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Thoughts after Brazil and Season Conclusion

October 23, 2006 · Posted by staffFerrari

 Well, thats all! Another season is over, one that i must admit was VERY stressful to me! Concerning the race, i must say i really enjoyed it! I think Michael did one of the best races ever despite the blown tyre. The irony is that if this hadnt happen, we would most probably have a 1-2 and therefore the constructor's champ. However, as we all know, ifs dont fit into F1! Therefore, i think the day belongs to Massa who in his first season with Ferrari,took 2 well deserved wins, the 2nd with an AMAZING pace which is a great promise for next year! But being good people, we must also congratulate Alonso and Renault for taking the championships. I dont really think they deserved it as basically i think we lost it rather than them winning it so in my heart the champions are others. The result is written in history though so we must accept it. At this point, i must admit that i felt very privilleged living Michael's era, watching his races and his championships. I dont know if he s the best driver of all time but he definately is the most complete! He indeed had some bad moments on his career but every single champion has moments like that. Personally, i ll remember him as the best sportsman and after '99 as one of the paddock's best guys! Always next to his team, always congratulating his rivals and always with a smile that i ll personally miss! Another thing i ll miss is his unique speed, physical condition, ability to analyse the race situation and so many other things. I certainly hope i ll see him next year in the paddock! For the future, we have 2 great drivers that i really like and believe they ll make us proud. I really dont think it ll be the same without Michael, however, i have some feeling that i ll live another Michael-like era with Vettel in a Ferrari! As some of you may know, Vettel is Michael's protege so there s a big possibilty he s taken after him! So, completely different setting next season and i m already looking forward to it! Congratulations again to the champions... Have a good winter!PS: Some may recognize the post from the forum  but i really couldnt say things any better or different!


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  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:36 by
    I would like to thank Michael and the entire Ferrari team for the years of exciting racing . The good days and the bad Michael always drove hard and trilled the viewer. Thank you Michael so much.
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:36 by
    Very Good comment Iniva, perfecltly agree with you. Now we have only to waith next year.
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:36 by
    Have a great winter too Ianiva !!I really enjoy the reading of ur post and as ever i at most agree with u.I just want to tell u it was great to meet u last April at Imola and that i hope i ll have occasion to see u again next in at Monza or Imola again if it will be back in the calendar 2007. Sunday october 29th i ll celebrate the whole brillant Ferrari team and our hero Michael for u too ...Ciao,Luca



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