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The race will be a tough one, and not just for us!

March 18, 2006 · Posted by staffFerrari

Sepang, 18 March - Qualifying did not go as smoothly as we would have wanted today at the Grand Prix of Malaysia. This morning we prefered to change Michael's engine as it was acting up in the same way that Felipe's had. It was a tough call to make as it was clear that we could have challenged for the leading places. Michael will be forced to start from the seventh row after being hit with the customary penalty that sees drivers drop ten places for an engine change during qualifying. Felipe, having worked on the race set up this morning did not take part in the second session so thathe could chopsar his fuel level for the start of the race. As you may have guessed, it was not a good day for the Scuderia. The reliability problem concerning an engine part was damaging as it compromised our chances of victory. Now we have to try to make a good comeback and get into the points.The latest weather reports do not predict rain, a factor that, given our grid position, would help. Anyway, we have not given up hope. The race will be a tough one, and not just for us!


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  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59 by
    Mr. Colajanni, With all of the engine problems experienced by the other teams, thank God we changed before the race. That very well could've been Michael or Felipe during the race, out because their engine's blew. We'll make it up in Australia, I'm sure of that!! Forza Ferrari!! Ciao Mark USA
  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59 by
    Luca, Thank you very much for your comments. Hey, what can you do? Better this happens early on in the year, then mid-season. Also, as the saying goes, better off being safe then sorry. If the engine blew in the middle of the race tomorrow, the result would've obviously been alot worse then losing ten grid positions. Plus, it isn't like the Scuderia are the only team having some trouble with the new 2.4 liter V-8s'. We're dealing with the hottest race of the year as well. I'm very, very excited about tomorrow's race though. I know we can get into the points, probably even get on the podium. We have two GREAT DRIVERS and a Scuderia crew that's one of the best in F1. Podium, no problem!! hahaha FORZA FERRARI!! Ciao, Mark USA
  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59 by
    I agree with the decision to change the engine on the car of Michael.Better saving riliability and bringing useful points at home instead of retiring during the race just because of an aswful pole if u aren't able to finish the GP.We know that for wimming championships most important thing is the riliability.Surely it will be a tough race for everyone and i think we don't have to give up about a wimming at Sepang yet.The 248F1 is in my opinion the fastest car, Michael and Felipe love fighting and i m sure we ll enjoy their overtakes.So at least i think that they will give us fun !With new engines they can push harder than other who use an old one.I feel we ll really enjoy the race because both Ferrari's drivers will make up till the podio and maybe who know ?:))
  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59 by
    I also heard that Michael will have a completely new set tyres for the race and this will also help Schumi to make up strongly and fast toward the podio......
  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59 by
    Hi Luca!! Great you have joined the blog, I think the blog is a fantastic idea! You were right in predicting a tough race! It certainly was. I was praying for rain, as we know how good Michael is in the rain!! I think we should be pleased that both cars finished in the points. It was a wise decision to change the engines as better to get some points than not finish at all!! Personally, I hate this grid penalty rule for changing the engine. It really is unfair, as it is something that is beyond anyones control. Anyway, congratualtions to the team for getting the best out of the situation, and good luck for Australia! Forza Ferrari! Ruth xx
  • Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009 08:59 by
    I think the engine changes were wise. If we can make these last through Australia then we have fresh engines for Imola. The engine problem is concerning but today we brought both cars home in the points so all was definitely not lost. In fact, I think the team still deserves congratulations for what has finally been achieved on a very frustrating weekend. Ann



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