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The new website on Pole Position at Melbourne

March 27, 2009 · Posted by staffFerrari

Dear Ferraristi,

The time has come: getting up early – did you remember that the clocks will change tonight? – because the first Formula 1 GP of the 2009 season is on its way at Melbourne’s Albert Park. This year the season starts slightly later compared to the previous years. But maybe it’s better this way, also considering the discussions about the new points system introduced and then abolished by the FIA and the many innovations as far as technology and rules are concerned the single-seaters have to observe this year – the KERS, the slicks and much more. And waiting definitely raises the suspense not only for the spectators but also for the drivers.

Now we’re ready to live another season, which, thanks to the unchanged points system, will be at least as exciting as the previous two, with a fight for the title up to the last corner. On this occasion we want to introduce you to the completely new website with new content and new layout, more substantial and - inviting you to try it out yourself – much more user friendly.

You will find new multimedia content, the Ferrari.TV channel with audio and video in high-definition, the slideshows of all the Ferrari models, the brand-new Maranello Experience section, where you can experience the professional life and the production in every detail, as well as the innovative Pit Wall and the GT & Sports Car section, to enter the world of every car ever built by Ferrari.

But there’s much more! Let us invite you to discover the new site, living with us every moment the Ferrari Community offers you with its truly unique approach during the year. Welcome to all our dear friends from the Community and to all the new members, who want to share the emotions of the Prancing Horse with us in this enthralling adventure.



  • Tuesday, 31 Mar 2009 04:10
    by Gina Nadalini
    To Ferrari Staff: I am a graphic designer, and I think the new website is far better than the previous one. More organized and better looking. I always liked Ferrari designs (Do you need an extra Designer? I would love to go work for Ferrari) But as an F1 fan my favourite section is Kimi's and Felipe's Blogs. It's nice to have an interactive experience with them, I hope they comment there often.
  • Tuesday, 31 Mar 2009 08:04
    by sidepodcast
    any chance rob will be blogging?
  • Thursday, 2 Apr 2009 10:25
    by Anoop
    This new site of Ferrari is excellent and I like it a lot. I know a great deal of time and resource is spend on this site and that's why its of a top quality. The main part I liked most is the introduction of all models section, which contains details of all cars ever produced by Ferrari. I am a Ferrari F1 fan and also have a amateur site which includes the details of all F1 cars made by Ferrari and so the inclusion of new segment made me more happy.
  • Thursday, 2 Apr 2009 12:02
    by I'm not rob
    Maybe you have to ask to Rob...


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