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April 2, 2006 · Posted by staffFerrari

As promised on my 1st blog, here are my thoughts after the 3rd race of the season.The weekend didnt seem to start well at all! After the Practice sessions i was quite optimistic but the qualifying killed me! Maybe i m wrong but i believe that we play it safe on the 1st sessions of the quali in order to save the car etc. If thats the case, we all saw that this is not right. First of all, Massa was very close to being left out on the 1st session! Then, on the 2nd, i think Michael wasnt pushing enough from the begining. For sure the car was not fast but i believe that if he left the garage from the 1st second he would have done a satisfying time as he would be able to run for several laps before the rain came. Overall, after Saturday, i really think we should push on the quali, do a good time and then pit. We dont have to wait for the last minute.Going to the race, i was hoping for a smart strategy and 10th place wasnt bad overall as i new that Michael would be able to climb up. Massa was in a much worse position but again i had a belief that he would be able to climb up. Fisi starting last gave me one more hope as Michael's 10th became 9th and Massa's 15th, 14th. After the race started, it was obvious Michael was not fast (thats where i hoped that we are on a 1stop strategy) but it seemed that the tyres couldnt go up to temp because of the safety cars (as Michael said). After the 1st stops, Michael was on a great position (5-6?) and i could see he could come even up to 3rd! The chase to button was very encouraging up until the terrible point where he crashed out. To be honest with you, i couldnt believe Michael was able to do something like that. He is 7 times world champion and i m sure he can know the limits of the car. That shunt was like seing a rookie driving a Ferrari. He did good to push and i was very happy seeing that as i ve missed it but push the car to its limits. Not beyond them. Anyway, i m sure he is disappointed even more than i am and he wants to win more than any of us do. There is not much to say about Massa's race since it was very short unfortunately.So, until the next gp, i hope we test as much as possible, doing as many kms as possible and as many racing distances as possible! I really hope the upgrated car will be a winner! If not, this year seems to be pretty difficult!See you in 3 weeks!


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  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:39 by
    Massa deserves a pat on the back, he has been putting up with so much bad luck and I havn't seen him crack. I wish him the best for upcoming races!

    As far as Michael's crash, it's difficult to say, but I would imagine the fact that the car is new and many adjustments and fine tunings are still being made that its understandable to a certain extent. Of course, we can't be satisfied with the result, but I'm glad that he has been pushing and the crash for the 7 times champion is a direct result of really pushing it. It shows his enthusiasm for this car!

    A disappointing result but let's *remember* it rather than forget. What went wrong? How can we improve! Oh and of course,

    Forza la Passione Ferrari
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:39 by
    A race to forget...... Massa is very unlucky for sure cause if he had't retired our chances would be better. Michael drove a very conservative 1st stint but we can say this is partly due to the tyres .After the pit stop he was extremelly quick and i was sure he could make it to the podium .But is the crash only his mistake .I mean before that he had gone out a couple of times so ....too much understeer maybe?Cause a 7 times world champion cannot do SUCH mistakes .... The only encouraging thing is that when the tyres are in the right temperature we are competitive and can close the gap to the others . Anyway it is needless to start saying what would have happend if..!!!!I want only to say that Renaut is more than lucky....and that is really dissapointing! Hope that Imola will bring us the first win so we can start dreaming again of World Championships .
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:39 by
    A banker time does seem necessary early on in qualifying, Vas, but I disagree entirely with your comments on Michael`s driving. The car was so leary I fully expected to see him off long before. I don`t profess to be an expert on the technical side but understeer seemed to be a huge problem. With no decent grip it was all too easy to find yourself running onto the curbs. When that leads to the car taking off then the driver is just a passenger. Unfortunately, happening where it did, there was no run off - just the wall.
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:39 by
    Definately Ann but if the car understeers that much, you dont push it more that you have to because with your experience you should know that you ll go out all the time and eventually end up crashing. If it was that bad, i think he should push as much as needed without going out and on the 2nd stop, adjust the front wing to give you more downforce. Definately a 5th is better than a DNF.
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:39 by
    Ianiva Schumi had to push,he had to try to make up a lot of postions.he did a mistake but these things can also happen to the best driver of the world.Anyway the pace that he kept during his second stin is really promising thinking about the future.I m still sure Ferrari 248F1 is the right car to comeback to the top.Let's see now what it will happen at Imola.I read Ferrari is developing a strong step ofr the begging of the european season.Renault hasn't already won this world championship.I m sure Ferrari will beat everybody again very very soon.
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:39 by
    ============== Well, I hoped that my first post could be about the first win of 2006. But I think that you said my thoughts. Why are we just wait for the last minute? Well, the Michael's shunt was an indication. He wants to race, he wants to win races. That's good. I just hope that team management will be more aggresive (at least to the race/qual strategy).
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:39 by
    Vas! The 248 is slower than a greek taxi in Athens traffic! How can you expect a driver to remain awake? X.
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:39 by
    Vassili! You started a blog 15 days ago and then...nothing!!!! "See you in three weeks": mu, you will be talking to yourself in three weeks, if you still find this place... A blog is like a newborn child: you have to breastfeed it every day six times a day, if not it dies! What you said merits comment, but you have not answered those who have agreed, or dissagreed with you! If there are enough Greeks here, why don't you start a Blog in Greek where you can discuss in Greek? Look at what the Italians have done in Italian, you can do as well as "Max"! X.



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