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"I have been taking part in the presentation of a new car"

July 8, 2009 · Posted by Felipe Massa

Maranello - “I arrived back in Europe earlier this week, having spent the longer than usual break since the last race, at home in Sao Paulo. It was an enjoyable time, but rather quiet, as I just wanted to enjoy spending some time with my wife, who is pregnant, expecting our first child in November. Perfect timing from us for the baby to arrive conveniently after the end of the Formula 1 season! Everything is going well and it is a nice feeling knowing I am soon going to be a “papà.” Apart from that, I took part in a karting race with some friends. It was nothing serious, just some fun, driving a small 125 cc kart. Well, with an extra week in between the Grands Prix I had to get some racing done!

“I’m in Maranello at the factory at the moment, then this afternoon (Wednesday) I am travelling to Germany because I am playing a football match for the Nazionale Piloti team, with some other F1 drivers and some guy called Michael Schumacher. The game takes place in Wiesbaden, so I hope a good crowd turns out, as we are playing for charity as usual. I play up front as a striker and if you ask me if I am any good, I would say that, for a racing driver, I’m quite a good football player, but there is no new career waiting!

“Here in Maranello, I have been taking part in the presentation of a new car, the Ferrari 599 XX, which is used in a similar programme as the FXX one, where owners can actually contribute to the technical development of this “laboratory car,” running it with full factory support at various race tracks. I did quite a few laps with it on the Fiorano track and, as my brother and father are here with me, I was able to give them some exciting moments in the passenger seat. It’s a great car and fun to drive.

“On Thursday I will arrive at the Nurburgring and I’m looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the F60 again. The layout of this track should suit it better than the fast corners of Silverstone. A lot will depend on how we get the tyres to work and even if we have some new components that Kimi and I will be trying on Friday, it is impossible to say at this stage what we can expect from the weekend. The first half of the season was very hard to predict and I don’t see why it should be any different as we go into the second half.”




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  • Wednesday, 8 Jul 2009 06:13 by Gina Nadalini
    You should be a good fotball player since you are Brazilian, :), it's always nice to read what you're doing and good luck with being a new papá, you'll need some extra patience...
  • Thursday, 9 Jul 2009 10:09 by Lily
    Felipe, It is nice to hear you will become a father! Wish you and your family all the best! Good luck in Germany!
  • Thursday, 9 Jul 2009 10:27 by SAEED
    Hi,I am one of the greatest fans of Ferrari.You said that you don't see why this season should be anyway different.But I believe if you try your best,there's always a gift from the Almighty.Although there's is no hope that Ferrari will retain the constructor's championship or any of you will win the driver's championship,getting the the car close to the leaders as much as possible is essential for the next season.You've to know the problem and its solution to have the best car around for the next season.It'll be hearbreaking if the next season continues without wins.Still I appreciate the effort the whole team is putting in.You're doing some splendid job there.I'm proud of you.Wish that your child will live beyond your name and it'll be the greatest christmas so far for you this winter. SAEED,the F1 fanatic.
  • Thursday, 9 Jul 2009 03:37 by Mark Stephens
    Felipe, we're really looking forward to the race this weekend and we wish you the very best and hope to see you on the top step come Sunday. Ciao -The Stephens Family
  • Thursday, 9 Jul 2009 05:44 by lorenzo serafini
    Felipe, your blog is great but can you please tell us...., why do Ferrari insist on running KERS? You would be a half second quicker without it... and has Rory B sorted out the aerodynamics of the F60? Please tell us....
  • Thursday, 9 Jul 2009 06:40 by DD
    Congrats on becoming a Daddy!!! and perfect timing as well..I can't wait to see you back on the track again this weekend. Good Luck and as they say in Germany..Halz und Beinbruch..
  • Sunday, 12 Jul 2009 06:38 by Lily
    All congradulations to you, Felipe! It was a wonderful moment when you stood on the podium. 4th in Silverstone, 3rd in Nuerburgring, maybe 2nd in Budapest and 1st in Valencia! Come on Felipe Baby~Sunshine!
  • Sunday, 12 Jul 2009 07:08 by Emma Fenn
    Felipe, what a fab German Grand Prix, it was great to see you back on the podium. Hope there are many more to come. Glad to hear everything is going well with the baby - perfect timing indeed! Emma - England xx
  • Wednesday, 15 Jul 2009 10:29 by zhang
    go go go don't stop



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