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F1 2007 Season Conclusion

October 21, 2007 · Posted by staffFerrari

To conclude the season, i simply think we are the best team in the world along with the best drivers! We had problems when McLaren was using our data, we had problems with the development of the car when the wind tunnel was not working, we had reliability issues, but we managed to solve everything! If you think how bad our pace was with the soft and supersoft tyres and then looking at today's pure domination, it just shows exactly what i said above! We are simply the best! I really am incredibly proud to be a supporter of this team! Everyone is superhuman and i would really like to thank and congratulate them for this success! About our drivers, what can i say? Kimi proved simply superb and i m just so happy he left McLaren and got what he deserved in Ferrari! I think the guy can really dominate every race with the right car. Felipe, an incredibly fast driver who can be there if Kimi is not, helping a lot during the season and particularly in Brazil where i believe he deserved the win but showed what a great team player he is! I really think he s a huge part of this success! However, i must say that i would like to see him more consistent and better in the wet. I hope next year he ll show that too. All in all, i think he's a great second driver! To finish, a big congratulations to everyone in our team! You all made us extremelly proud getting the title after 2 years, showing that we still are the best team without the old dream team.The last couple of races showed that anything can happen in F1 and i really believe justice was awarded today! Once more, congratulations and let s hope for a dominant season next year with the 1 and 2 finally on our cars again! You are all simply fantastic!


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    Ferrari gave lession to everyone about fairplay and strong on ciucuit. Best compliments.



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