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Coming up to half-time

June 23, 2006 · Posted by staffFerrari

Hi to everyone! I am in Montreal now. Yesterday there was a strange weather. When I arrived it was beautiful sunshine, but the first day of work at the track, started with rain and this is not a good place to drive in the wet, nor for the mechanics to work in the rain, as the circuit facilities are quite basic.   In the evening yesterday we had the usual meeting with the journalists, which here in Canada we do just standing in the paddock, as we have no real team or media motorhomes. As a Brazilian tifoso, of course I watched the Brasil vs Japan, great, we won!   For the moment Brazil’s football team are giving me something to be happy about. Maybe we did not start off playing very good football but I really believe in the team and reckon it will improve with every game. At the moment, Brazil are not in line to come up against Italy, so for the time being I can support both teams. But the day will come when we might come face to face.   It’s too early to talk about the final, but still I am being asked what would happen if Brazil came up against Germany, of course I am asked that because of my team-mate’s nationality! I think it would be nice to have another match like that for the final and hopefully, we would win again.   If you want to keep on the theme of football, we could say that in the Formula 1 world, we are coming up to “half-time” as after this race here in Canada, we will have completed nine out of eighteen races. I think I have shown I have the speed that I need, but it will be important to put together some good results in the final half of the season.   All the journalists are asking me what I can do to help Michael in his fight for the title.Help Michael? It’s a strange question because first of all, Michael has to help himself, because he also needs to be in front of Alonso. I’m trying to do my best to be in front of him as well. I am always trying hard to win and I will continue to do all I can to try and win. Finally I would like to thank all the blog friends that always support me, meet at the next blog!  


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  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59 by
    Good luck on what looks like a typically cold Canadian weekend and I hope you will improve significantly on last year's impressive 4th:) P.S. How on earth do you manage to lock up wheels so often w/o flatspotting them?!



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