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A weekend to forget fast

May 30, 2006 · Posted by staffFerrari

Dear friends,   As most of you knows very well, not all of us Formula 1 drivers go to a Grand Prix with the same expectation levels. But when you have a competitive package and especially when you drive for Ferrari, naturally your expectations are higher than most. That’s why the weekend that has just ended was really one to forget.  Qualifying went wrong for me, as I ended in the barrier in the first fifteen minute session, so I had no lap time to my name. It was just one of those things, it was my mistake. It was a point where you change direction and although I corrected the car it was too late, because where it happened on the circuit there is really nothing you can do. A driving mistake always means a crash. We had the one hour of free practice in the morning, so I knew what the track conditions were like. We took a while to decide what sort of tyre I should use in the first part of qualifying and in the end we opted for a scrubbed set. When they are scrubbed, they need at least one or two laps to be at the right temperature and I did not have very good grip on my first qualifying lap. I was not pushing very hard but the tyre pressure was a little bit low and that caused me to lose the rear end of the car. Qualifying was over for me.   In the race, it was just traffic and more traffic, apart from three laps after the pit stop when I was able to push hard on new tyres. The car was very good for those three laps, but then I caught up to Ralf (Schumacher) and after that he was in front of me for the whole of the second stint and he was impossible to pass.   I live in Monaco most of the year, but I cannot really say it’s a home race, unlike the real home race in Brazil and now also the two grands prix in Italy. But racing here did come with the advantage of not needing to get on a plane or to stay in a hotel room. It was nice to be able to go straight to my apartment after the team’s post-race debrief, especially as my family had come over from Brazil to stay with me for the weekend. And I also got to see them a bit more than usual, because the Friday is a day off in the Monaco race timetable. That extra day does seem to make the race weekend much longer than usual and I certainly felt I was a bit busier, with more events to attend for sponsors, usually on boats in the harbour. On Thursday, we had a very enjoyable night, when all the team had dinner together on a very big boat right down the new end of the harbour. It’s an official event, but at the same time it is more of a family thing, as team members can bring wives and children and the atmosphere is really good. The fun part is a film specially made for us that takes a humorous look at members of the team and overall, it was a nice relaxing way to start the weekend.   Now, I’m doing one day testing in Barcelona, the main point of the test being to look at Bridgestone tyre choice for the next race at Silverstone. I am quite optimistic about that race and I think we can be quite strong there. In any case, as usual, “Forza Ferrari”!!!


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  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59 by
    Dear Felipe u are having a strong season in Ferrari showing ur competitiveness u did a great race sunday making up almost the top 8.I hope u ll get the third position at the end of the year in the driver championship obtaining a lot of podio and wimming ur first race.Ferrari 248F1 is right now the fastest car and with two wonderful drivers like u and Michael I believe we ll be able to face Renault going for the win.28 Points behind are a lot but not too much for a team like Ferrari !Ferrari can win and I m sure it will :)) Forza Felipe !!!
  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59 by
    A frustrating weekend for everyone but, from all the chaos, it was obvious the cars were really competitive. We look forward to better things from Silverstone. I was in Maranello during the recent week of testing & saw the joy you, Michael & the team brought to the party of disabled youngsters staying at the Planet. They spent their free time buzzing around the entrance & car park, making "Vroom" noises & pretending to be Michaels & Felipes. Being a Ferrari driver must be tough going at times but the memory of the sheer joy on those kids faces put everything into prospective. Monaco was just one weekend. For those kids their visit to Maranello will be remembered for a lifetime. Forza Ferrari!
  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59 by
    Dàì Felipe NON MOLLARE!!!!!!!!Anche il grande Schumy e ad altri campioni di F1 è capitato di incappare in un errore a Montecarlo ...siamo umani e non marziani come dice giustamente Todt!!!Ti siamo vicini e FORZA FERRARI!!!!!!!!titty65
  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59 by
    Ciao sono piero Ciao Felipe...gia' scrivo in Inglese sul tuo sito...(I am Winner)...e ora ho la posibilita' di scrivere anche qua perche' sto pianificando il mio ingresso in SFC Maranello...i soldi li hanno gia' modulo no per colpa di quelle lumacone di poste Italiane ma niente paura abbiamo gia' provveduto online io e il Signor Bertacchini di Maranello a risolvere il tutto...I computer li conosco come le mie tasche...figuriamoci ci lavoro su da 20 anni...prima col C64 ora con uno piu' lavoro a Codogno in MTA-Italy e a tempo perso faccio anche il web editor con un sito sportivo di caratura F.1 seguo Ferrari e Renault mio cuore e' Ferrarista....seguo anche il baseball...Codogno e' stata anche in A1 e ad agosto ci sara' a Codogno il Mundialito di Baseball ma c'e' anche un bellissimo Motodromo dove corrono le Minimoto...Colgo l'occasioen per ricordare il Grandissimo Umberto Masetti recentemente scomparso e i cui Funerali si sono svolti a Maranello...Peccato per non intristitevi tu e Michael ora...arrivo pure io a darvi man forte a costo di spingere le 248 F1 al tragurado vincente di Silverstone...Buon lavoro e complimenti per il miglior tempo di oggi al Montmelo'...Ciao e fatti vuoi do l'indirizzo del mio sito appena ho l'ok dallo staff se no mi accusano di fare puibblicita' illecita...ciao da Piero



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