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I trust in the team’s ability to react

June 1, 2010 · Posted by Fernando Alonso

The Turkish Grand Prix was without doubt the worst event of the season. Our performance level was simply not competitive compared to McLaren and Red Bull and in qualifying, we even struggled against teams that up until now, were behind us. I wasn’t able to get to Q3 and so that compromised my race: when you start from twelfth, there is not much you can do.

On Sunday I did what I could: it was a case of damage limitation and I think we succeeded in that. On the opening lap I did not lose any places, which was not that easy given I was starting from the dirty side of the track. After that, I managed to get ahead of some cars thanks to a good pit stop strategy. Then came the most boring part of the race. I was at the back of a train made up of the two Mercedes, the two Renaults and the two Ferraris. We all had more or less the same pace, so overtaking would have been very tricky. At first, I tried to look after the tyres to see if that would give me a chance in the final laps and indeed, at the end, Petrov was struggling more than me with his tyres and I made the most of it to overtake him four laps from the chequered flag.

All the same, it wasn’t easy and in the passing move I damaged a wheel rim, but luckily I was able to finish the race without any problems, bringing home at least a few points. I am sorry I was not able to celebrate Ferrari’s eight hundredth Grand Prix in a fitting way. In Istanbul we were not quick enough and we have to react immediately. The championship is still wide open with everything to play for. I am fourth in the classification, fourteen points off the leader and if the old points system still applied, the difference would be just four. However, it’s clear we need to make a jump forward in terms of developing the car. Over the first four races, we matched the pace of our main rivals, but since we have been back in Europe, that is no longer the case. When I was racing against Ferrari, I admired its ability to react, producing probably the best development during the season. The people are the same now, so there is no reason why the same thing cannot happen this year: I trust our team and, above all, I trust in the will to win that every last one of us shares.

For Valencia, we will have a major update package which should see us make a good step forward, but I believe that already in Canada, we will have a different situation. The Montreal circuit will be better suited to the characteristics of the F10 and I think we will definitely be more competitive.


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  • Tuesday, 1 Jun 2010 07:08 by kim tobin
    Fernando Please do not be discouraged, this was just one race. With your talent and desire to win, I know good things will happen for you. I wish you could feel my confidence in you, I believe in you. I know this season will be a winning one for you, I just know it. You are coming to Canada, my home, and I can't wait for you to get here. I am sending you the biggest hug, because you sound like you really need one. Love always from Kim (Canada)
  • Tuesday, 1 Jun 2010 07:40 by Melisa Sevi Koç
    Hola Fernando from Turkey!!!!! I was in Istanbul Park and u were awesome no matter what the result is! I believe in you.There are many races to come and I'm sure you and Ferrari will be very succesful! Take Care!
  • Tuesday, 1 Jun 2010 08:03 by Melisa
    Fernando i think,the most important thing is We all trust in You!!! :) It was not a great weekend that we can mention about but anyway you got some points. We were at Istanbulpark to support you and i should admit that we'd all wanted to see happier Fernando at the end of the race. But no matter what happened, now we're lookin for next races. I am so positive and believe that updates gonna work and you'll be on top again. Love you so much, Luck will always be with you :)) Kisses, Melisa... from Istanbul
  • Tuesday, 1 Jun 2010 08:48 by maria
    Oh yes please Scuderia I know U can give Fernando, our Champ, a great car, please!!!!!!!
  • Tuesday, 1 Jun 2010 08:52 by anton
    Thank you for your explanation, Fernando. You know all we are with you. I really hope the improvement will be really huge, if not... Good luck champ!!!!
  • Tuesday, 1 Jun 2010 08:54 by nico
    Please improve the car as fast as you can!!! I believe in you, don't lose this year!!
  • Tuesday, 1 Jun 2010 09:13 by Miroslav
    Go Nando, you are the best, lets hope for a win in Canada!
  • Wednesday, 2 Jun 2010 03:40 by FAsternano
    Hola Nano..It's a not easy race for you and team in Turkish GP,as the F10 just was not competitive enough..But the good thing is "you still managed to bring 4 points home in the end"..This is the truely FIGHTER we fans would like to see on the good job!!Now we need fingers crossed,hope team will develop a good car for you..Wishing you all the best and Looking forward to see you on the top of the leader board..! your supporters always from TWN & AUS..:) Forza Fernando!!
  • Wednesday, 2 Jun 2010 04:06 by Sean
    I agree with Fernando, as the Scuderia needs to implement more rigorous development strategy that will see Ferrari retake it`s rightful place on the top steps of the podium at subsequent GP`s.
  • Wednesday, 2 Jun 2010 06:52 by Jingjing
    Fernando,I believe you have done your best~~~~~~Let's hope the situation will change for the better next weekend in Canada~~~~Best wishes from Beijing
  • Wednesday, 2 Jun 2010 01:18 by alfe
    You trust the team, so do I. I quess the difference should be around 1-2/100ths of a second in order to fight for the pole position. With the histry of the Ferrari and the Fernando's talent, it would be possilbe. Toma!! From your sincere fan!!
  • Wednesday, 2 Jun 2010 01:37 by Marta
    Good morning, dear Fe Unfortunately Ferrari will only be better prepared in Valencia, this means that the Canadian Grand Prix still will not bring great results, nevertheless I believe in you so much, your talent can achieve anything you want, I know will do their best! Good Luck always! I will root for his victory at the Canadian Grand Prix even with all the dficuldades! Kisses. Marta of Brazil.
  • Wednesday, 2 Jun 2010 04:27 by
    Fernando, don't be so bitter, it's bad to read what you've written. :( Look, I think you can help the most if you stay calm and concentrate. You don't need to prove, everybody knows you are the best. RELAX! You have the chance to win, and don't forget, we are always with you! L. from Hungary
  • Wednesday, 2 Jun 2010 07:43 by amaterusa
    I guess it's not easy to keep on with the other teams, but that's not reason enought to lose our hopes on seeing you again on the podium. In Spain we are not pesimistic at all, at least that is what I can see. So go on Alonso! We know you can do it! (You and your team, of course)
  • Wednesday, 2 Jun 2010 08:35 by Caroline Swanson
    Don't look back Fernando, look forward! Believe and have faith, your ability is unquestionable. You'll never walk alone, love from Liverpool xx
  • Thursday, 3 Jun 2010 04:57 by Camila
    Hi Fernando, you are the best driver and Ferrari is the best team, then I trust in you and in Ferrari team. I still believe that you will be world champion on November and I think that will be in my country, Brazil. I would be very happy! Go Alonso! Campeón del Mundo! Good luck in Canada! Best wishes! Camila from Brazil.
  • Thursday, 3 Jun 2010 08:35 by Jessica
    We trust you and are always behind you, so be positive as you've already been. I have confidence in Ferrari's performance in the rest races of the season. 'cause you are ALONSO and the team with you is FERRARI~~! You are the best combination!!
  • Thursday, 3 Jun 2010 01:10 by
    Hello from Avilés :) You're doing a perfect job so far this season taking the most of the car in every race. There's still a lot of races and you know very well, more than anyone, this is all about consistency and regular performance. The car only needs to be competitive enough to fight for podiums in every race. Then you will find yourself tasting champagne very often ;) I believe in you, you don't have to prove anything.
  • Thursday, 3 Jun 2010 07:01 by Peter
    Hello Fernando ! You are the best driver ! I am sure you´ll be soon back on top with Ferrari. All the best from Slovakia !
  • Thursday, 3 Jun 2010 08:36 by
    Hi Fernando! You did the best in turkey but that is not enough because the F10 wasn't fast enough!! Come on guys you must find what gone wrong!! We the fans know from the past years that Ferrari can develop the car extremely quick! We have faith to the team but we want hard work! From a fan that have Ferrari team to his hurt!
  • Thursday, 3 Jun 2010 08:45 by Peter
    Hello Fernando ! You are the best driver ! I am sure you´ll be soon back on top with Ferrari. All the best from Slovakia !
  • Thursday, 3 Jun 2010 09:09 by edin
    Hi Champ.Anything we say right now can not change things or make you feel better.Only you truly know how it feels.But disapointment sometimes is a good thing it keeps you push forward and do better greater things to improve.Your true fans do not judge or blame you for anything but we support you and proud of you.You are a great person and a great driver.Keep up the amazing work you have done so far.We are allways with you Fernando!!!!!!Please dont give up!!!
  • Thursday, 3 Jun 2010 09:27 by Krish
  • Thursday, 3 Jun 2010 10:01 by nereaf1
    Hi Fer :) I don't want you to be discouraged, ok?? Turkey wasn't a good race but there's enough time to improve... Good luck from Asturias :)
  • Friday, 4 Jun 2010 02:46 by L from Canada
    Hello Fernando. You are doing a fantastic job. Stay positive. If any driver can make things happen, it is you. Formula One would be boring without you. I'll be at the Canadian GP to cheer on Ferrari and will be sending positive thoughts your way. Best of luck for a great race!
  • Friday, 4 Jun 2010 09:16 by fazli
    Hello Alonso and all fanz. For me Fernando and Ferrari are perfect combination. So i trust that Alonso will win at Canadian Grand Prix. Best wishes! Fazli from Malaysian.
  • Friday, 4 Jun 2010 03:12 by Gyáni Edit
    Don't worry Fernando!!!We all believe in you and the whole team!!!The things can change and you will be on the top of the podium again!!!I support you! Edit from Hungary
  • Friday, 4 Jun 2010 04:31 by Mukund
    Hello Fernando, you did a great job in of luck for canada..we will be cheering you on!!!!! - Mukund from finland
  • Friday, 4 Jun 2010 06:07 by
    Hi Fernando your doing a great job and with a team like Ferrari you will be winning races in no time!!
  • Friday, 4 Jun 2010 06:19 by
    I know everythig will be OK for you.Because I saw you in my dream.You were the champeon of the year.And Fernando my dreams always come true. ECE
  • Saturday, 5 Jun 2010 11:52 by Edgar
    Hello Fernando.I'm from Armenia we are near to Turkey.I'm your fan.since 2006 I'm watching F1.You are talen, and I believe in you?I saw what you did In Monako it was fantastic.Turkish Grand Prix wasn't so good, but don't warry,it was just one week-end.You are fantastic driver. ALL FANS ARE WITH YOU. GOOD LUCK
  • Saturday, 5 Jun 2010 03:39 by Faisal
    I am still living on hope that Ferrari and Alonso can bounce back despite knowing that the scope for development is pretty low now a days and it takes a miracle to have a big jump. good luck Fernando & Ferrari
  • Saturday, 5 Jun 2010 07:18 by ana laura
    hi fernando, I'm your fan and I love you, what a shame that ferrari could not be so competitive, the Turkish Grand Prix was horrible. Plus I'm sure that in Canada you will be better because you're the best of all. kisses Ana Laura
  • Saturday, 5 Jun 2010 07:35 by
    I was really surprised and utterly disappointed to see Ferrari were that slow in Istanbul. At first, I thought you guys were hiding something in FP1 & FP2. But apparently not and it was painful not to see much of you guys on TV in the race. Well, it's vital to bag some points in these kinds of races because it might well be the ones that will help you win or lose the title at the end of the season. But it's clear that Ferrari can't afford to have more races like this if they are to have a shot at both titles. Mclaren look very strong indeed and probably the only team that can challenge Red Bull at the moment. I hope Ferrari will join this group or even surpass them very soon. I know exactly what you can do if you are given the right car Fernando. All you fans know. It's down to the team to make sure you have the right tools to get the job done and I wish you and Ferrari best of luck for the next races.. Please.. Be fast Ferrari!
  • Saturday, 5 Jun 2010 07:52 by Eugenio
    No problem. In canada we will return to the podium. Good job.
  • Monday, 7 Jun 2010 01:28 by Fuza
    Alonso & The Team, just do your best. We will always support you.
  • Monday, 7 Jun 2010 08:42 by Katka
    Hi, I´m fan from the Czech republic. I believe in you, I´m sure you do everything you can to win or do good result. I´ll your fan forever in good or in bad. Next GP will be better, you´ll see. Good luck.
  • Monday, 7 Jun 2010 12:37 by Alex
    Come on Ferrari!!! PUSH, PUSH, PUSH!
  • Monday, 7 Jun 2010 02:11 by Eric
    Please stay calm and know that the car will receive major aero and mechanical modifications by the end of June 2010. This will represent the half way stage of the 2010 championship before we arrive in Great Britain in July 2010. If you can get 3rd place in the Canadian GP on 13 June, and a 2nd place in the European GP on 27 June (in Valencia), then you will have the best possible chance to win the championship in November 2010. You are a consistent point scorer this season claiming 11.29 points per GP so far. The leader Mark Webber at Red Bull is scoring 13.29 points so far. If you are fourth and are just 2 points per race behind him, then you just need to qualify in the top 2 positions over the next 3 races. Stay calm mi amigo. Eric London
  • Monday, 7 Jun 2010 02:57 by Anisa
    Hi Fernando your doing a great job and i am sure that in a few races time you will be back to your winning streak and with a car like Ferrari you will not fail.
  • Monday, 7 Jun 2010 08:44 by
    GO FERNANDO, win the championship Yeah
  • Tuesday, 8 Jun 2010 10:30 by george
    Go there and just take Canada with no excuses we are the best team with the best drivers.We want Canada nothing more
  • Tuesday, 8 Jun 2010 11:02 by FAsternano
    Hi Nano...few more days to go..Best wishes and luck to you this weekend...Bring it on Fernando..!!! Forza...:))))
  • Tuesday, 8 Jun 2010 11:20 by Michael
    Hello Fernando don't be upset in turkey for the F10 is not fast enough to take you in the top step of the podium , let be your downpart serves you as more your strenght and drive all with your heart just need consistency in every race and when you will find where you are in the championship points in the last stages give all you got, good luck.
  • Wednesday, 9 Jun 2010 11:31 by TOM
    Hey ALONSO you doing great job in Turkish and you don't need to be upset because I knew you can win in Turkish but the car is not quick enough.So Montreal GP is coming up and I am Confident that you can win in Montreal GP. "GO GO Fernando Alonso and good luck"



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