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Consider yourself part of the furniture

June 27, 2006 · Posted by staffFerrari
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From previous episodes of this blog, I know that most of us have at least some Ferrari memorabilia in our homes. I imagine these collections come in many shapes & forms. A visitor to the farmhouse doesn`t take long to realise this is not an entirely normal house. The broomstick in the entrance hall usually gets more than a sideways glance but that`s soon forgotten when they are confronted by the life-size Collie dog sitting at the bottom of the stairs. It`s quite entertaining to watch them jump before they realise Bouncer isn`t real. (Yes, I know, I`m wicked but what the heck?)   At the other end of farmhouse is the room that is home to my Ferrari things. I must be one of the few women to be the proud owner of a toddlers` replica team overall complete with upside logos. I know that, in the Far East, they write the “wrong” way round but I really didn`t expect Bridgestone to start with the “e”! As well as the Lego which I bought myself (yes, I put them together & am still wishing the fiddly little decals further), I have beautiful books, calendars, postcards & many other gifts from friends made here at Y&F. To spare blushes, I shan`t name them. They know who they are & I thank them once again. For those that have worried that I`m even weirder than you thought, The FerrariWitch is my nickname. The broomstick was here long before the start of Y&F but it has since been joined by a variety of “witchy” gifts. Hanging from the kitchen ceiling is a flying witch. I`ve never met the sender but we`re old friends here. Another (about 1 metre tall) stands guard outside my bedroom door – a gift from some visiting Y&F friends. I didn`t think to ask them whether they bought her in the UK or brought her with them (did she have her own seat on the plane or make her own way?) So now you know something of my Ferrari collection.   What Ferrari memorabilia do you have that you consider “part of the furniture”?


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