The Horse Whisperer - If the shoe fits...

Unexpectedly woken from his winter reveries, the Horse Whisperer has stumbled across some declarations in today’s papers from Mario Moretti Polegato, emanating from Valencia at the time that the Red Bull team launched its new car. The Horse Whisperer caught a whiff of something familiar on the wind, because it instantly revived memories of persistent offers, backed up with significant amounts of cash, made on numerous occasions by the very same Moretti Polegato to Ferrari during the course of 2010.

Unfortunately, for the boss of the Montebelluna company, the Prancing Horse already has a high end partner, with a worldwide reputation when it comes to sports footwear, which goes by the name of Puma. Ferrari deemed the proposal to be incompatible with a brand of this level: could this be why Moretti Polegato has fallen back on the energy drink manufacturer’s company?

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