am aware of what our President Montezemolo and Domenicali said about me over there, making it clear once again that I am definitely driving for the Scuderia next season. From my point of view, it is important that I have the full support of the team behind me, which is always very positive. However, at the moment my main focus is on continuing to push as hard as I can for these last two races of the season. I know that next year will be a very important one for the whole team, given that this season did not go as well as expected and it will also be a very important time for me. Within the team, we are already looking to next year, knowing that our pre-season target must be to produce a package that can be competitive from the very first Grand Prix, allowing us to fight for the win at every race. In 2012 we must have a better season than this one.

Now we come to Abu Dhabi, where I only drove for the first time last year, as I missed the first race there in 2009, because of my injury. The facility itself is fantastic and the track is quite interesting. However, one negative point about it was that we did not see much overtaking, but I expect this year with the DRS, it should help to produce a better race this weekend. It’s a unique timetable on Sunday as we start the race in daylight and then go on to race under the lights at night. This doesn’t present any problem, in fact the positive element is that it gets cooler as the race goes on and the track lighting is excellent. For us these last two races are a final chance to get some good results, but also these recent races have been very much part of our preparations for 2012. We have been trying some components that could find their way onto the new car, but also we have been looking at new ideas in terms of how we run the car and how best to adapt the set-up. I think this is very important as part of our preparation for the future, not just from a technical point of view but also how we approach the race weekend.

The race at Yas Marina is also special for Ferrari because of the team’s many close links with Abu Dhabi, which is most obviously seen from the fact we have our own theme park there, just alongside the race track, Ferrari World. Last year I went for a ride on the fantastic rollercoaster they have there, which was an enjoyable and exhilarating experience, so I can’t wait to go again and this time, I’ll take my wife with me!


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  • Tuesday, 8 Nov 2011 08:32 by SziZita
    Want to see a winning Felipe! You can do it, you deserve to be on the podium! Good good luck and success for Abu Dhabi!!! ZITA
  • Wednesday, 9 Nov 2011 09:30 by Noe Izumi
    Haha, poor Raffaela! I hope she enjoy the rollercoaster! Take care of her :P My best wishes for this last two races. Keep pushing! Greetins from Canary Islands.
  • Wednesday, 9 Nov 2011 04:40 by Arek
    Felipe a whole lot of people have faith in you just like youre supervisors so just do what you are best at without any concerns, the track are yourse. I just can`t wait to see you at the first step of podium, and i know you will have many of those victorious moments in near future. Always supporting Arek from Poland.
  • Thursday, 10 Nov 2011 12:02 by karl
    hope that you'll be on podium this time around and that next you'll be a contender for the championship! good luck!!!
  • Friday, 11 Nov 2011 05:50 by Walid
    Felipe, you are one of the best and fastest drivers on the track. I am probably your biggest fan and I truly look forward to see you at the podium in the coming 2 races. I know that the car is not the fastest, but am sure you can do it and I think you have only to focus on the race and be at the front. Good luck, you deserve to win. Walid
  • Tuesday, 15 Nov 2011 10:18 by Arun
    Fellipe I am a great fan of yours I think the last two seasons you have had a lot of bad luck I still believe in you you should really drive your heart in brazil and push much harder next year
  • Saturday, 3 Dec 2011 01:35 by Ferrari Fan
    Hi Felipe - well done and congratulations on your 6th place in the ‘WDC 2011’ which you achieved by sheer graft, grit and determination - like I said before you are a great driver who has just been a bit unlucky (and therefore slightly underrated) this year but we all witnessed glimpses of your true talent and tenacious fighting spirit out there on the track so please let’s see a lot more of it in 2012 - I predict a much luckier and (points) productive year for you and Ferrari next year Felipe but until then relax, have fun and enjoy your winter break!!
  • Thursday, 19 Jan 2012 12:05 by luis anibal d'alonzo
    Hello I am writing to felipe express my affection to you. I noticed that in the event press conference last week have been busy, maybe a little anxious, eager to give everything and to prove that you're ready to tackle a new season with the team connected with the new machine . I feel very well but be careful that this anxiety does not lead you to waste good opportunities and to maintain your place in the team for next season. I hope that not only give all in the first half of the season, as you said recently, but give all throughout the season and not just to keep the seat and fulfill the contract. good is all of me, I wish you well for this year and hopefully the results will give both you and we hope to arrive tiffosi this season, adios and live brazil.



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