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Late spring in China

April 14, 2010 · Posted by Fernando Alonso

It's really cold in China! I arrived here on Monday and you can't see anything of spring yet. It's not even ten degrees today and in the late morning it started raining non-stop. The weather should improve for the race weekend, but we've got to be ready for everything. It wouldn't be for the first time that the Chinese GP is held under variable weather conditions, just remember 2009 or 2007. I was at the track for a couple of hours, speaking to my engineers. We spoke about the situation and analysed the details of the data from Malaysia – Sunday night was just a quick summary – and the F10's development programme. We've got some new aerodynamic parts, which should improve our performance. But I also expect our main competitors to show up with updates, so it's impossible right now to say where we are: we'll discover that on Saturday afternoon in the qualifying. I've got confidence in our work. We've shown that we can be competitive on every kind of track, where we raced so far - during the races and at the test sessions in February. So there's no reason why it shouldn't be the same in China.

The Shanghai circuit is very interesting. There are all kinds of corners and a long straight with a very tight right-hand corner at the end: there are always plenty of overtaking manoeuvres taking place here.

As usual the qualifying will be very important and we have to check the tyres' behaviour very carefully. They are the same we've been using in Australia and in Malaysia but with lower temperatures. We need to gain many points to conclude this first part of the Championship the best possible way, before we come to Europe. There will be a long break after Shanghai and the drivers and the teams can charge their batteries before the European races start. We'll all benefit from that, that's for sure!


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  • Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 02:57 by FAsternano
    Hi Nano...Glad to know what it likes in shanghai...I believe you and team are all ready for this weekend..I am looking forward to see you winning the race on Sunday.Also you will be the first one to win the 2nd pole title in Shanghai GP during these 7 years...wishing you all the best and Good luck... BRING IT ON!!!Suppport you always from FAsters in Taiwan & Australia...:)
  • Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 03:07 by
    I can't wait to see your brilliant drive! Fernando, I love you~ I do expect you to finish on the poduim at Chinese Grand Pirx. Today it's cold and rainy, hopefully it will not hold off that longer. Wish you a wonderful stay here in Shanghai. And ... Always Stand for YOU! Jessica form SH
  • Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 03:13 by FAsternano
    Go Nano,you can win and you will win!!The Trophy of Winner is waiting for you,because you are the best.!!!You definitely have chance to get back to the top of championship leaderboard this weekend...FORZA....:)
  • Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 03:41 by kim
    Good luck on Sunday Fernando, I will be cheering you on for sure Stay warm!
  • Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 03:43 by Carlos Gomez-Moreno
    Best wishes for the race in China, Fernando! I am sure you will be able to show again the strength of the F10 package.
  • Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 04:36 by
    Hi Fernando!!! I wish you the best!!! You will be in the top of the podium in China!!! You deserve it! You are the best
  • Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 04:42 by Caroline Swanson
    All the best for China Fernando!Love from Liverpool xx
  • Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 05:20 by Marta
    Hi Fe, our ... that cold! Hope you make a wonderful race as always, trust you and know that will drive the best possible way! I wish all the luck! Kisses. Marta.
  • Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 05:36 by Elly
    Good luck in China to you and Ferrari!I'm sure the results will be high. Looking forward to the race. Have a great race weekend, Fernando!
  • Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 05:55 by
    good luck fernando it will be cold conditions here witch is good for as as we have seen in pre-season testing where others had problems whit their tyres.helo from croatia.
  • Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 07:58 by Jay
    Alonso world champion 2010!!
  • Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 10:10 by
    best of luck fernando
  • Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 10:35 by Xiaogang Mao
    Good Luck to you!
  • Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 11:04 by Miguel
    I'm still impressed about the driving conditions in the last race. What a pity that the engine finaly broke! I am absolutely calm and eager... at the same time. Good luck and hope to see you in the podium this time!
  • Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 01:57 by Guillermo
    Hi, Fernando. I believe this is a gorgeous GP. This season is very interesting. To be honest with you, I preffer it this way. I wish you win at the end, but not like 200 points away. Sweat the shirt as they say in Spain. And keep us, the entusists, not blinking as you race, if you know what I mean. You say -and you're right- we cannot know where we are compared to other teams. But remember how frustrating was last season with a car way out of the head. So, despite of development other teams have done, sure you are in range for a good fight. I know is not that easy, but I trust your talent ;) So, good luck, sleep well and go for it. I´ll be watching and hailing.
  • Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 05:49 by Andrey_86
    Hi Fernando! We wish you the best in Shanghai GP!:)
  • Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 08:58 by cheer up!
    very glad to see that ferrari and your hardworking, i believe you'll get satisfied position! Desea su buena suerte!
  • Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 10:22 by Sara
    Hi Fernando, it's the same moody weather in Spain, but never mind, you have already shown you are one of the best drivers on wet conditions, and maybe rain can give you more options. Anyway, we always expect you to do your best.Keep on going Fernando, we'll be pushing your opposite the TV. C'mon boy, Sara y Eduardo from Madrid.
  • Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 02:00 by Itai Kutoka
    Hi Fernando We're behind you & Felipe all the way. I hope Ferrari have not only focused on downforce but also on aerodynamic packages that reduce drag because The F10's lack of straight line speed like in Melbourne could cost us on Shanghai's long straights. Buena Suerte mi amigos!
  • Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 04:01 by SAEED
    Hi,just keep believing in you.You have the potential to do it.Best wishes.SAEED.
  • Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 05:52 by ashy
    dear Fernando, we, your full-time fans, wish you the very best of luck from this race onwards! = D
  • Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 10:36 by
    Hi Fernando! It's not too good to hear that the weather is so cool there, but I'm sure it won't be a problem for you. And it's also good for the engines. Well, I don't want rain for the race, it was enough, don't you think? I can't wait for the European races, especially the Spanish one...but now concentrate on this weekend, and do you best as always! Good luck for you and for the team as well!! We love you! :) L. from Hungary
  • Friday, 16 Apr 2010 01:11 by 诺XZ
    The weather is culd,but we are burning with an inextinguishable ardour
  • Friday, 16 Apr 2010 02:14 by
    Come on,nando!!!Welcome to China!Although I can not go to Shanghai to watch your game for some reason,I will pray for you before the TV here in Beijing.Good luck and hope you be happy in China!!!
  • Friday, 16 Apr 2010 04:30 by FAsternano
    Hi Nano...wishing you all the best in Qualifying and the race on Sunday...You will be in pole position on the podium,we all know that..Bring it on Fernando..Go FAster..:)
  • Friday, 16 Apr 2010 09:48 by Nagore
    Good luck my friend!!!
  • Saturday, 17 Apr 2010 11:26 by FAsternano
    BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO Fernando...what the brilliant performance of Qualifying you just did....looking forward to see you overtaking both Red Bulls and on the pole position tomorrow..You are our hero,Go Nano,Go FAster.....:)
  • Saturday, 17 Apr 2010 11:14 by
  • Saturday, 17 Apr 2010 11:19 by Samuel
    Knew you'll do it great Champ, good luck on Sunday!!!
  • Sunday, 18 Apr 2010 11:38 by FAsternan
    Congratulations Fernando,4th finished today....hope you can go back home soon,as you need a good time off and get ready for next GP in Spain..all your huge fans are there waiting for you...Go Nano.Go FAster..:)
  • Sunday, 18 Apr 2010 05:24 by jos
    Hi Champ. Good to see your 4th, it's a pity the DT because of that did not win but you race great today as always. Have a nice return to Europe!
  • Sunday, 18 Apr 2010 06:51 by Tiktok51
    He is realy amazing he did 5 stops and finished 4th, that is something incredible. I hope you will make your car faster on your home country and win the race :) Oh and i hope you get along well with Felipe ateam is a team you hawe to get along with each other :)
  • Sunday, 18 Apr 2010 07:40 by willy
    Fernando is in the place!thanks Fernando for your attack in this Chinese race . Bad luck for your start but on our screen , it was not so obvious for us . After that , we saw your best on the track and thanks for that one more time . Good luck for your home g-prix in Catalunya .Forza FERRARI and FORZA FERNANDO . Willy from France
  • Monday, 19 Apr 2010 02:21 by FAsternano
    Hi Nano,we are all pleased you managed to top 4 after 5 pitstops...what a great race you drove.!!Looking forward to see you in your home race...Bring it on..:))))) support you always from Taiwan and Austrlia..
  • Monday, 19 Apr 2010 11:23 by Fuguillas
    Hi Alonso, just follow as usual, all the fans trust you, and those who understand F1 are also awaiting you. I hope that any problem you have with Massa is resolved without further complications, but I think it is important that the two lucheis for the title at 100%, is the only way we can bring the team up. That if ever mutual respect, no cheating or favoritism or anything like that. Good luck to both of us, to you especially ... Forza Ferrari, forza Alonso.
  • Monday, 19 Apr 2010 02:05 by Alice
    I am your fan from Shanghai, you are so cool,You done a good job ! You are the best ! Good Luck to you !
  • Monday, 19 Apr 2010 02:37 by Caroline Swanson
    A sensational drive Fernando in very difficult conditions. You'll never walk alone!! Love from Liverpool xx
  • Monday, 19 Apr 2010 08:00 by willy
    dear Fernando . one time again , this sunday , you did something special for us . On our screen , you didn't miss your start . It was not really obvious . Thanks for your maximum attack and your fourth place on the finish line . Wonderful job !!!! Good luck for your home G-prix in Catalunya ! FORZA FERRARI , FORZA FERNANDO §§§
  • Monday, 19 Apr 2010 08:01 by Greg
    Good one Fernando!
  • Tuesday, 20 Apr 2010 07:46 by
    Hi Fernando,I'm so glad that i went to shanghai this yr and enjoy the GP.I'm so exciting cos i had never been to a GP's really awesome!!! you did a great job in shanghai! Best wishes!=]
  • Tuesday, 20 Apr 2010 08:12 by Jana
    Hi Fernando :-) I wish you the best!I wish you the podium in Spain - Barcelona 2010!!! You're the best champion. Good luck in SPAIN!!! Jana from Czech Republic/Prague
  • Tuesday, 20 Apr 2010 11:32 by kim
    Great race on Sunday Fernando!! 4th is terrific, great drive. You are the best out there, you are so exciting to watch. HUGS AND KISSES LOVE YOU K
  • Tuesday, 20 Apr 2010 05:23 by FAsternano
    Hi glad to know you and the other members have landed in Nice safely this morning..Although you still have a bit way to go,but very happy you close to home..We are looking forward to see your great performance again in your home race...Go Fernando..!! Forza..
  • Wednesday, 21 Apr 2010 01:17 by roxy
    nano.i will be always together with u
  • Wednesday, 21 Apr 2010 08:13 by fran
    How do you do that Fernando? You're incredible! Long life for your F1 career. I expect a normal and dry weekend, it has to arrive. Next year, you'll drive with number one painted on your chasis. GO ALO GOOO!!!
  • Wednesday, 28 Apr 2010 12:02 by shuxingrong
    hi,nano.good luck in spain
  • Friday, 30 Apr 2010 07:51 by shuxingrong
    hi.nano.all the best!
  • Sunday, 2 May 2010 05:36 by FAsternano
    Hola Fernando...few more days to go...looking forward to see all your fans on the stands and to see your performance...Bring it on Nano,wish you all the best and will see you on the POLE..))))) Forza...Go FAster,Go Fernando.!!!
  • Monday, 3 May 2010 08:12 by olvido
    hi,nano。best wishes !



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