Ferrari Telemetry

Ferrari Telemetry

Ferrari Telemetry: a virtual engineer in your car

Get behind the wheel of a Ferrari and you’ll have the most advanced automotive technology in the world at your fingertips. The kind of technology that will guarantee you benchmark performances and unparalleled exhilarating driving pleasure. Over the years, Maranello has developed a whole slew of instruments and tools to help clients genuinely develop their skills, turning them from competent drivers to individuals capable of genuinely capable of making the very most of their cars’ potential safely and securely. In-car, there is, for instance, the famous Manettino which allows drivers adjust the car’s responses and personality to their own. Plus, of course, the Prancing Horse also provides services such as the Ferrari Corsi Pilota driving courses and the FXX and 599XX Client-Driver programmes.

Thanks to its unparalleled experience on the world’s racing circuits, Ferrari’s mission to help its clients improve their driving skills has now taken another leap forward with the launch of a new advanced telemetry system that is fully integrated with the car. Designed for use on the F12Berlinetta, the 458 Speciale and the LaFerrari, the system allows drivers record each driving session and benefit from a flow of extra information in real time (such as hot lap monitoring, including intermediate times) as well as a huge quantity of data to analyse back in the pits. The data is, in fact, processed by an authentic virtual engineer that is always at your fingertips.

Dubbed Ferrari Telemetry, the system monitors the car’s position using a series of high precision GPS antennae and displays the data gathered directly on the instrument binnacle. The system is similar to the one used by Scuderia Ferrari technicians working with Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen during test sessions and Formula 1 grands prix. Ferrari Telemetry analyses performance data, highlighting issues relating dips in performance, such as braking points or speed out of corners, thanks to the slew of signals coming from the car (accelerator and brake pedal angle, gear shifts, rpms, etc.).

An even more in-depth performance analysis can also be carried out by transferring the data recording during a session to an iPad or computer via USB stick and then running them through the specially developed Ferrari Telemetry App which can compare different laps. Video footage recorded using a high resolution camera kit can also be combined with the analysis. The cameras simultaneously record the route the car follows and the driver in action, making it possible to evaluate both the car’s performances and the driver’s technique.

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