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Scuderia Ferrari/Formula One in Your Country

March 31, 2006 · Posted by staffFerrari

Tifosi,     First of all, I have to appologize for taking so long to write my new blog.  I'm currently switching jobs and moving at the same time.  The delay, in no way represents my excitement for being chosen as an "official blogger."  I was ecstatic the day I received the email congratulating me on becoming an "official blogger."  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the You & Ferrari Staff for choosing my topic, I couldn't be more excited.    My name is Mark, 24 yrs. old, and I'm from the USA.  I've been a Tifosi for over 10 years now, but I have to be honest and say that I've only watched Formula One for the last 5 years or so.  Unfortunately, Formula One isn't very popular in the states, as I'm sure most of you know, and I was very late to discover it.  I don't even want to mention it, but Nascar has swallowed up our nation's race fans, to my dismay.  I don't know about all of you, but watching 20+ American cars driving 500 laps around a "cirlce track" isn't my idea of racing.  No disrespect to American racing, of course.  Anyway, the excitement of Formula One is unmatchable and I wish it would catch on here in the USA.  In the States, Speed Vision televises all of the races and there isn't any other source of Formula One programming, analyzation, etc.  Not to say Speed TV doesn't do a great job, cause they do, but I would love to watch the other F1 shows that some of you have mentioned in your blogs.  Our biggest disadvantage in the USA, amongst other things, is that we never get to experience a Formula One weekend as you all do in Europe and the UK.  Which brings me to my topic.  I want to hear how a Formula One weekend is in your particular country.  The passion, excitement, TV coverage, Scuderia Ferrari popularity, and every other aspect that goes along with an F1 GP weekend in your country, town, region, etc.  I always envy all of you outside of the US, because I know F1 is very, very popular overseas, as I've obviously seen over the years.  With all of your comments, I want to be able to visualize an F1 GP weekend in your country!!  Make your comments detailed, paint me a picture of the GP weekend!!  Thank you all very, very much for your time.  Till next time...FORZA FERRARI!!!PS. I want to hear from the staff too!!!Ciao,MarkPennsylvania, USA


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  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by
    Hello Mark ! Thank u so much for ur comment I really enjoyed reading it :) I m form Italy where u surely know Ferrari is like religion and living in Bologna I jsut need to spend about 50 minuts by car more or less to go to Maranello and about 1 hour to go to Imola :) I m pretty lucky from this point of view.Have u ever been in Maranello ??If one day u ll go there we can orgnise and to go there together,it would be a pleasure for me to show the most nice house of all the Ferrari fans who come from everywhere in the world,i can say u that it's so amazing to see especially a so big number of foreign tifosi in Maranello especially visiting the famous galleria.The first time I saw the galleria I noted there were people from Australia,England and USA.It seemed the center of the planet!It was in the 2002,special year :)) You know one of my biggest dream would be to see from live a race at Indianapolis,because it's one the msot legendary places of the world speaking about motoracing's history.Ferrari had several great races there and I hope we ll have this GP for many many years again even if I read that Ecclestone is making a deal for the organisation of a US GP at Las Vegas from next year,we ll see. Well all for now talk to u soon and sempre Forza Ferrari !! Ciao,Luca
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by
    complimenti il tuo blog
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by
    Ciao Mark..complimenti, il tuo blog è molto bello!!!
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by
    Hi Mark & congratulations! I have to admit I can`t get excited at oval racing either. I`m just longing for them all to make a hairpin turn somewhere ;-) However, racing in the US has retained some of the things which F1 seems, sadly, to have lost over the years. It`s still a real family event for one thing. I gather, too, that the fans can get up close to the team, car & drivers which is no longer possible in the same way in F1. While I can understand this from certain points of view, it has still taken a lot of the enjoyment of the weekends away from the spectators. When you ask about GP weekends I think you may mean at the circuit. As I haven`t been a regular attender for more than 30 years I think I`ll leave that to the people who are a little more in touch. No diamond screens in my day. Vroooom - wait a few minutes - vroooom (& try to work out who was leading). If overtaking or an incident didn`t happen right in front of you then you often didn`t find out about it until after the race. There was a commentator, of course, but I defy anyone to admit they could actually make out what was being said above the noise!
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by
    Ciao Mark your blog is very very nice !!
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by
    Yes Ann u re right isn't the most exciting thing to watch a race on an ova track but it would have been interesting to see just once Ferrari to challenge the north american teams at Indianapolis for wimming the legendary Indy500.Maybe in the future,who knows ??:)
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by
    Hi Mark, I really like the blog. I think all racing has an element of excitment but F1 has that extra edge. It has extra passion, amazing skill. Also the wide range of circuits that are visited throughout the F1 season is so varied which adds to the excitment. Come on and good luck to Ferrari this weekend! Matt
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by
    First of all, congratulations on your promotion to blog editor! I don't think you are too badly served by Speed Vision, we don't see any practice and also only have a half hour in front and after qualifying. The thing I don't like most is the early morning races.....Coming from the old school I started racing at club meetings and worked my way up! We are so lucky that we have so many diferent types of circuit in Europe which produce quite different races, let me briefly outline what I mean. In the UK we have one thing that all the circuits share. MUD, yes, motor sport is a very glamourous sport! all the car parks are muddy fields through which you must walk to get to a muddy bank on which you can stand and watch [unless you can afford a seat] and all for £200 the weekend. having said that the anorak supporters are great fun, very knowledgable and the very back bone of UK motor sport. Food available, Sausage, greasy burgers and stewed tea, Germany and Spa. Last time I went all were very organised, the happy campers were every where, even roosting in the trees. Again, you have to walk and in Spa's case all up hill and goodness how it can rain! Food of choice. frites and mayo [that french fries] The only draw back was some very heavy handed policeing and their big and hungery alsations and dobermans tend to limit argument. Monaco.... ha ha, suddenly we are at the other end of the scale, think film set with extras very aware of the "look" Young and beautiful or old and rich. Great for people watching. Again, lots of walking but the noise of the cars bouncing off the buildings is quite extraordinary and unique. Food? anything you like as long as you pay. Monza is another, quite unique, walk in to the royal park or rather surf on a red wave of tifosi. No pressure guys! just thousands of people expecting you to deliver! Of course I prefer the good old days with more track action and access to teams but I shall still be up at 3.30am tomorrow for qualifying! Enjoy!
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by
    Well we can be happy about the beginning of the weekend in Australia.What Schumi and Massa obtained friday at the Albert Park is really promising :))



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