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Consider yourself one of the family

March 24, 2006 · Posted by staffFerrari

Wow, thanks for all your replies & kind compliments! I really enjoyed learning what sort of TV coverage you get (totally envious of RTL) & also I loved finding out what you all get up to behind closed doors.I have a sneaky suspicion some of us are more superstitious than we like to admit. The photo is of a little wooden plaque that hangs on the wall in the farmhouse kitchen. On the apron it says “If it`s not one thing, it`s your mother!”I am that mother. Not that I`m the short, sweet, apple-pie baking, grey-haired maternal type – I have my moments but, no. As matriarchs go I`m more the Lily Munster/ Morticia Addams sort.I am also the mother that put the Bridget Jones “You have no messages, none whatsoever, not one - not even from your mother” on my sons` voicemail - just to keep him on his toes! Well, he can forget to call me once in a while but does he really expect me not to notice?Yes, I have to admit it, in the GP for embarrassing parents I`d run JB`s paternal shadow a very close 2nd. "You can choose your friends but not your family” as the saying goes. Have you any examples of embarrassing (but printable) parent stories out there? March 26th is Mothering Sunday. For some of us at least, that means Mothers Day. You have hereby been reminded! I bet, like me, you`ve often been asked why you support Ferrari? I go through all the obvious reasons – the history, the excellence, the passion……"But it`s a just a team – like any other.”(Shock, horror) “No, it`s not! It`s a …. well, it`s a family.”“Oh, yea? Why?“Urm…...” Now, those that know me will tell you being lost for words is not a condition I usually suffer from.Family. It`s a term we always use about Ferrari but have you ever tried explaining why? It`s not easy!We share a love & passion for the red cars but, I`m sure, others feel the same way about their own chosen teams.We support them through good times & bad, as family should but, again, that sort of loyalty isn`t reserved solely for the Prancing Horse, is it?No, there`s just something which makes Ferrari different, that much more special, something which really does make it a family - & a family we have chosen to be part of… but what? Tell me what you think it is &, maybe, the next time I`m asked “Why is Ferrari a family while the others are just teams?” I`ll have an answer I can actually put into words….. your words!


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  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by' really difficult to describe it .Except from the history the passion the fame and the glory is the character of it's people tha make Ferrari a huge Family.Firstly is Maranello ! It's a place so fantastic.I have visited the place 4 times and I must confess that every time I feel the same excitement and the same happyness. The people are so friendly and the atmosphere just fantastic. That family affair starts from inside the team .The drivers the mechanics are so close just like a family .And this is the case also for the fans .With their success we feel pround and they feel also really pround for their fans .Every time I walk on the road when I see someone with a Ferrari cap or so I say immediately .He is my friend .Every Ferrari fan feels the other tifosis as brothers so that means Family .When Ferrari wins we make a big party but when it loses we continue to support and to encourage the team cause a Family stands by you during good times and bad times .These red fabulous fast cars are just pure magic and all the Ferrari team is a piece of the heart of every real fan .It's a dream team and we are dream fans .And this friendship was more obvious from the time that Schumacher joined the team .Michael united everyone and make Ferrari a big Family. For me he is like the father ,and on of my biggest dreams meet him someday ......So i wonder could it that come true ?
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by
    Difficult question and even more difficult to answer.... well, you know families or at least you know your family and perhaps measure others by that. As you may have guessed, I have been around for ever and have in the past supported teams various mostly for family reasons. Never more than a hanger on and pretty much taken for granted, I came and went without so much as a second glance. I arrived here quite by accident because my son got so bored with me going on about Michael and co so he bought me my first membership.... now comes the family bit. When I had my accident I was in mid conversation with Lucio a founder member sadly no longer around as far as I know. I asked my daughter to finish the message that I was in hospital. The next night out of the blue, Nikos, who didn't know my at all, turned up [outside visiting hours] dressed in red from head to foot and bearing a huge bunch of roses, marched past the ward sister to present them to me. Lucio had contacted him and he had driven across London after finishing work..... more than my family had done! Family, number 2. Last year I celebrated my 60th birthday by going to Maranello for the first and most probably only time. My daughter had booked a table at the Montana for supper but a little bird had told them the secret and I was presented with a lovely mille feuille birthday cake tied with red ribbon and with love from all at Ferrari which was such a kind thought and was literally the icing on the cake! Families are a strange mix of temprement, ages, moods and aspirations, blood they say is thicker than water, is it thicker than Shell's lubricant? We come and go with different hopes and in different circumstances but the team is always there in the back ground. No, I can't explain it either.... W
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by
    Yes u are right the Ferrari is a big lovely family and it's fantastic to knwo that even all the fans around the World can belong to it as well:) Ferrari is a family because of the friendly atmosphere u live in Maranello and because everyone want to share the passion and the emotion that the most famous legend of the World can express thanks to the most beautiful,elegant and unbelievable fast cars of the plante !! I often think that the Ferrari cars live and the drivers speak with them:) Not just the F1 drivers also for example the Ferrari challenge's drivers do,I guess...
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by
    well, it's difficult to explain : I think that we can say that Ferrari is a family because ferrari is in competition since 1950. So, no matter what happens, victory or defeat, we are still there ! I know it's a cliché but : a legend never dies. Besides Ferrari started from scratch and now it is the most successful and famous team in the world : Ferrari has its own city (Maranello) and there is a strong bond between the inhabitants and Ferrari, between Italy and Ferrari, and even further, between the tifosi and Ferrari. it's a really good question ! thanks !
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by
    As Eyquem de Montaigne said: "parce que c'est lui, parce que c'est moi". Beauty, power and victory tend to be attractive but do not create faithfulness as frienship does. But why a frienship-like bond when no one here, or almost, ever met Enzo Ferrari? And it doesn't fit a "compensation" for religion even if most Ferraristi tour the factory seven times the first time they go to Maranello. Further many Ferraristi believe in God and yet remain Ferraristi. It is not a matter of means since most Ferraristi only own a Ferrari in their wildest dreams. Family? Most Ferraristi will put their family above their Ferrarismo... Strange as it may seem, most people I have met through this place, have turned out to be nice, decent, amusing and sincere people, each one with his strengths and weaknesses ,yet friendship has found its root in such fertile soil. Would it bethe rod, or the brommstick? X.
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by
    YES Ferrari is a family specially for ferraristi. Ferrarismo is a special sign of distinction. I understand it five years ago, i went in Malta for holiday and in my hothel ther were a ferrari day for maltese owners, i spoke with the chef of organization and show hin my FWC card .... YES they open all the door for me.
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by
    Well we hope that next sunday the lovely Ferrari family will comeback to lead F1 like only it knows how to do !We all are very confident about the next australian GP:))
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by
    As you said Wysiwyg Nikos is a remarcable man: if only we were all able to be generous like he is! His heart on his hand and faithfull with that! I owe this place many happy friendships... Yet, to come back to the Family many here have never met others also here: perhaps that makes for a happier family? Or is it because you can't choose your family? I suppose that our beloved Witch meant something close to "togethrness" that we miss in the everyday world where "individuality" reigns...? Then comes the old question: what is it that we chose to back Ferrari against other teams? Of course Dr. Freud will explain something about soccer teams and produce an analogy, but the real question is how many of todays Ferraristi will not back another team when MS leaves? Perhaps our family will expand to Williams, Mc Laren (Bruce, to you) and perhaps to the makers of that precious Kombi we almost lived in..... X.
  • Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 10:38 by
    A good question my hubby and I asked ourselves often. When I drive home in my car with the Ferrari sticker on the back I often get "light" by Italian truck drivers - saying "I am also a Ferraristo!" to me this way. And our experience was it that Ferrari drivers are talking to the fans, opening their cars to show them - and even better: let someone sit behind the steering-wheel for taking a picture. Or Aldo: his dream came true by buying a Ferrari and he shares his love with the others giving them a ride in his "Red Baby". I never found a Ferrari fan who was aggressive or bad with words against someone (beside X. - naturally *lol*), maybe our shared dream makes us a family? Maybe it is the spirit and the pure emotions you get on a visit to Maranello. We were there many many times and we always feel like "coming home" when we go there - like last weekend. Ferrari is a family because most of the fans cannot achieve those cars - a Honda, Toyo, Merc you can buy easily - and more important: the drivers of the "other cars" turn their head when a Ferrari is around!!! They don't have that dedication to their cars like a fan of Ferrari has.



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