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Felipe Massa blog - Brazil 21st March 2007

March 23, 2007 · Posted by staffFerrari

Felipe Massa blog - Brazil 21st March 2007 After the Australian GP, I was told that a lot of the media wrote I drove a very good race from the back of the grid to finish in the points in sixth place. But while I agree that the race itself was good, I was not so happy with the outcome of the weekend, because of the circumstances that prevented me qualifying properly the previous day. But in the end I had a good Australian Grand Prix, a good race and that is encouraging for the next few rounds of the championship. There was no doubt that I was competitive in Melbourne from the first laps on track on Friday. Everything was set for me to get a great result. Now, I just have to think ahead and a fresh chance in the next race at Sepang and looking forward to being at the front. For me there were two big surprises in Melbourne: firstly that so many cars finished the race, given it was the opening round of the season and secondly that there was no Safety Car period, which is usually quite common at this track. A Safety Car could for sure have been a very positive thing; not for the leaders, but definitely for me! If I had started from the front, it could definitely have been a very competitive race between me and Kimi, especially if I'd made two stops, starting on the right tyres and being in optimum conditions in every way. I am sure it would have been a very good race for me. On the other hand, I think about events last year when there were so many races where we just threw away so many points, but this time at least, even after a bad result on Saturday, we were able to finish by bringing home some points that could turn out to be very important for the end of the championship. That was the most positive element of the whole weekend. My car was very difficult to drive in parts of the race, because in all our pre-season testing this winter, we never ran the car with such a heavy fuel load for such a long time as we did in the Melbourne race. That made life really difficult, especially as when I began to pick up some pace I found that the Hondas in front of me were very slow, especially Button, who had Rubens stuck behind him unable to get by. That put me in traffic and the most difficult part of the race for me, which cost me the most time, especially when it came to any chance of fighting Fisichella for fifth place towards the end. If you look at the overall performance levels of our competitors last weekend, to be honest it turned out just as I had expected based on the results of winter testing: McLaren a little bit better than the others but a bit behind the Scuderia and then BMW is how I saw the order of things. I hope it stays like this for the next few races! I will do just the last day of testing at the Sepang circuit next week, while Kimi does the first two, whereas when we go to the Barcelona test later, I will do two days and Kimi one, so the available testing time is divided equally between us. Now with just one car allowed per test and less days available, you really need to be ready to prepare properly for the race and be as organised as possible and make the most of every single lap of testing. At the moment, I am in Brazil, but I am not home in Sao Paulo. Instead, I am on a friend's farm right in the centre of the country where it is extremely hot, which was a deliberate choice to prepare for the hot and humid conditions we will meet in Malaysia. I have my trainer here with me and he is putting me through a programme to get used to the heat. I leave here on Sunday, stopping off in Europe for a day, before heading to Kuala Lumpur for the test.


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  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59 by
    Ciao Felipe...sono incontriamo spesso, sai benissimo che ti seguo dalla Sauber/Petronas e sai quanto sono stato felicissimo vederti arrivare in Ferrari!!! Ovviamente nel primo Gp di quest'anno non hai deluso le mie aspettative...sei e rimani sempre il mio The Best!!! L'ultima volta ci siamo visti a Vallelunga e finalmente ho dato il via al forum di cui ti parlavo!!!Naturalmente per crearlo mi sono dovuto appoggiare al sito ma almeno il forum porta il tuo nome... ;) sai benissimo che era il mio sogno realizzarlo!!! In bocca al lupo per il prossimo Gp...sei sempre il the BEST!!! W Felipe w Ferrari!!! Gooo MASSA Goooo!!! Andrea83
  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59 by
    It must have been a really frustrating weekend for you, Felipe, but you did a great job getting through the pack. Enjoy your days off before testing. I`m looking forward to Malaysia & seeing both you & Kimi competing at the front.



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