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“I remain confident because the car has improved”

July 21, 2010 · Posted by Fernando Alonso

We’re about to begin a very important period for our season: in the next two races, in Germany and Hungary, it will be crucial to pick up a lot of points to stay in the race for the title. There’s no point in looking back and crying about it: we know that we will have to get everything right. Then we will bring home the results that we want, I have no doubt about that.

Last week I spent several days at Maranello. It was important to be close to the team in such a unique moment and we were also able to prepare for these two race weekends down to the smallest detail. I also took part in some events for the company and our main partners of Philip Morris – including the chance to drive a three-seater Formula 1 car, a really enjoyable experience.

Returning to the championship, I want to stress that my continued confidence isn’t unfounded but it’s based on fact. Our car has noticeably improved in recent weeks, as we even showed at Silverstone, a track that should have theoretically been hard for us. This year’s points system increases the value of the gaps but, at the same time, it allows you to make important gains: it’s clear that you have to get results. I assure you that I’ve sensed a great determination among the people who work at Maranello: we all want the same thing, which is to return to winning ways as soon as possible.

At Hockenheim we will have more new parts on the F10, in particular a new version of the diffuser. In Friday free practice we’ll see if it brings the effects we hope for. But I’m very confident, given that all the new parts we’ve introduced recently have worked as expected. The German track is one of the shortest in the calendar, which means that the gaps in qualifying will be smaller than elsewhere. So we will have to avoid even the slightest error on Saturday because two tenths more or less can be worth two rows on the starting grid.


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  • Wednesday, 21 Jul 2010 07:30 by Javi
    Fernando did not hesitate for a second that you can re-attain. We all have confidence in you.
  • Wednesday, 21 Jul 2010 08:39 by Linas
    Frankly, nothing is lost yet! And I'm certain that with the improving car you Fernando (and Ferrari as a team) can reduce the gap in the coming races. And even after Hungary there will be plenty of races left. Seeing how Ferrari have been improving their car lately, it's not unreasonable to think that you, Fernando, could more or less be tied with the current frontrunners (or even be ahead of them) even before the F1 moves on to Asia. Especially as I do not think that McLaren's (and RBR's) luck will last forever. So stay calm and drive your races. The results will come no doubt. Good luck, we're with you! ;o)
  • Wednesday, 21 Jul 2010 08:45 by kim Canada
    I remain confident as well. With you 100% as always Good luck my friend
  • Wednesday, 21 Jul 2010 10:19 by sara
    GO Fernando GO !!!! Show them the real power of you and the F10, Sara (Bahrain)
  • Wednesday, 21 Jul 2010 10:28 by L from Canada
    Hello Fernando. You and Ferrari will prevail. Your peers know that you are the best active driver on the circuit. Stay strong and keep your eye on the prize. All the best for Germany and Hungary. Happy Birthday (for next week). Hope to see you on the podium!
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 03:24 by Camila
    Hi Fernando. I still believe in you and Ferrari, the championship finish only on November fourteenth, then until this date I will believe. F10 was better in Silverstone, what happened in this race was very lack of luck. I hope that with the updates and the new diffuser the F10 be more competitive yet. Good luck in Hockenheim! Go Faster! Go Magic Alonso! Best wishes! Camila from Brazil.
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 03:56 by Jingjing
    Fernando,GOOD LUCK in Germany!!! We waited a long time for a good race, this time I'm sure you and the team will make it!!! Best wishes from Beijing~~~~
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 09:01 by Caroline Swanson
    I hope fortune smiles on you Fernando over the weekend. 25 points will do nicely thank you very much! Take care and love from Liverpool xx
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 09:22 by Faysal H
    Thats what we want to hear champ. I really hope both cars get podium or at least close to it in both races as we don't want the mclarens to get too far ahead. All the best to you and felipe. Will be watching and supporting you guys with great hope and expectations. All the best! FH
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 09:31 by FAsterNano
    Hi Nano...We all believe that you will achieve your goals in these 2 very important Grand Prixs and will bring lots of points home...Wishing you all the best for this weekend..Looking forward to see your F10 in front of all the others...Go Fernando,Go FAster..Suportting you always..:)
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 10:00 by Amol Kulkarni
    Hey Fernando, All the very best wishes to you, Felipe, and Ferrari to score maximum possible points for the next races and beyond to keep yourself in the hunt for the WDC and Ferrari for WCC for many years to come!
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 11:30 by nereaf1
    Fernando, it's true what you say, you still can fight for the Championship, but you need to do a good result as soon as possible. I think you will win in Germany, I have confidence in you, you are so motivated and that is a very important thing. I was in Silverstone and it was great to see you driving there, I hope to see you again soon. Kisses from Asturias ;)
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 11:57 by
    Good Luck!!! All the rest you have it.
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 12:17 by fuza
    Go Ferrari :)
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 12:56 by carlos iglesias
    Hola Fernando...I'm sending you best wishes from germany. Keep calm, the results will come alone, for sure! Keep on pushing! Siempre estamos contigo! Saludos....Carlos
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 02:06 by Ally
    RBR and Mclaren have had incredibly good luck so far but it wont last. On a fair playing field you are miles ahead of the rest. Have a great race - supporting you all the way. In case this is my last chance before the event have a Happy Birthday, with hopefully plenty to celebrate. Alison, Norwich, UK
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 02:33 by Elena
    Good luck, Fernando, in Germany! !Toma Fernando! The best wishes from Sankt Petersburg, Russia.
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 02:37 by luke
    Hi Fernando. The time of the truth is here, this two races are the key point of the season if we want to fight for the WDC. Best luck for you and the team, we know that you can do it.
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 02:50 by Jean
    Hi Fernando, I just write you today to hope you to spend a perfect week end, with Felipe Massa. You have a very good car and you are one of the best driver of the chanpionship. Keep concentrate and be confident. As you said, the title is still possible. Good luck to you and to Felipe, I hope with 25 points for you. See you. Je sais que tu parles français, donc bonne chance
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 04:55 by
    Go go go Fernando
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 06:26 by Juliana Brandao
    Hey Fernando! "Look closely at the present you are constructing - it should be look like the future you are dreaming".I'm sure you're going to achieve your goals in these two important races. Just be strong, and you'll reach your peak and your prize. I have all my confidence in you. Go FAster! All the best:) Julie,from Brazil.
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 07:02 by Melisa Sevi Koç
    Hola Fernando! Wish you the best for all weekend! I believe in you..Still you can fight for the championship.Also I know it's a bit early but I want say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Take Care! Good Luck! -Melisa from Turkey!
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 09:11 by ninafanny
    Hi Nando! I wish you all the best in the race :) I hope you'll stand on top of the podium in german. the new diffuser as similar then Redbull's? I saw then you watched the Redbull's diffuser after the last qualifying ;) Good luck to next race:) your fan from hungary ;)
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 10:11 by sara
    Hi Fernando, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you ( in the next week you well be 29 : ) ), and best wishes to you and the whole team .
  • Thursday, 22 Jul 2010 10:18 by carlos iglesias
    Hola Fernando...I'm sending you the best wishes from my whole family, and me! We still believe in you, and the scuderia! Keep calm....and the results will come alone! Hope to see you on the podium again, in germany! Keep on pushin', y mucha suerte....Carlos
  • Friday, 23 Jul 2010 11:27 by Daphne Looi
    Hey Alonso, you have shown you are a true racer with excellent skills at many races. Be positive and know many supporters are out there cheering for you. I am sure you will be blessed with miracles for the upcoming races.
  • Friday, 23 Jul 2010 03:06 by FAsterNano
    Hi Nano...Congratulations on Practic 2..We are so proud of you...Keep doing this,the POLE POSITION will be yours....Fingers crossed for Qualifying tomorrow..Go Fernando...TOMA!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Friday, 23 Jul 2010 05:18 by Mike Schwartz
    just hoping that there will be a nice long boring race with Alonso in the front. and i am hoping for a nice dry race also.
  • Friday, 23 Jul 2010 05:26 by efaw hammad
    since you have crashed in 2003 i saw a hero on you. especially when you hang your hand up saying i am ok. Efaw from libya really missed your incredable overtakes like the oncs in Hengarian GP 2006 from 15th to race leader for just few laps, come on man do your best we all have faith in your ability to win. hey i particulary want to see you overtaking LH! what a pleasure!
  • Friday, 23 Jul 2010 05:44 by enise
    hey fernando, we all trust you and very excited for the qualifications and the race.. Let's DO IT !!!
  • Friday, 23 Jul 2010 08:01 by Ernesto
    Keep going mate, the force be with you, F10 shown good perfomance on this Friday
  • Saturday, 24 Jul 2010 02:26 by FAsterNano
    Hi Nano...TOMA.....!!! Congratulation P2 in had beautiful performance in whole time..Your F10 is so great on the track.....So closed to P1,but we are still happy you will be starting in first row....Job well done Fernando..and the BEST BEST BEST LUCK TO YOU TOMORROW...!! Yours supporters from Taiwan & Australia.. Forza..:)))
  • Saturday, 24 Jul 2010 03:57 by Begüm
    come on Fernando we believe and love you.we know you will win the race tomorrow ;at least we know you will do whatever you can for win the race, we trust you ,we are always with you. with love from turkey...
  • Saturday, 24 Jul 2010 06:22 by keytan7
    Hi,Fernando,I want you to wave a hand on a winners' platform. I support you and Be careful. GOOD LUCK in Germany!I look forward to.
  • Saturday, 24 Jul 2010 08:25 by Victoria Ellis
    Hey, Fernando, just want to say I agree 100% this season is not over and we must score good points in these next few races before the break. The car looks really good this weekend the best its looked in a long time and as a fan I'm hoping the team can get maximum points. In my eyes your the only driver who can steer us back to victory. Before I go I'd like to have a small moan please remember that not all British f1 fans dislike you so please don't categorise us all the same. Not everyone in Britain loves Hamilton you know. Mini moan over now lol. Best of luck for the rest of the season. You are the greatest.
  • Saturday, 24 Jul 2010 08:33 by kimcanada
    Great result in qualifing today Fernando!!! You did a perfect job, I was so proud of you!!! Also, I would like to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THE 29th, I hope you have many many more. Good luck tomorrow Love you lots Kim
  • Saturday, 24 Jul 2010 10:48 by Brian The Lion
    Alonso, your fight and the team's determination has inspired us all.Go show them all you and Ferrari are the best!
  • Sunday, 25 Jul 2010 02:49 by FAsterNano
    Hi Nano...BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU FERNANDO,team mate and your team.....TOMA TOMA TOMA....There is no doubt your F10 was more FASter than the others.,You're deserved this title 200%...Also,Nando you just gave me the best birthday present today..!! Muchas Gracias..:))BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO..!!
  • Sunday, 25 Jul 2010 03:29 by kimcanada
  • Sunday, 25 Jul 2010 07:15 by sara
    Hi Fernando, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you ( in the next week you well be 29 : ) ), and best wishes to you and the whole team .
  • Sunday, 25 Jul 2010 08:45 by László Almási
    Congratulation Alonso :) Very-very good job! Forza Ferrari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coming soon in Hungary! Yes! :) You are my favourite pilot. GOOD LUCK in HUNGARY!
  • Monday, 26 Jul 2010 05:12 by FAsterNano
    Hi Nano...No matter what,you are deserved this Victory today...We are all with you..Looking Forward to this weekend,as you still have another battle please stay focuse and you need another huge points to catch up the others...wishing the best luck once again...Your supporters always..!!! Go Fernando..Go F10..!!
  • Monday, 26 Jul 2010 09:51 by Mia
    Hi Fernando ! Congratulations to your victory yesterday ! On to the next one...Good Luck in Hungary and take care !
  • Monday, 26 Jul 2010 12:34 by Marta
    Hi Fe, His wonderful victory in the German GP, congratulations!! Inside the Ferrari you're the one with a chance of being champion, so ludicrous is the decision to punish Ferrari for such a common thing in Formula 1. Remember when the Mass "held" and gave the victory to Schumacher? And orders in Maclaren? When told the Button "you need to save gasoline," so it does not make overtaking Hamilton in ... This is silly, what matters is his will and his talent, because to be a champion you need a lot of talent and you're the one inside the Ferrari test it every race! Good Luck and always believe he can win, this will bring their third title! I look forward to you here in São Paulo to see him up close. Thousand kisses. Martha from Brazil.
  • Monday, 26 Jul 2010 01:04 by philip putze
    Hi, I am very lucky that you has won the GP in Germany. You can be of good faith that the car will be better and better. That is my feeling. You have 34 Points delay but you can it manage. I am a Ferrari-FAN sinc i am five years old. And i now the problem was the engin in the first races and Red Bull is very good but you and Felipe are better. You have to believ it. Come on Fernando get yourself the Wordchampionchip! YOU ARE THE CHAMPION!!!
  • Monday, 26 Jul 2010 02:32 by BBto
    “The only thing we advise drivers is the respective pace of the other driver and they ultimately call it,” the team principal said. “Lewis was nearly a second quicker than Heikki through the race and when he was told Lewis was quicker he just let him past.” “He knew that was the only way because the longer he would have held up Lewis the more difficult it would have been for him to have regained the lead. It was a tremendous sporting gesture and it’s what being in a racing team is about. True team-mates do these things because that’s the way they are.” Ron Dennis, German GP 2008. It now smells like some mmm… FEAR to Ferrari. These British guys should stop crying and go faster... insn't it?
  • Monday, 26 Jul 2010 03:48 by sara
    Hi Fernando, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you ( in the next week you well be 29 : ) ), and best wishes to you and the hole team .
  • Monday, 26 Jul 2010 04:11 by Caroline Swanson
    Congratulations on adding 25 points to your tally, Fernando. It was great to see you smile again. Take no notice of the British gutter press, they are combative, mostly ignorant and shallow. Enjoy your Birthday, love from Liverpool xx
  • Monday, 26 Jul 2010 05:28 by Luisa Cambras
    To continue ... Yes I just want to say that you did a brilliant job yesterday Fernando (and also Felipe) ... I think you will understand better when you've read my letter(s) that there are very powerful and influential people in the F1 fraternity who have gone to great lengths to stop you from winning another championship ... sadly they are still intent on thwarting all your (and Ferrari's) efforts ... Winston Churchill once said ... 'Never ... Never ... Never give up' and you must take his advice Fernando because I think that's what they're hoping you will do ... or maybe since you want desperately to win that elusive third championship they are in fact trying to stop you because they fear that you will retire after and they would then lose some of their biggest sponsors and tens of thousands of fans?? Stay strong and positive and confident Fernando ... and feel secure in the knowledge that ultimately the truth will come out ... don't let the British media grind you down and just keep your own counsel ... part of their plan yesterday was to cause a rift between you and Felipe and put you and the Ferrari team in a bad light ... I have to dash but will be back in touch soon!
  • Monday, 26 Jul 2010 06:14 by edin
    Hi champ!today is a monday and everyone talking how was not fair what you do yesterday but i dont and we dont care about them,we all saw that you were faster than Felipe and you can still win the championship.thats why you won and not Felipe,please Fernando dont listen the other people,the real champions do anything for the whises from Eddie-Slovenia
  • Monday, 26 Jul 2010 06:46 by Laci89
    Hi Fernando! Congratulation :) Good luck in Hungary! Go Ferrari :)
  • Monday, 26 Jul 2010 08:31 by
    Dear Ferrari! I've read lots of cruel news about the team, and decided to tell you my opinion: You said to Massa that Fernando is faster than you to encourage him to step on the throttle a little, because you didn't want them to crash like the Red Bulls before. Massa misunderstood the message and let Fernando overtake him, because he didn't want to slow him down. It was his decision. After the race you said to Felipe you're sorry, because your message wasn't clear and he could misunderstand it. That's all. Anyway, congratulations to the team, you did a fantastic job on the car. Keep going! I look forward to see you in my country at the weekend!! L. from Hungary :)
  • Monday, 26 Jul 2010 11:52 by Antony
    Congrats to Fernando for all the hard work !!! Go Fernando Go !!! U can make it this time to three !!!
  • Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010 03:15 by Susan Sum
    Fernando, you are the best, we can all see what's happening, we understand your views, we love you, we trust you, and we are always with you, be strong.
  • Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010 02:49 by
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FERNANDO!!!good luck in Hungary!!From Spain!!!
  • Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010 06:49 by Fernanda
    Hi, Fernando! You are perfect! Simply the best driver at present. I admire you so much! I believe in you! I love you! ♥



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